Track Of The Day: Girl As Wave – ‘Houdini’

Dark, ghostly soundscapes coalesce with smokey electronica in the latest offering from Girl As Wave. Throughout ‘Houdini’, her sophisticated and laid back vocal style is calming yet off-setting; the voodoo-tinged indie of the track spellbinding and mesmeric.

A sultry opening hook bleeds into a tangibly soft vocal, ‘Houdini’ floating somwehere in-between languished and ambitiously cavernous. It’s a song that could fit anywhere between a US ghost town and a London bar, with shades of the earthy mysticism of Alexandra Savior and Pumarosa.

Hailing from New York, Girl As Wave combines a folky, lyric-driven approach to songwriting with a love of indie and electronic music. An email collaboration with LA-based producer Jimmy Deer resulted in the completion of her debut EP, Poison Vines and Nectar, set for release in early 2018.


Erin Bashford

Track Of The Day: NADINE – ‘Not My Kinda Movie’

Minneapolis/New York trio NADINE have now shared the second single from their forthcoming debut album.

Not My Kinda Movie’ has a dream-like, jazzy sound, the voice and instrumentation exploring all possibilities. However, the song is no lounge lizard – it seeks the meaning behind the nature of desire in a social-media obsessed world. “What comes to you twice as strong? What seeks you out and makes you feel? Tell me there is more to you than what you like.

The song explores a lack of ‘real’ communication between people, demanding honesty (“Bring me the bad news”), before leaving us with a sense of the unknown as it drifts out in psychedelic tones. Nadia Hulett’s powerful vocals offer a strong perspective, while the instruments add another layer of interest and wonder to the listener, taking surprising twists and turns. If this song is a movie, it is artful, inspiring, and unaffected (no spoilers!). Expect the unexpected, with some warm colours on the palette.  


oh my, the debut album from NADINE, is due 26th January 2018 on Memphis Industries and Father/Daughter.


Fi Ni Aicead

Photo Credit: Sulia Rose Altenberg

Track Of The Day: Breakfast Muff – ‘Clam’

If you’re looking for “a cacophony of anxiety, celebration and creativity” – look no further than Glasgow’s Breakfast Muff. The band have shared their cool new track ‘Clam’, which is accompanied by a Super-8-style new video that you can watch below.

The band consists of Eilidh McMillan (Rapid Tan, Joanna Gruesome), Simone Wilson (Hairband, Mary Column) and Cal Donnelly (Spinning Coin, Rapid Tan), who all switch between guitar, bass and drums to create their songs about “sexuality, feminism and feelings”.

Their album Eurgh! (available now via Amour Foo) was critically acclaimed; with features in Kerrang!, The Skinny and Drowned in Sound, plus reviews in Q, DIY, Loud & Quiet and many more. The record was nominated for The Skinny’s Albums of the Year, and was included in the Rough Trade Album Club.

‘Clam’ is featured on the record, and Eilidh McMillan explains:“This song is about someone who lashes out at other people because they are scared of being themselves or being exposed in some way.” Check out the new track below.

You can order a copy of Eurgh! here. Follow Breakfast Muff on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

LIVE: Bloom Twins @ 229 The Venue, 07.12.17

Ukrainian multi-instrumental sister act Bloom Twins delivered their unique blend of electro-dark pop to an enthusiastic crowd at 229 The Venue last Thursday night.

Despite an overlay of darkness being their signature style on their tracks, Sonya and Anya bring a charismatic energy to their performance – being completely at ease joking with the crowd between songs, encouraging us all to let loose by jumping up and down on cue. There was no need for instructions in order to get the crowd dancing, however, as the energy from the twins is utterly contagious. Playing multiple instruments throughout a set would be enough to bring any musician out in a nervous sweat, but rotating through drums, flutes and harmonicas comes as second nature to Bloom Twins, as natural to them as breathing.

