Track Of The Day: Song Sung – ‘The Mind’s Eye’

A dreamy musing on dual feelings of hope and doubt, Song Sung have shared their latest single ‘The Mind’s Eye’. Lifted from their upcoming debut album, This Ascension Is Ours, set for release on 31st July via Night Time Stories, the track is a tumbling, ethereal soundscape that shimmers with positivity.

Formed of twin sisters Georgina and Una McGeough, Song Sung grew up in Monaghan, close to the Northern Ireland border, before moving stateside to New York a decade ago. Since then, the pair have been dabbling in music software and creating their own sounds, working with David Holmes (Unloved) to produce their debut EP, I Surrender, which they released earlier this year.

Speaking about their new track, the band explain: “This song wrestles with doubt, but is fought with hope. It’s provocative and resilient and in a way, quite anthemic. We can fall down together, but in defiance, we will stand up forever.” The band’s hazy vocals and lush synths lure listeners in to this blissful state.

Listen to ‘The Mind’s Eye’ below and follow Song Sung on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.



Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Basic Bitches – ‘You Know I’m Right’

If you’re constantly battling Zoom-induced fatigue, or if your opinions are still being ignored in online work meetings, Basic Bitches are here to set the record straight. Their latest single ‘You Know I’m Right’ is a rallying cry against unfair work-place politics, and a middle finger to the mediocre men who are one step ahead of you on the career ladder – even when you’re all working from home!

The Brooklyn-based duo combine thrashing beats, riotous riffs and a chant-worthy chorus to communicate their frustrations. The track is taken from their 2019 EP, Relatable Content (released via Hell Hath No Fury Records), and is accompanied by a familiar looking set of visuals. Directed by Erin Waters and edited by Erin & Johnathan DeMuth, the video shows how a conference call “dissolve into chaos as a condescending middle manager faces a revolt from his bored and disgruntled workforce”.

Check out the video for ‘You Know I’m Right’ below and follow Basic Bitches on Facebook and Spotify for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Photo Credit: Nikki Krivanek

WATCH: Anna B Savage – ‘Dead Pursuit’

Tentative guitars, revealing lyrics and heartfelt vocals permeate ‘Dead Pursuit’, the latest single from London-based songwriter Anna B Savage. Taken from her upcoming album which is set for release later this year, the track is an affecting, defiant ballad that sees the artist tear herself “limb from limb”.

Savage penned ‘Dead Pursuit’ whilst grappling with imposter syndrome after the success of her 2015 debut EP, which caught the attention of Father John Misty and Jenny Hval, both of whom gave Savage support slots on their sold out tours. It’s humbling to hear Savage lay her insecurities bare on ‘Dead Pursuit’, and comforting to know they haven’t stopped from from creating her beguiling sounds.

The track is accompanied by a hand-drawn animated video by the artist Carolina Aguirre. “I’ve been a fan of Carolina’s style and output for many, many years” Savage explains. “When she sent me the treatment for this video I cried. Her allegorical tale so perfectly expresses that feeling of a loss of confidence, and a questioning of identity. I feel an incredible amount of catharsis to have made something so beautiful and emotive from such a low point, and for that song to have prompted such an incredible, affecting visual companion.”

Watch the video for ‘Dead Pursuits’ below and follow Anna B Savage on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Photo credit: Ebru Yildiz

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Aislinn Logan – ‘What Everybody’s After’

A shimmering ode to happiness and unfiltered feelings, London-based, Belfast born artist Aislinn Logan has shared her latest single ‘What Everybody’s After’. Lifted from her upcoming EP, Look, I’m Flyin, the track is an ambient celebration of queer love.

“Writing a song this forthright about being in love is rebellious in itself. I didn’t want to shy away from the sincerity of my feelings,” Logan explains. The songwriter confidently explores her emotions through spaced out beats, buoyant electronics and smooth vocals. Logan recorded and produced the track at home, making the sentiments behind it feel even more genuine.

“’What Everybody’s After’ is about feeling so light that you’re nostalgic for the present moment. I wanted to make something unapologetically sincere about feeling prismatic happiness, and just bathing in it when you get there.” Logan’s celebration of living for the now and appreciating the one you love makes for a reassuring, carefree listen.

Check out ‘What Everybody’s After’ below and follow Aislinn Logan on Spotify & Facebook for more updates.


Photo Credit: Rory James

Kate Crudgington