VIDEO PREMIERE: Maud – ‘Nobody’

A shadowy electro-pop gem that champions personal growth and self-autonomy, Norwegian producer & songwriter Maud has shared her a new video to accompany her latest single ‘Nobody’. Directed by Danish video artist Signe Dige (Chinah), the visuals combine acidic colours with surreal photo-negative-style close ups to reflect the track’s themes of emotional resilience and finding your inner strength.

“Signe and I had one short phone call before we started working together and the rest of our communication was through WhatsApp,” Maud explains about the video. “The threshold for collaborating with people digitally is so low right now, and I love how I can just find inspiring artists in other countries through Instagram and instantly be able to connect with them.”

“The idea behind the video was to portray the intimate and sincere self-love described in ‘Nobody’ by combining playful close-ups of me in a dark visual landscape,” Maud continues. “I shot some videos on my phone in my apartment in Kristiansand, sent it to Signe in Denmark and then she edited it together with some crazy good animations that she made. The result is dreamy and organic, but also a raw and dramatic video which fits my single perfectly.”

Watch the video for ‘Nobody’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Milly Blue – ‘Dancer Teleports into Thames Mud’

A tender, sparse soundscape inspired by the lost relics of ancient shipwrecks resting at the bottom of the river Thames, Mancunian vocalist, songwriter & composer Milly Blue has shared her debut solo single ‘Dancer Teleports into Thames Mud (Kisses Fragmented Self with Tongues)’. Originally written to provide a soundtrack for London-based photographer Holly Birtles’ exhibition ‘Up to your Neck in Mud’ at xxijrahii gallery in Deptford, the track is a beguiling offering that softly spotlights Milly’s intuitive song-writing talent.

Although this is her first solo offering, Milly has been collaborating with an eclectic range of musicians since her teenage years. She provided vocals for Basement Jaxx, toured and collaborated with Andrew Hung (Fuck Buttons), and has performed alongside Beck, Kae Tempest and the Guillemots. Now, she’s applying her multi-talented approach to her own music and is preparing to release her new album, elephant, Baby, later this year. Latest single ‘Dancer Teleports into Thames Mud’ will be featured on the record.

Full of Milly’s lush vocal layers, the track soothes and unsettles in the same breath. “Holly approached me to compose a piece to accompany the end of her exhibition,” Milly explains about ‘Dancer Teleports into Thames Mud’. “Her images were abstract and disjointed, exploring the sheer number of shipwrecks in the Thames and the objects, animals and even towns that have been lost into mud, both along that river and on the coast of the North Sea.

With the track, I wanted to make something haunting and bare. Something that could be ancient and lost. The layers intermittently jar and tesselate and there is a real sense of melancholy in the music. But in a comforting sense. Like loving spirits, visiting you from the mud. Holly, after hearing the track, created a beautiful video to accompany it. I’m really happy and excited about the results.”

Watch the video for ‘Dancer Teleports into Thames Mud’ below.

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Photo Credit: Andre Russell

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Deux Furieuses – ‘She’s Not Coming Home Tonight’

Following 2019’s immense album My War Is Your War, Ros Cairney and Vas Antoniadou – aka deux furieuses – have now blasted into our ears with a poignant new single.

Triggered by the recent murder of Sarah Everard, ‘She’s Not Coming Home Tonight’ offers a stirring response to gender-based violence and police brutality. Driven by a gritty, angst-driven power to deliver its poignant message, the track flows with a swirling majestic grace and Vas’ immense thrashing beats accompanying the raging catharsis of Ros’ swooning vocals. Propelled by a seething, blazing energy, it oozes a fervid sense of urgency; a riotous rallying cry to “reclaim these streets”. Of the meaning behind the track, the duo explain:

We have been sickened and angered by the murder of Sarah Everard at the suspected hand of a police officer during a national lockdown, the aftermath from the police at her vigil, the murders of Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry and the rest of the 118 women murdered in the last year. How many more generations of women have to protest to reclaim these streets?” 

‘She’s Not Coming Home Tonight’ is out now via bandcamp, with all proceeds to #ReclaimTheseStreets in support of a diverse range of women’s charitable causes across the country. #ReclaimTheseStreets affirm that “Women means all women, femmes, non-binary people and gender non-conforming people who deserve to be safe” and that they will put in place transparent and rigorous governance arrangements for the funds raised.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Glenn Morrison

LISTEN: Gazelle Twin – ‘The Well’

A sinister, cinematic offering that chimes with a bleak beauty, Gazelle Twin aka Elizabeth Bernholz has shared her latest single ‘The Well’. Lifted from the official soundtrack for upcoming east-end based supernatural thriller The Power, the track is a spine-tingling offering from this multi-talented electronic music pioneer. The score will be released digitally on 8th April via Invada Records, with a vinyl release to follow.

Working alongside composer Max de Wardener to curate the score for the the film, which was written and directed by BAFTA nominated screenwriter Corinna Faith, ‘The Well’ is a piece of Bernholz’s solo vision that fitted the tone of The Power so well, it was added to the track-list without hesitation. “Working with Corinna and Max didn’t feel much like work,” Bernholz explains. “It was a long haul thrill, from our field trip to the derelict wing of Goodmayes Hospital to record squeaky trolleys and smashed pill bottles, to making countless experiments with samples, voice, and electronics, pushing them in every extreme direction we could think of. The results bring me a lot of joy. I hope the collaboration continues.”

Contrasting these samples with her sublime vocals and un-nerving electronics, Bernholz has enhanced the tension and claustrophobia that permeates Faith’s Victorian-set thriller, which follows nurse Val on her first round of night-shifts in an eerie London hospital ward. The Power will be available exclusively to stream on Shudder from 8th April.

Listen to ‘The Well’ below.


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Photo Credit: Victor Frankowski

Kate Crudgington