The twins’ first single ‘Fahrenheit’ evokes a sense of warm nostalgia throughout the crowd and reminds us just how far The Ukrainian sisters have come on their musical journey; not only being a part of UNICEF’s ‘Imagine’ campaign but also embarking on a world tour with Duran Duran in 2016.

We’re also treated to a preview of their latest single ‘Talk To Me’, an electro-pop ballad which tackles the heavy issue of mental illness. Whilst there’s been much coverage in the media surrounding mental illness in the music industry recently, ‘Talk To Me’ carries hope that one day the stigma will be removed entirely – giving the message to open up about issues that are weighing you down.

Being identical twins, it is an obvious cliché to state that Bloom Twins share a special bond. However, once they’re both on stage the bond between them is highlighted, reflected via beautiful vocal harmonies with both sisters possessing an effortless, extensive range.

Bloom Twins never fail to captivate with their performances; casting us all under their spell with haunting harmonies, boundless energy and overall raw talent.

Nicky Lee-Delisle



Track Of The Day: H.Grimace – ‘Lipsyncer’

Having wowed us with their impeccable live performances at Green Man Festival and at our very own Finsbury night a couple of months back, and with the release of their innovative debut album Self Architect, H.Grimace have proved themselves to be one of the most exciting bands of 2017.

Taken from the album is new single ‘Lipsyncer’. Filled with the band’s raw post-punk sound and scuzzy, seething power, it builds to an intense, whirring climax as the deep, gritty vocals of Hannah Gledhill soar amid a dreamy, Sonic Youth-reminiscent haze.

Of the track’s meaning and reflection on contemporary issues such as social media, Gledhill explains:

” (it’s) about young men or women attempting to replicate something they aspire to be…”

Watch the brand new video for ‘Lipsyncer’ here:

Self Architect, the debut album from H.Grimace, is out now.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Jon Mo / @jonmophoto

Track Of The Day: Worriers – ‘The Possibility’

Having been an accomplished musician for over a decade, Lauren Denitzio has recently relocated to Philadelphia and released the sophomore album from her band Worriers, Survival Pop – a rallying cry and celebration of overcoming “in the face of illness and loss, misogyny, homophobia and the patriarchy…”

Taken from the album is latest single ‘The Possibility’. A jangly, uplifting surf-pop offering, it oozes an empowering, buoyant energy and twinkling, sweeping harmonies. Reflecting on life’s hardships and surviving in the face of adversity, it juxtaposes catchy, sunny melodies with Denitzio’s raw vocals.

Filled with a vibrant punk-pop spirit and driving hooks, ‘The Possibility’ is the perfect enlivening anthem to get you through the dark days of winter –  a truly infectious slice of ‘survival pop’ if ever there was one.

Survival Pop, the latest album from Worriers, is out now.

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Bamboo Smoke – ‘Sleepless’

Your Saturday is about to get sultry: Bamboo Smoke‘s latest track ‘Sleepless’ is a smooth, effortlessly produced electronic lullaby that will keep you suspended in that perfect state between dreaming and waking. Formed of lyricist & vocalist Lou and instrumentalist & producer Tom, the duo create hazy soundscapes with smoky undertones and soulful vocals.

A chance meeting on a rooftop brought Bamboo Smoke together at a time when Lou had armfuls of notebooks filled with words and melodies, and Tom had a library of instrumentals desperate for the right voice. The duo have since spent many months writing together in South London; riding trains, scrawling lyrics, and bouncing phone recordings back and forth.

Speaking about their music, the pair say: “We like things fairly loose and unpolished, and tend to retain as many raw qualities from each recording as we can, imperfections and all.” Sounds pretty perfect to us! The band’s debut EP is a collection of songs written over the course of the last year, during sessions snatched from the temporal demands of life in London in your 20s jobs, blending the playful with the shadows, capturing fragments of dreams. Listen to ‘Sleepless’ below.

Follow Bamboo Smoke on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington