LISTEN: Alfie Sky – ‘fosn’

A fluctuating piece of ballad-tronica inspired by the un-nerving nature of a lucid dream, Manchester-based electronic artist Alfie Sky has shared their latest single ‘fosn’. Inspired by video game soundtracks, human nature, toy instruments and field recordings, Alfie’s self-produced new single is a fun slice of nightmare-pop exploring the strangeness of our subconscious thoughts via elasticated synths and erratic beats.

“‘fosn’ is a nightmare about waiting rooms and mysterious doorways,” Alfie explains about the single. “It’s about trying to drop subtle hints of social discomfort (i.e knocking on the door, looking for the right key) but to everyone on the outside that clattering just sounds like normal speech. I tried to make the production match this, contrasting simple, hooky vocals with tangled synths and large beats.”

By fusing together an upbeat tempo with their ditzy synth textures, Alfie has crafted an eccentric electro-pop soundscape that shimmers with unpredictability, reflecting the unusual nature of the dreams that informed it.

Listen to ‘fosn’ below.


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