Track Of The Day: Alaskalaska – ‘Still Life’

Fresh after announcing their upcoming album Still Life, South London band ALASKALASKA have released the record’s title track in an exploratory and curious single. Arriving this Autumn, Still Life will embrace a free-form electronica disposition filled with digital sounds, rich melodies, drum machines and the sparse involvement of acoustic instrumentation. 

With the latest single of the same name, Alaskalaska grasp at a knot tangled by existential dread and the simplicity of life’s simple pleasures, painting an enchanting teaser for the album. Paired with an abstract music video, ‘Still Life’ builds a world with melodic, arpeggiated synths and circular lyrics. With a lyrical refrain building the tension, ALASKALASKA’s story feels interpersonal – oozing a profound immersive soundscape, spinning thoughts of uncertainty. 

Building with intensity, layers of sound are interwoven, building to a climax of fuzz emulating irritation. This distinct arrangement later comes to a burst as the tension of ‘Still Life’ peaks. Eerie reverbs and modulations shift the tone of ALASKALASKA from left to right, delving into a sonic chaos that pays off as stirring, ethereal vocals echo in the background.  

As the track settles, ‘Still Life’ remains in the back of listeners’ minds; swirling and dancing around our thoughts; creating a sparkling moment for reflection. ALASKALASKA has set the scene for a captivating ‘Still Life’ – one that is multidimensional and full of character.

Of the track, the band explain:

“‘Still Life’ asks is what is supposed to connect us on a worldwide scale being used more for vanity/ego, distraction or even surveillance/control? ‘Look at it breed, modern greed…’. It’s a bit of a cautionary tale, much like 1984…if you get my drift. Still though, there are glimmers of hope – ‘I’ve got the seed in my pocket….’ as in I’ve got seeds to sow, seeds to grow. Small gestures can make big changes.”

Watch the stirring new video for ‘Still Life’ here:

Still Life, the upcoming new album from ALASKALASKA, is set for release on 14th October via Marathon Artists.

Jill Goyeau

Photo Credit: Abi Sinclair