Track Of The Day: Lusa Morena – ‘Six Sessions’

On a journey back to one’s grounded self, Lusa Morena capture the grit of mental navigation in their new debut single ‘Six Sessions‘. Led by fiery front person Bárbara, the five-piece London band reflect on experiences of depression and trauma while stewing in the solitude of social distancing. 

Energetic alternative rock serves as the template for lyrical honesty and emotive instrumentation as ‘Six Sessions’ shares its difficult reality. Sounds reminiscent of The Runaways immediately take a strike, coating the track in an impassioned, assertive force and thrilling energy. A rigorous guitar riff kicks off the track with urgency as pulsating cymbals add to the introduction’s gravity. “She doesn’t live here anymore…” Bárbara quickly confesses. As she continues, it becomes obvious that the zestful singer is speaking of her past self. In the face of the mirror, Bárbara is unsure who she sees, so she crawls herself to therapy to begin clearing up that fog. 

With a refreshingly raw honesty, ‘Six Sessions’ builds to an empowering roar as Bárbara works through the financial challenges that come with seeking therapy. Huge drum sounds, thick layers of overlapping guitar riffs and warm bass evoke cathartic frustration as the track reaches its frenzied peak. 

Mimicking chaos and turbulence, Lusa Morena capture the complicated pursuit of contemporary life and mental health management in this immense debut offering.

We can’t wait to catch Lusa Morena in all their raucous glory, playing live for us in support of faves ARXX band at The Shacklewell Arms on 22nd July – get your tickets here!

Jill Goyeau

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