Track Of The Day: Hadda Be – ‘Wait In The Dark’

Following the jangly energy of latest single ‘Another Life’, London-Brighton band Hadda Be (fka Foundlings) have now shared a brand new offering taken from their upcoming debut album.

Propelled by scuzzy riffs and thrashing racing beats, ‘Wait In The Dark’ shows us a heavier side to Hadda Be than what we might be used to, proving them as a band who are able to constantly hone their sound, reluctant to be pigeon-holed into any one genre.

With a gritty, frenzied energy and shades of the whirring splendour of Sonic Youth, it builds with a frenetic tension to a magnificent, swirling cacophony. Oozing a riotous, grunge-infused spirit, it offers all the fuzzed-out, angst-driven power we need to motivate us through the next few months, when hopefully brighter things – and the possibility of live music – will be on the horizon.

Of the track, the band explain:

“’Wait In The Dark’ is a direct and visceral reaction to the turbulent political and cultural times we find ourselves in. There’s a lot of anger and passion in this song. It felt liberating to have a moment on the album where we really let loose, not allowing ourselves to be wrapped up in analytical posturing. Like with our first ever single, ‘Misery’, the track started off with a bass line and everything else was built up from there. We’re particularly excited about getting this one out on the road.

Filmed remotely during lockdown and directed by Chris Tomsett (AKA Innerstrings), you can watch the psychedelic new video for ‘Wait In The Dark’ here:

Wait In The Dark‘ is out now. Another Life, the debut album from Hadda Be, is set for release 30th April via Last Night From Glasgow.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Luthiem Escalona

WATCH: Maja Lena – ‘Sacred Practice’

Maja Lena (AKA Marianne Parrish) reveals her new single ‘Sacred Practice’, from forthcoming debut album The Keeper. Formerly of alt-folk band Low Chimes, her solo moniker is an affectionate nickname given to her by the Swedish half of her family. The single is accompanied by an exquisite rustic video created by frequent visual collaborator Aloha Bonser-Shaw. 

‘Sacred Practice’ begins on a gentle, ethereal note, with sweeping, soft vocals. We are then transported to a hazy dream world, where the “sun is high and mighty” and our tasks require “patient practice”. The harmonious vocal layering becomes a psychedelic mantra sung over majestically discordant instrumentation, delivering an alternate reality. It almost feels like Lena is singing in a different language, alongside the calming, meditative shimmering soundscape. “More hurry, less speed” seems to be the message one gets when listening to the song and watching the beautifully compelling video.

Maja Lena’s debut solo album is definitely something to look forward to. She collaborates with former Low Chimes bandmate Rob Pemberton, and their familiarity in recording and producing together holds the project together beautifully. Judging from the singles I’ve heard so far, the album will be a magical and otherworldly collection. An intriguing vocal and sonic exploration. 

Watch the video for ‘Sacred Practice’ now:

The Keeper, the debut album from Maja Lena, is set for release on 23rd July via Chiverin.

Fi Ni Aicead

Track Of The Day: Slagheap – ‘Caffeine’

Following recent single ‘Peckish’ and 2019’s eponymous debut album, Slagheap have announced an upcoming new full-length album. Having been invited to support the likes of Billy Nomates, Beak and GIHE faves Big Joanie, the Bristol DIY band have now shared a brand new single.

Propelled by a whacky, racing energy, ‘Caffeine‘ does exactly what it says on the tin: giving a sonic depiction of the frenzied nerves incited by too much coffee, or the similarly fraught feelings induced by a first crush. As deep grunge-fuelled bass hooks are accompanied by jangling beats and raw, playful punk-inspired vocals, a shimmering cacophony is created, harking back to Riot Grrrl bands such as Bratmobile. Oozing an infectious, uplifting power, its sunny, scuzzy zest and vibrant, tongue-in-cheek lyricism is riotously refreshing; a quirky blast of energy leaving you ready to face the world, whether or not you’ve had your daily coffee-fix.

‘Caffeine’ is accompanied by homemade, zine-inspired (and super cute) new video. Watch here:

Mari Lane



WATCH: Jules (feat. The Golden Phoenix) – ‘We Never Run’

Described as an anthem to encourage women to celebrate themselves and others, Jules’ ‘We Never Run’, featuring The Golden Phoenix, is an empowering and timely gift this week as we celebrate International Women’s Day. 

Swirling synth and a crisp drum track begin the tune with an infatuating energy, embodying a best friend grabbing your hand and pulling you out to the dance floor. The disposition of the mix is undeniably fun from the moment it begins, and ever more so with its accompanying music video that is both heartwarming and empowering. 

Self-love and confidence exist so strongly in the essence of Jules’ vocals, and her genuine spirit is felt by anyone listening. The track feels like both a reflective moment for Jules, as well as a token on how to move forward with resilience. Jules and The Golden Phoenix have made a moment to celebrate our accomplishments and pat ourselves on the back for a moment, something that is hard to allow ourselves at times. ‘We Never Run’ and its victorious message are proof that indeed we are stronger together, more resilient together, and even more beautiful as a whole than as individuals navigating this world alone.


Released ahead of Jules’ upcoming EP, Identity: WHO AM I, We Never Run’ is out now

Jill Goyeau