Track Of The Day: Ida Wenøe – ‘Another Kind Of Love’

‘Another Kind of Love’ is the new single by Danish Music Award nominee Ida Wenøe. She is a singer-songwriter blending spectral folk sounds with Nordic Noir, conjuring up a surreal landscape where the inner ghosts sing haunting tales of love and loss.  

The song has a simple arrangement with finger-plucked guitar, subtle harmonies and percussion. Its magic is in Wenøe’s clear cut voice, as sharp as a diamond, which to my ears is an instrument in itself, carrying the music with it. The harmonies and dreamy guitar pick up pace as she sings, complementing the song but not overpowering it.

“I have given all I had just to fall” – the loneliness is articulated and resolved as the song unfolds and the memories are left behind. Wenøe’s voice soars with emotion at the turning point, as echoing vocals reverberate on the contrast between hate and love; “I hate to hate, I’d rather wait on love.

Which will we choose…? Trust me, this captivating song will have you in tears by the end. Tears of love, tears of joy; tears at the sheer beauty of it. 

The Things We Don’t Know Yet, the upcoming album from Ida Wenøe, is out 12th April via Integrity Records. 

Fi Ni Aicead

ALBUM: The Coathangers – ‘The Devil You Know’

Let’s face it, the human mind is a complex thing. It can be difficult to have more than one thing going on, and half of the time you don’t even know what’s happening up there… Some things just can’t co-exist. Expelling this rule in a fantastically riotous half-hour are The Coathangers with their seventh album, The Devil You Know.

Pre-released single, ’Bimbo’, is the infectiously upbeat opener. Completely innocently, the track opens with a straight bassline, with quintessentially on beat, twinkling top notes of a keyboard. This is later ripped apart and kicked into overdrive with raucous thrashes of fuzzy guitar and a semi-sung chorus. The rest of the album follows suit with an angst-infused collective of fiery ditties, ‘5 Farms’ and ‘Crimson Telephone’.

Then I have an epiphany. This ain’t no ordinary album. This lot have an agenda. Political and social commentary bursts through the foundations of the album like a balloon on a cactus. This is most evident in the fourth and seventh tracks, ‘Hey Buddy’ and ‘F the NRA’. In ‘Hey Buddy’ a guttural and hoarse voice croaks through the song laced with simple yet powerful twangs of guitar, proving less is more as they growl “Hey buddy are you looking at me? You call me a faggot and you call me a sleaze”. ‘F The NRA’ does just what it says on the tin; a poignant, impassioned plea against gun violence, propelled by a gritty, punk-driven energy. 

The album winds to a close with quieter and melancholy, but nonetheless badass, tracks ‘Last Call’ and ‘Lithium’. Both include a gentle and heavily reverberated vocal resonating the sound of Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval. The guitars sound like they’re crying. And now I’m crying.

The Devil You Know takes you from wanting to go out, make some noise and paint the town red, to staying in bed and never getting up again. And we love every second of its racing thirty minutes. 

The Devil You Know is out now via Suicide Squeeze. Catch The Coathangers live on their upcoming tour:

24th April – The Latest Music Bar, Brighton
25th April – Studio 9294, London
27th April – The Cookie, Leicester
28th April – SWG Poetry Club, Glasgow
29th April – Soup Kitchen, Manchester
30th April – Arts Club (Loft), Liverpool
1st May – The Key Club, Leeds

Megan Berridge


Track Of The Day: Death Of The Maiden – ‘Tess’

Oxford’s Death Of The Maiden are serving us new single ‘Tess’, taken from their upcoming album The Girl With A Secret Fire.

Safe to say that this track is sublimely unique! Evoking a style which the band describe as ‘baroque pop’, Death of a Maiden are producing something innovative in the feminist, riot grrrl scene. While the title refers to Hardy’s classic, Tess of the d’Urbervilles, the clever lyrics and the narrative that is offered is both timeless and current. ‘Tess’ takes you on a journey and makes the listener empathise with the main character, who is given a voice to express her story and her sorrow.

Climaxing with cleverly crafted “oohs”, which metaphorise the sound of the main character crying out in despair, it’s a track rich in imagery, bringing to mind an immersive film soundtrack complementing a strong visual.

Death Of The Maiden are a breath of fresh air, and ‘Tess’ is a shining example of why the band should be fast recognised for their songwriting mastery.

