Premiere: MeMe Detroit – ‘Soc Med Junkies’

Following singles ‘How She Runs’ and their distinctive rendition of Bowie’s ‘Ashes To Ashes’, MeMe Detroit have spent the last year wowing crowds across the country – including us at The Finsbury! – with their immense raging energy. And now, the Birmingham band are ready to share a brand new video.

Blasting out racing, raucous riffs and thrashing beats, ‘Soc Med Junkies’ is a gritty slice of infectious rock ‘n’ roll. Commenting on modern society’s addiction to social media, it’s filled with raw, seething vocals and an impassioned, rousing magnetism, with shades of the likes of rock legends Foo Fighters. And then, just as you start to find yourself utterly immersed in the track’s soaring energy, you’re greeted by a disconcerting pause in the middle of the video as you wait for it to ‘buffer’ (a nice touch to the social media theme), before being penetrated by MeMe’s riotous power once more.

Proving once again that they’re a sonic force to be reckoned with, MeMe Detroit remain firm favourites with this insightful and enjoyable latest offering.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Jennifer Stone Photography

Interview: Katherine Deal

Having recently rocketed back into the limelight, thanks to an interpolation of their classic ‘I’m Too Sexy’ from none other than Taylor Swift on her recent single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, Right Said Fred have worked their way firmly back into our hearts.

We caught up with the band’s saxophonist Katherine Deal to find out about her time with ‘The Freds’, and her experience of being a woman in male-dominated industry.

Hi Katherine, welcome to Get In Her Ears! Please introduce yourself.
Hey! Thanks very much. I’m a saxophone player/multi instrumentalist living in London getting to do what I love and travel the world, and of course, the saxophonist for Right Said Fred!

What’s it like being the saxophonist for Right Said Fred?
A lot of fun! The first time I played ‘I’m Too Sexy’ whilst cat-walking around the stage was awesome. The guys are great to work with, really funny and really intelligent, I’ve learnt a lot from them.

The mash up of Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do / I’m Too Sexy’ looked like a lot of fun to perform, can you tell us a bit about the the experience of recording it?
It was. It was great. We were all in a room for the recording and mashed-up the two songs, which is sort of a challenge when you’re so used to playing the original but we had a great time, the guys did a great job. I think we definitely had the ‘Swifty Spirit’.

Who would you say are you main musical influences?
I’m very into soul/pop/gospel. In terms of sax players, my favourites are Kirk Whalum (Whitney Houston), Mike Phillips (Jill Scott) and the legendary Bob Berg. In terms of artists I’ve always been a big fan of the likes of Miles Davis, Destiny’s Child, Run DMC, Lauryn Hill, N Sync.

Have you found that being a woman in a male-dominated industry has affected your experience?
Yep, it can’t not in such a male dominated industry. Most musicians are male; most managers and agents are male. Audience members think they can touch you simply because you’re a woman (It happens a lot!). There’s also this stigma about female musicians, especially at pop gigs, that they’re only there because they look good but can’t actually play well. So, I’m all about smashing that persona and supporting other women doing the same. There are so many incredible female musicians around. I have, however, been very encouraged by a lot of top male musicians around me for how encouraging they’ve been and how they’ve looked at me and treated me as an equal and looked out for me in that respect, making sure nobody is taking advantage of the situation. That’s powerful and what we need more of. Luckily, we are living in a great time thanks to the bravery of key female figures and the awakening of the press, and the tables are slightly turning. Nevertheless, I and a lot of other female musicians have too many stories of harassment and situations that a male would never find themselves in within the industry.

What can fans expect from the RSF live show with the full band?
Vibes! Fun! Lots of jumping, reflective moments, big drums, big synths, just a big sound with a great vibe. Oh, and some epic outfits from Richard.

Are there any other projects you’re working on at the moment?
I’m just mainly either gigging or in the studio recording for artists.

And what does the rest of 2018 have in store, do you have any live dates coming up?
Yep, we are going to LA, which is going to be amazing! We are also doing this festival in Amsterdam with a 60 piece orchestra and 65,000 audience. Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in the world, so I can’t wait! It’s going to be a good year.

Right Said Fred‘s I’m Too Sexy EP is available to buy now via their official siteSpotify and all good online outlets.

WATCH: Ms Mohammed – ‘Pandora’

Musician and activist Ms Mohammed has shared a video to accompany her latest single ‘Pandora’, and it’s a direct challenge to anyone who dares to suppress the feminine in all its forms.

Taken from her critically acclaimed EP Alibi, ‘Pandora’ brims with relentless riffs and thundering percussion which reflect the strength and endurance of all the women Ms Mohammed features in the video. We recognise Madame So, Kat Five of Feral Five, and Zel from VODUN; but we’re looking forward to discovering more about the other brilliant women who prominently feature throughout the footage.

Talking about the video’s themes, Ms Mohammed explains: “We are sold limiting ideas of what it means to be female. The feminine is still derided in all cultures, still frowned upon, still synonymous with weakness. Truly celebrating the feminine would bring about the revolution that is so desperately needed. The Future is Femme!”

