Track Of The Day: Petrol Girls – ‘Preachers’

Having recently wowed us with the pertinent power of singles such as ‘Baby, I Had An Abortion‘ and ‘Clowns‘, we’re super excited to hear that Petrol Girls are now set to release their new album Baby next week.

Another acerbic offering taken from the album is new single ‘Preachers’. Propelled by a fierce energy and glitchy, discordant whirr, it’s an all-too-poignant reflection on the pressure that women and marginalised genders within radical left communities face to speak and act perfectly, and the scrutiny they are often put under for any mistakes made, in comparison to their male peers. Building to an impassioned cacophony, it immerses the listener in its incredibly relatable subject matter, that is resonant within both the musical and wider political communities.

Inspired by Adrienne Maree Brown’s book We Will Not Cancel Us, ‘Preachers’ is a raging anthem, calling on us to recognise the disparities within communities who should be fighting for the same things; throwing a spotlight on the inconsistencies of call-out culture and moral one-upmanship.

With a seething sense of urgency, it offers a perfectly riotous catharsis, taking the form of a somewhat stripped-back, frenzied barrage of sound with Ren Aldridge’s immense vocals blasting out with a raw power taking centre stage. Of the track, and the themes of the album as a whole, Ren explains:

I get very frustrated by the lack of nuance sometimes, and the way people seem so much more interested in punishing individuals than building resilient communities of care. And I hate the way that women and marginalised genders are held to such a way higher standard than cis-men… I just really needed to reject this pressure to always act and speak completely perfectly, which has had a severe impact on my mental health by putting me in a constant state of hyper-vigilance and piling up alongside other pressures to make me mentally collapse. For me, our new album is so much about recovering from that severe depressive episode, and a crucial part of that was saying fuck it, I will never do enough, I will always make mistakes, but as long as I am true to my values and reflective, that’s fucking fine.”

Baby, the upcoming new album from Petrol Girls, is out next Friday 24th June via Hassle. Pre-order here.

Mari Lane