Track Of The Day: Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business – ‘He Earns Enough’

Following their poignant previous single ‘I Am Afraid’ and their captivating cover of Empress Of’s ‘Woman Is A Word’, Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business have now announced their debut EP, set for release in October. Featuring members of Trash Kit, F*Choir and Bamboo, the six-piece choral punk ensemble have received acclaim from the likes of Steve LaMacq on BBC 6Music, and have now shared a brand new single; the title track of the upcoming EP.

Propelled by an anthemic, mystical power, ‘He Earns Enough‘ reflects on shamelessly money-grabbing men who increased their fortunes to the tune of billions during the pandemic, while millions around the world struggled and suffered. Building in intensity as chiming hooks crescendo alongside soaring harmonious voices, glitchy beats pulse against the poignant, angst-driven refrain. As the swirling layers of vocals trickle alongside each other and grow with an empowering energy, ‘He Earns Enough’ offers a simple, yet stirring, message, oozing a sweeping, celestial splendour that’ll bewitch the listener instantly with its eerily enchanting allure. Ending on the climax of the voices coming together with impassioned shouts of “Enough!”, it captures the rage and sense of hopelessness of living with the continuing injustices of a patriarchal capitalist society.

Of the inspiration behind the track, Jenny Moore explains:

I heard a story once about the head boss of Tesco discussing the future of the company and his role in it. He bemoaned the fact that, because of the women and migrants, men like him were becoming extinct. This year, the big billionaires in the US increased their wealth by $1.2 trillion. During a global pandemic. Women and migrants took care of a dying world and men ate it up – made millions on the virus and its ruthlessness, extracted Earth’s resources, laid off workers, denied sick pay, threw some pennies to ‘causes’ and then went to outer space for a party. I think, maybe, he earns enough.”

Agreed, Jenny!

Watch the beautifully crafted new video for ‘He Earns Enough’ here:

He Earns Enough, the upcoming new EP from Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business, is set for release 8th October via Lost Map Records. Pre-order here.

Mari Lane