NEW TRACK: Lunch Machine – ‘Pipedream Graveyard’

Making the most of a cynical and uneasy feeling, Belfast-based alt rockers Lunch Machine provide a cathartic exhale on their latest single ‘Pipedream Graveyard’. Marking their first piece of new music in five years, the track is a grunge-infused take on the futility of planning for the future whilst the planet is slowly collapsing around us.

Formed in Donegal back in 2017, Lunch Machine’s current lineup consists of Jude Barriscale (vocals and guitar), Pearse Owens (guitar), Robert Mulhern (bass and recording engineer) and Kieran Devlin (drums). Together, they create music that’s inspired by the lyrical wit of Courtney Barnett, the post-psych experimentation of King Gizz and the “good craic” goofiness of Ween. During the pandemic, the band lived together and jammed regularly, writing a new batch of music, performing occasional gigs and recording their upcoming material.

On ‘Pipedream Graveyard’, the four-piece blend the melodic angst of 90s grunge-pop with Barriscale’s bittersweet vocals to push past feelings of apathy. “Our generation and the ones that come after us seem doomed to sequester any dreams of a bright future,” she comments on the track. “It is exhausting knowing your road in life will end up surrounded in climate collapse, crumbling infrastructure, and regressive political ideals. Or, are we already there?” Despite this despair, Lunch Machine have created a hazy guitar tune that provides momentary relief from this reality.

The single is also accompanied by a video, shot by by Leeann Toland, which you can watch below.

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After sharing their blistering nu-metal inspired track ‘Rockstar’ at the end of last year, genre-defying sister duo ALT BLK ERA are showcasing their softer side on latest single ‘Rockstar: LUNAR’. Beautifully contrasting with the band’s usual visceral, heavy sound, ‘Rockstar: LUNAR’ is an earnest reflection on an unhealthy relationship, gently edging listeners towards acceptance and finding strength in their vulnerability.

Formed of sisters Nyrobi and Chaya, ALT BLK ERA create tenacious alternative anthems designed to express their vivid personalities. Inspired by the likes of Ho99o9, Nova Twins, Hacktivist and Billie Eilish, they blur the boundaries of punk, nu-metal and trap to form their riotous, anthemic sounds. Refusing to be pigeonholed, ALT BLK ERA enjoy exploring their musical dynamic further by releasing ‘SOLAR’ and ‘LUNAR’ versions of their songs. Nyrobi’s Solar energy represents her wild, raucous spirit, and Chaya’s calmer, more introverted energy is represented by Lunar.

Their original single ‘Rockstar’ was a volatile, all-consuming wall of noise, but on ‘Rockstar: LUNAR’, the duo filter the heaviness of romantic infatuation through a different lens. Full of tender vocals, evocative piano sounds and confessional lyrics, the track is a poignant rumination on an emotionally harmful relationship. The pair find solace in opening up about the difficult reality of loving someone who is bad for you, and have showcased their impressive, seamless ability to move between music genres in the process.

Listen to ‘Rockstar: LUNAR’ below:

ALT BLK ERA UK Live Dates 2023
Mar 18: CH Hirscheneck, Basel
Mar 31: UK Bodega, Nottingham
Apr 05: UK Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
May 25-28: UK Bearded Theory, Derbyshire

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NEW TRACK: Earthlung – ‘Joy¿’

A raucously relatable post punk tune that questions the mundane nature of everyday life, Brighton-based Earthlung have shared their latest single ‘Joy¿’. Full of sardonic spoken-word style vocals, cutting lyrics and distorted riffs, the band search for meaning and relief amidst the mind-numbingly ordinary tasks we undertake in order to keep living our best lives.

Formed of Ebony Grace (vocals & synth), Charles Backer (drums), Folly den Toom (guitar & production) and current bassist Alex Rushmer, Earthlung decided to experiment with their usual 80s-influenced pop sound on their new single. “Although our existing catalogue takes influence mostly from Ambient/Pop, with this track we fully embraced a Post Punk sound,” the band explain. Recorded in the Netherlands at Folly’s Low Road Studios, inspiration for ‘Joy’ sprang from moments of playful ridicule, and evolved into a sound that the band all wanted to embrace. Armed with a distorted riff and a disruptive energy, vocalist Ebony was quick to flesh out lyrics for the track.

“It was a matter of minutes before Ebony started mumbling words (whilst basically rolling on the floor),” the band continue. “She quickly grabbed a pizza box (still warm from the pizza consumed just moments earlier) and a pen, writing out most of the lyrics within minutes. In this moment we encouraged her to make it as cynical as possible. This gave such a clear direction to the track that we all instantly knew we didn’t want to over-complicate things. When we tracked it, the vocals were actually recorded through a harp mic with Ebony inverted hanging off a big leather chair.”

Earthlung channeled the track’s manic, direct energy into an accompanying video, which features vocalist Ebony prowling the streets of Brighton, trying not to choke on an insane amount of cornflakes and rum. The visuals perfectly encapsulate both the cynical and the silly sides of ‘Joy¿’.

Watch the video below.

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LISTEN: King Isis – ‘in my ways’

A bittersweet grunge-infused anthem that tackles feelings of frustration, King Isis has shared their latest single ‘in my ways’. Taken from their upcoming debut EP, scales, which is set for release via Dirty Hit / No Matter later this year, the Oakland-based artist attempts to overcome their jaded thoughts through shimmering guitar sounds, driving beats and relatable lyrics on their new offering.

“‘in my ways’ is about being stuck in a cycle of your own creation,” King Isis explains. “You don’t quite know how to get out of it just yet, and you’re not really trying. It’s willfully ignoring shadows, but it’s ok cuz we’re dancing.” The multi-instrumentalist – whose name pays homage to their great-great-grandmother Omega King, one of the first Black opera singers in Chicago – seems to thrive in the uneasy space between light and shadow on their latest single. This is a theme that permeates their upcoming EP too.

“[My Grandmother’s] name holds a lot of power in my house and in my family,” Isis comments further, “A big part of the reason my artist name incorporates hers is to remind me that there is power in my voice, that music has always been a deep-rooted part of me, and to keep going.” This perseverance is reflected not just in King Isis’ sound, but in their activism too. They volunteer teaching music classes for low-income communities in Los Angeles, and have worked with the FreeStudio Program of Rikers Island, which creates a safe creative space for incarcerated youth and the children of incarcerated adults.

King Isis is an ardent believer in the empowering and healing nature of music, and their authentic and infectious indie-grunge sounds are a tonic for life’s more testing moments.

Listen to ‘in my ways’ below.

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Photo Credit: Cole Maslansky

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