Ms Mohammed founded the Clit Rock movement in 2013 as a way of speaking out against female genital mutilation. As a champion of cross-cultural tolerance and an out queer artist who advocates for LGBT rights and visibility, Ms Mohammed is challenging prejudice through her music. We are happy to be her allies in this fight for equality.

Watch the video for ‘Pandora’ below, and follow Ms Mohammed on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: Complicated Animals – ‘Show Me’

Monica da Silva and Chad Alger – aka Complicated Animals – have shared a video for latest track ‘Show Me’, and it’s a lush, dreamy set of visuals that’ll have swaying under the nearest mirror ball.

The Brazilian American duo were greatly inspired by their recent move to Los Angeles, and although their new track encompasses more of an electronic, synth-based feel, the lyrical subject matter was based on pure human connection.

“’Show Me’ really struck me as an intense idea for a song” says vocalist da Silva. “It’s scary how detached we humans have become. Technology is great, but we’ve got to remember how important human interaction is, and not just go through the motions like zombies. For this song, Chad dug an old synthesizer we had out of the closet. We started stacking sounds and layering vocals. The production came together quickly, and virtually all of the sounds in the track were created using the same synth.”

We’re thrilled that Complicated Animals are making music designed to champion emotion and bring people together in a very real sense. Watch the video for ‘Show Me’ below, and follow the band on Facebook for more updates.

P.S. Monica da Silva’s song ‘Back To His Girl’ is now featured in the Oscar-nominated movie Lady Bird. Go and see it!

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: Valeska Rautenberg – ‘Midnight Children’

Born in East Berlin to artistic parents (Actor Klaus-Peter Thiele & Painter Rosemarie Rautenberg) independent musician Valeska Rautenberg was destined to tread a creative path.

She pursued acting roles from a young age, but it became clear as a teenager that music was her true passion. After studying at Universities and pursuing musical collaborations, she began creating her own music; and now Valeska has shared her new single, ‘Midnight Children’.

Released on 5th March, it’s the first single to be shared from her upcoming EP, Aerial Minds. Speaking about ‘Midnight Children’, Valeska said: “It’s a song for all the night addicts and over-thinkers, the brooders, introverts, and the melancholy lovers. It’s for the sensitive ones, moon howlers, the seekers and believers. This is both for the beauty and the ugliness we all carry inside. Cherish it!”

Inspired by the elements and the emotions that coincide with them, we’re excited to hear Valeska’s Aerial Minds EP, and more of her future releases. Watch the video for ‘Midnight Children’ below, and follow Valeska on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: Pine The Pilcrow – ‘Only Ghosts’

Pine the Pilcrow have released a video to accompany their new single ‘Only Ghosts’, and it’s a charming, mesmeric set of visuals from these promising newcomers.

The band released their self-titled debut EP in March 2016, which scooped them a nomination for Best Newcomer at the 2016 Pure M awards, and a further nomination for Best Song at the IMRO Christie Hennessy Song Competition for their ambient and emotive ballad ‘Don’t Need Me’.

This year, Pine the Pilcrow are releasing their second EP Only Ghosts, which their latest single is named after. The band worked with acclaimed photographer and film maker Donal Moloney to create a beautiful video for the track, helping to enhance the delicate harmonies and heartfelt nature of the song. Watch the video for ‘Only Ghosts’ below, and follow the band on Facebook for more updates.

Pre-order your copy of Pine The Pilcrow’s new EP here.

Pine The Pilcrows UK & Ireland tour dates


Photo Credit: Stephen White

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Esther Joy – ‘Day 1 (Silipur Leaves Home)’

London-based producer Esther Joy is an intriguing character. Having spent the last year touring with Charli XCX’s band & collaborating with artists like Tourist, she’s re-emerged with new single ‘Day 1 (Silipur Leaves Home)’, taken from her upcoming concept EP, The Acid Caves Vol 1 (set for release April 27th)

The Acid Caves Vol 1 is based on a supernatural universe created in Esther’s mind. Speaking of the album’s concept, and of the character Silipur in her new single, Esther explains:“The Acid Caves is based in a universe in which all planets are connected by an energy system called ‘The Chaos’. The Chaos is the energy that sustains all planets & all life forms. It’s the emotional, the spiritual & the supernatural.

Over the last millennium, all lifebloods (non-humans) developed the ability to physically see and manipulate this energy, leading to huge advancements in better mental health and supernatural power. For humans, however, their overpowered ego and transfixion with technology significantly stunted their natural evolution and are now the only life-form unable to see or understand The Chaos.”

This story will follow Silipur, a lonely, cynical lifeblood who chooses to abandon her planet illegally for Earth. She is one of many who will try to break through the temporary gate in hope of tasting Earth’s purest energy.”

We’re impressed by Esther Joy’s unusual ideas and intense sonic soundscapes. Listen to ‘Day 1 (Silipur Leaves Home)’ below, and follow her on Facebook for more updates.

The Acid Caves Vol 1 is set for release April 27th.

Kate Crudgington