Track Of The Day: Saint Agnes – ‘Repent’

Counting the likes of Nick Cave and The Prodigy amongst their fans, and with acclaim from publications such as The Quietus and Kerrang!, London-based Saint Agnes follow last year’s EP The Family Strange with the announcement of a brand new mini album, set for release this Spring.

Taken from the album, new single ‘Repent’ instantly hits you with its ferocious, angst-driven force. Propelled by a seething drive and the immense, gritty power of front woman Kitty Austen’s vocals, frenzied hooks intertwine with thrashing beats, creating a perfect blast of raging, visceral energy that we need now more than ever. With its dark, relentless passion, it’ll leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world, seeking that “justified revenge” on anyone who gets in your way. Of the single, Kitty explains:

‘Repent’ is a song born of rage. It’s the story of a fallen angel hell bent on revenge and retribution, and was inspired by being sick to death of people in positions of power getting away with nasty shit again and again and again. I think most people feel it, you look around and it seems like the ‘bad guy’ is always winning so the song is a blood-thirsty revenge fantasy about righting injustice.

‘Repent’ is out now, and Vampire – the much anticipated upcoming mini album – is set for release 26th March via Death Or Glory Gang Records. Pre-order here.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Rob Blackham

ALBUM: Palberta – ‘Palberta5000’

A cacophony of frenzied riffs, energetic beats and chant-worthy lyrics, Palberta‘s fifth album Palberta5000 buzzes with poppy enthusiasm, but remains firmly informed by DIY punk tendencies. The New York trio focused on writing catchy songs that lasted “longer than 50 seconds” for this new record, but they maintain their raw riot grrrl appeal by intricately threading their unpredictable time signatures with their habitual observations about ordinary life.

“While punk music was our first love, pop music has become our fixation,” the trio explain. “Throughout the making of Palberta5000, we were focused on making music that people could not only sing along to, but get stuck in their heads.” This evolution towards the softer side of things is best appreciated via the band’s lush, overlapping vocal harmonies. They soften more discordant tracks like ‘Something In The Way’ and make songs like ‘Red Antz’ ring with an effortless charm.

Across sixteen songs, the band flit between marching-band rhythms, buoyant guitar riffs and blasts of cathartic, joyful noise. The manic sounding ‘Eggs n’ Bac’ and ‘I’m Z’done’ – a 20 second instrumental – are examples of the latter, whilst tracks like ‘Corner Store’ and ‘Before I Got Here’ feel more considered and fleshed out. The trio have toyed with tempos too. ‘Hey!’ lives up to the punctuation in its title, whereas ‘The Cow’ soothes the ears with its strung out guitars and the reassuring lyric “I will be there with my hand on your chest / I feel your rumbling internal mess.”

Together, Nina Ryser, Ani Ivry-Block and Lily Konigsberg have crafted a record that explores the juxtaposition of anxiety and joy without diluting either emotion. Considering it’s the trio’s fifth offering, Palberta5000 packs an aural punch – but it’s one that feels more like a teasing jab on the arm from a friend when you’re hanging around outside the ‘Corner Store’.


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Photo Credit: Chloe Carrasco

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Ailsa Tully – ‘Parasite’

A personal rumination on the pernicious power dynamics that are prevalent within the UK music industry, Welsh-born songwriter Ailsa Tully has shared her latest single ‘Parasite’. Released via Dalliance Recordings, the track is a deceptively powerful observation on the toxic behaviour Tully has experienced first hand, and a subtle warning to those who think their actions will go un-noticed.

“’Parasite’ is a confrontational song written for a controlling and manipulative person,” Tully explains. “It explores the insidious manner in which sexism takes form, particularly within the inner workings of the music industry.” Through a blend of brooding guitar sounds, enveloping vocals and the faux allure of her lyrics, Tully takes considered shots at her antagonist, effortlessly dismantling the layers of expectation that were pushed upon her because of her gender. Her gracefully repeated threat of “I could break you down / you parasite” sends shivers down the spine.

No longer intimidated by these industry peers, Tully is free to deliver her poetic alt-folk sounds with a hard earned confidence, and ‘Parasite’ is a poignant example of this. The track is accompanied by a video directed by Finlay O’Hara, which shows parasitic plants twisting around vines in tandem with Tully’s music, personifying the struggles she sings of.

Watch the video for ‘Parasite’ below.

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Photo Credit: Finn O’Hara

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: The Other Ones – ‘The Other Ones’

Following the catchy energy of last year’s ‘On Top Of Me’, and previously wowing us live at The Finsbury back in the days of gigs and life, London-based The Other Ones have now shared a fiery new single.

Propelled by scuzz-filled riffs and a blistering energy, ‘The Other Ones’ blasts into the ears with front woman Steph’s soaring, impassioned vocals and a fierce, empowering spirit. With a driving power, it’s an uplifting punk-pop anthem paying tribute to all of us ‘Other Ones’, the wonderful misfits of society.


Taken from their upcoming album of the same name, ‘The Other Ones’ is out now via Reckless Yes.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Keira Anee Photography