The Girl With A Secret Fire, the upcoming album from Death Of The Maiden, is out 29th March. And we’re looking forward to Death Of The Maiden playing for us at The Finsbury on 12th April!


Janelle Borg

LIVE: Our Girl @ The Southbank Centre, 06.03.19

Following last year’s debut album Stranger Today, we’ve been massive fans of the lush, fuzzed out sounds of Our Girl. And so last week, having already supported Bill Ryder Jones in Queen Elizabeth Hall last year, we were excited to catch them live in The Purcell Room, at my favourite place in London – The Southbank Centre – last week.

Immediately captivating the intimate seated crowd, Soph, Josh and Lauren kick off the set with the delicate, twinkling romanticism of ‘I Really Like It’, and that’s me gone – instantly welling up to the fuzzy, scuzzy loveliness flowing into my ears. I should point out I’m feeling a little fragile lately, but I’m sure I’d have been overcome with emotion regardless…

Continuing with the sparkling charm of ‘Being Around’, the trio ooze shades of the other-worldly splendour of Warpaint, whilst retaining their own unique command of all they do, as Lauren’s thrashing beats complement the interplay between Soph and Josh perfectly. Employing a completely immersive energy throughout, Our Girl continue with the atmospheric scuzz and scintillating riffs of ‘Two Life’, before building with a sparkling intensity to the raw, raging climax of ‘Josephine’.

Treating us to songs from both Stranger Today and The Bedroom Record, the band showcase their ability to fluctuate between a gritty fuzz-filled energy and a luscious dreamy haze seamlessly. And, whilst some bands may not have found the prospect of performing to such an intimate, seated crowd appealing, Soph assures us that they’re happy with it: “It’s nice and quiet… I like it. It’s calming, but scary at the same time.”

From the beautifully delicate tenderness of ‘Sub Rosa’ to the swirling energy of ‘In My Head’, or the seething whirlwind of sound flowing from ‘Boring’, Our Girl’s ethereal majesty is a true delight to witness; leaving each one of the seated audience members utterly spellbound.

Mari Lane

Comic Review: The Tenth – ‘I Saw A Ghost’

The second in our new feature of ‘Comic Reviews’ – where illustrator Sally-Anne responds to a new track with her wonderfully unique drawings – we checked out the quirky new video from LA-based bubblegum punk band The Tenth.

Dunes, the debut album from The Tenth, is out now. Watch the new video for ‘I Saw A Ghost’ here:

Sally-Anne Hickman

Track Of The Day: Blonde Maze & Attom – ‘Anywhere’

Having been addicted to everything that New York artist Blonde Maze has created for the last few years, I was excited to hear that she’s now released another utterly blissful creation for me to lose myself in; this time in collaboration with Attom.

A perfect love song, ‘Anywhere’ is filled with a twinkling majestic splendour, oozing a soaring, shimmering soundscape and glitchy beats alongside the delicate, emotion-strewn power of Blonde Maze’s heartfelt vocals. Sparkling with a gentle sense of romanticism, it’s another captivating slice of alt-pop from one of my favourite artists. A truly beautiful offering that will give you goosebumps on first listen, with its luscious, ethereal haze. Of the track, Blonde Maze explains:

It encompasses the euphoric feeling of being in love and the willingness to go lengths for someone even when you are struggling yourself. It portrays dreamy, upbeat, yet longing vibes, something we’ve both felt a mix of in our lives and know people can relate.”


‘Anywhere’ is out now.

Mari Lane

LISTEN: Martha – ‘Into This’

The big time has been beckoning for the pride of Pity Me, Co. Durham for a while now. Martha‘s records get better with every new release, and the recently-issued title track from their upcoming Love Keeps Kicking album was an instant classic, full of killer hooks and a cheery melody that belied the underlying sadness in its words.

Latest single ‘Into This’ showcases the lush vocals of Martha Naomi Griffin perfectly, who warmly sings the witty and ever-so-slightly melancholy lyrics in her own accent. Those plaintive vocals anchor this super musical performance, with its simple but massive chorus that you’ll find yourself singing along to in the bath, down the tube or a thousand other inconvenient places…

…‘Into This’? Speaking personally, yes indeed. You should be, too. Hopefully with the LP coming next month there’ll be some sort of tour to get Martha in everybody’s ears pretty soon, pretty please.

Love Keeps Kicking, the upcoming album from Martha, is out 5th April via Big Scary Monsters.

Tony Rounce