LISTEN: Softcult – ‘Another Bish’

A 90s inspired guitar tune that defies the feeling of being overlooked, Canadian duo Softcult have shared their debut single ‘Another Bish’. Informed by their love of Bikini Kill and Smashing Pumpkins, the band blend atmospheric guitars, energetic percussion and bittersweet vocals to create their hazy, antagonistic sounds.

Formed of Ontario-based twin sisters Phoenix and Mercedes Arn Horn, Softcult cut their teeth playing live shows in their local town Kitchener, before moving on to bigger audiences on the North American tour circuit. Their experiences of playing and working within a male-dominated industry formed the foundation for their current sound, which is born from the desire to resist and relieve the pressures of existing in a patriarchal world.

‘Another Bish’ is an ultra cool example of what their resistance sounds like. Despite its confident delivery, the track aches with anger and is underscored by insecurity, as the band say “even the baddest bish probably has a little bit of self doubt” at some points. With lyrics like “It feels like I’ve been pulling teeth / just trying to break off from your leash,” the duo reveal their desire to break free from the restrictions that they’ve encountered so far, whether that’s internally or externally.

Watch the self-directed video for ‘Another Bish’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Kalbells – ‘Purplepink’

A vibrant, cosmic synth-pop tune that stimulates and celebrates the senses, Kalbells have shared their latest single ‘Purplepink’. Taken from the band’s upcoming album Max Heart, which is set for release on 26th March via NNA Tapes, the track is a buoyant mix of soft vocals, angular guitar riffs and lush elongated keyboard sounds.

Formed of Kalmia Traver (Rubblebucket), Angelica Bess (Body Language), Zoë Brecher (Hushpuppy, Sad13) and Sarah Pedinotti (Okkervil River, LipTalk), Kalbells are a band who promote genuine self expression, celebrating their queerness through their upbeat, psych-infused sounds. The band worked alongside Luke Temple to co-engineer their new album, which they describe as a “portrait of badass women harnessing their improvisational magic.” Single ‘Purplepink’ is the manifestation of this collective energy.

Filled with lush lyrical images like “a floating slice of angel cake / is one way I describe this lake,” the track is an effervescent, funk-infused slice of synth-pop designed to transport listeners away to a world of delightful rapture. The single is accompanied by a colourful video, conceptualized and directed by Lisa Schatz. The visuals show the Kalbells as warrior space queens, shimmering alongside animated rocket ships and a 30 foot hologram of American musician Maddie Rice riffing on guitar.

Watch the video for ‘Purplepink’ below.

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Photo Credit: Amanda Picotte

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Noga Erez – ‘End of the Road’

Exploring the thrill of the unknown through commanding beats and defiant lyrics, Noga Erez has shared her latest single ‘End of the Road’. Lifted from her highly anticipated second album KIDS, which is set for release via City Slang on 26th March, the Tel-Aviv based musician shrugs off the tight grip of human mortality on this catchy, sharply produced new offering.

Erez has been busy working alongside creative partner Ori Rousso since the release of her debut album Off The Radar in 2017. 2020 saw the pair release a string of superb singles including ‘NO News On TV’ and ‘You So Done’, but now the duo are set to blaze their unique trail once more on upcoming record KIDS. “These are songs about what we inherit from past generations, how we pass things on,” Erez explains about the album. “KIDS talks about humanity’s potential for both beauty and destruction.” Erez’s treatment of these binary opposites on tracks like ‘End of the Road’ makes for compelling listening.

Accompanied by a slick set of visuals directed by long-time collaborator Indy Hait, the song is a charged, slickly produced alt-pop gem that dares listeners to face their fears head on. “Walking towards the unknown with a smile. That’s what I wanted this video to be all about,” Erez reveals. “Nothing about this life is as predicted, so why am I so afraid of it? I wanted to inspire people to take a look at the magical potential of the unknown nature of life. I believe the relationship with what’s beyond our control needs to be changed. The fear of it can become anticipation. The video doesn’t show an all-optimistic journey. It shows a complex one. The beauty of being completely innocent at one moment, from militant to vulnerable and then in control. That’s true to the journey we all go through, and what this video represents for me.”

Watch the video for ‘End of the Road’ below.

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Photo Credit: Dudi Hasson

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Aphty Khéa & a.Blubox – ‘Pengvibe 2.0’

A hypnotic remix of her original 2020 single, Aphty Khéa has teamed up with London-based, Italian-German duo a.Blubox on her latest single ‘Pengvibe 2.0’. Released via Slow Dance Records and featured on their annual compilation EP which is due on 26th January, the track is a cinematic re-working of Khéa’s original glitchy, intoxicating beats.

Currently based in Kreuzberg in Berlin, Aphty Khéa is a half Greek, half British artist who combines sonic and visual elements to create her stimulating, exciting electronic music. “‘Pengvibe2.0’ is the socially distant, post-party, pre-comedown twin of ‘Pengvibe’,” explains Khéa about the new remix. “In times where it’s impossible to chill on a stained sofa in the downtempo room whilst listening to strangers tell you stories you won’t remember, you have no choice but to construct an intimate, homely alternative.”

“Moving from the living room to the kitchen and hoping ‘Chatroulette’ will connect you with another dance-deprived person somewhere on the inter-web is the placebo a lot of us are currently settling for. As time passes by in the digital COVID age, and you slowly start to feel like you might just be living in the Matrix, everything creatively collaborative is inevitably achieved through zeros and ones. And through zeros and ones, between Berlin and London, is how this sonic re-imagination was conceived.”

Khéa’s new single is accompanied by a self-directed video, which offers a “much needed eye-break” around the roads of Khéa’s childhood hometown in Greece. Combining her cinematic visuals with her energetic sounds, ‘Pengvibe 2.0’ is an essential slice of escapism during these uncertain times.

Watch the video below.

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Kate Crudgington