Track Of The Day: French For Rabbits – ‘The Outsider’

In a luscious third single, New Zealand’s ethereal dream-pop outfit French For Rabbits share ‘The Outsider’, a haunting track stirring in anticipation of the band’s upcoming record, set for release next month. 

Delving further into the delicate world French For Rabbits have created with their poignant album title track ‘The Overflow’, ‘The Outsider’ is a shimmering slice of folk-strewn indie. As Brooke Singer’s impassioned vocals greet the ears with an immersive hushed splendour, she sings her truth in a way that feels like a raw secret. 

Whilst heavenly keys and synths coat the track’s bed, space is created for Singer’s gentle nuancing through inner turmoil – “If I could let go, would I fit in? Would I be what they want without all my inhibitions?”. Singer ponders solitude’s comfort and her struggles in a social setting as she reveals “pushing myself, but I’m faking”. As anxious feelings ruminate, minimal percussion trails across the soundscape of ‘The Outsider’ and pulls the track’s dreamy mix forward with motivation. 

Finally, in a captivating sonic eruption, the track breaks in catharsis as instruments evolve and ‘The Outsider’ comes to a grand finale. French For Rabbits have hosted a multidimensional take about being the ghost in the room wrapped in the sounds of indie, folk and even a hint of emo. Developing such a blissful soundscape in ‘The Outsider’, French For Rabbits have set the stage for The Overflow to be a truly calming escape.

The Overflow, the upcoming album from French For Rabbits, is set for release on 12th November via Reckless Yes (UK) and AAA Records (Australia/New Zealand).

Jill Goyeau

Photo Credit: Lily Paris West

Track Of The Day: French For Rabbits – ‘The Overflow’

In a soothing dream-pop escape, New Zealand’s French For Rabbits bring us to a safe space to just breathe – even if only just a moment, in latest single ‘The Overflow‘. Having chiseled their craft for nearly a decade, the artistry of French For Rabbits amalgamates a bond between effortlessness and attention to detail; a close kept eye, and the timely intuition to let go. 

Alleviation plays an instrumental role as ‘The Overflow’ bubbles in sync with festering anxiety. Front-woman Brooke Singer is stewing in a battle so familiar to artists of all kinds as she balances on a beam between productivity and simplicity. “Too long that I’ve been gone, terrified of not getting things done, And every day there is still less time to do it in…”. She daydreams of the lucidity of a simple life, but knows herself as an ongoing creator even when “The Overflow” leaves her drenched in her own emotions. 

Melodic guitar riffs, sparkling synth accents and swirling vocals lay a bed of comfort adjacent to In The Valley Below, TOPS, Pony Girl and Angus & Julia Stone. The bellowing chorus of ‘The Overflow’ rings with angelic layers that saturate Singer’s tone, while still keeping room for the track’s euphoric, other worldly instrumental.

French For Rabbits beautifully combines a folk-like tenderness and endearing earnest emotion that is wrapped in the irresistible digital glimmer of dream-pop in ‘The Overflow’.

‘The Overflow’ is out now via Reckless Yes.

Jill Goyeau