WATCH: Birch – ‘’

The title track from Birch’s debut album, ‘’ is a good introduction to the complex electronic layers of Birch’s sonic world.

The sound is layered and complex, but deceptively soft and minimalist seeming. Because her lyrics are delivered almost conversationally, her message can be missed sometimes. Here, for example, she is thinking of those “who have gone before me”, and an energy that she “can’t contain”.

The accompanying video shows a young woman completing a range of physical training activities in the early morning. She begins in the grey light not long after sunrise, on a wet roof on top of a tower block in an urban setting, with simple stretch exercises and shadow boxing. Then she is running along empty streets past shutters on closed shops.

“The words of our mothers are the ones that we live by” concludes this poignant, delicately powerful song.

Watch the new video for ‘’ here:

Cazz Blase

Photo Credit: Off Season Creative

WATCH: Drea – ‘Monster’

(CW: Rape, sexual assault)

Even in the era of #MeToo, in a time where more womxn are speaking out about sexual assault and their abusers, it’s still rare to hear a song that directly confronts it. However, Los Angeles artist Drea is diving in headfirst with latest track, ‘Monster’.

The video and song are both recounting the night in which Drea was raped. Written almost immediately after that terrible night, the words that flooded out onto the page are near mirror images of the feelings she and many victims are left with in the wake of such an experience: terror, sadness, isolation, and entrapment.

It’s also a reflection on the inner strength she found in herself to get through an experience that far too many share. Of her experience on the night in question, Drea says: “it was like knowing I was going to get in a life-threatening car crash, and having to watch it unfold in slow motion.” All the more, she also knows that no two experiences are the same, still hoping the finished product will speak to other survivors in saying “You’re not alone.”

Drea originally wrote ‘Monster’ as a dance track for another artist, only later realising this was something she wanted for herself. It was her; her survival story and in releasing it, she was boldly standing up for herself against the demons that haunt us.

The track is a collaboration between Drea and Los Angeles-based DJ Kayja. Kayja also provides the unidentified male hands in the video, coming out through the smoke to reveal each terrifying emotion she came away with that night. These safe hands were also the third to take on the production of ‘Monster’, a track years in the making.

In honour of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (which was in April), and her own outpouring into the #MeToo movement, the track and video for ‘Monster’ are bold, honest, and soul-baring. The thumping, slow-rolling music creates the tension of a depersonalised fraction of time; the kind that leaves you asking “why?” forever.

So much of me didn’t want to film this video,” explains Drea. “I didn’t want to go to that place again.” But she did, for an earlier version of herself who felt alone and every other womxn of whom ‘Monster’ stands up for and says, “This is for her.”

Watch the poignant new video for ‘Monster’ here:

‘Monster’ is available across all digital platforms now.

Em Burfitt

Track Of The Day: Trash Kit – ‘Horizon’

Having wowed us at one of our first nights at The Finbsury, Rachel Aggs (Sacred Paws, Shopping), Rachel Horwood (Bamboo) and Gill Partlington (Bas Jan), aka Trash Kit, have been firm favourites for some time. And now, following 2014’s Confidence, they’ve announced their upcoming new album, and shared a video for its uplifting title track, ‘Horizon’.

Inspired by how people interpret the planet and Aggs’ love of guitar music from Zimbabwe, ‘Horizon’ oozes a shimmering effervescent joy and swirling sparkling energy. Interweaving twinkling hooks, jangly beats and funk-fused bass lines, its cascading sun-filled vibes build to a wonderfully life-affirming climax and rejuvenating euphoric haze.

Of the track, Rachel Aggs explains:

The song is quite literal, thinking about the edge of the earth – how people interpret the planet, how you can sometimes forget the enormity of the world and the universe and how small that can make you feel.”

Filmed by Upset The Rhythm at Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire, the joyous new video for ‘Horizon’ is the perfect accompaniment to the track’s radiant energy. Watch it here:

Horizon, the upcoming new album from Trash Kit, is out on 5th July via Upset The Rhythm. Pre-order here.

Mari Lane

WATCH: Amaal – ‘Coming and Going’

Amaal is Somali-Canadian artist Amaal Nuux who has returned to music following much time spent on her activist work as the Goodwill Ambassador for Somalia Women and Children. In her music, she draws influence from both her personal life experiences and her travels.

We’re loving the video of her latest single ‘Coming and Going’. It is quite the silky lustrous number, taken from her upcoming debut EP set for release this summer. Speaking on the track’s inspiration, Amaal shared: “’Coming And Going’ was inspired by a relationship that had no defining status. I think a lot of us have been in situations where we should leave but it feels so good to stay.”

We cannot urge you enough to go check her out.

‘Coming and Going’ is out now. You can find more from Amaal on InstagramTwitterFacebook

Tash Walker

WATCH: ARXX – ‘Moments At A Time’

As any regular follower of Get In Her Ears will be aware, we’re huge fans of Brighton duo ARXX. They’ve wowed us on numerous occasions (including at our recent International Women’s Day gig at The Finsbury) with their utterly, ferociously, breathtaking live performance, and blasted into ears nationwide with their debut EP Daughters Of Daughters last year.

Now they’ve shared a brand new video to the EP’s opening track, ‘Moments At A Time’. Capturing the immense, thrashing energy of the duo’s live shows, it showcases their phenomenal, sparkling force perfectly. As the fierce passion of Hannah’s raw, impassioned vocals blast out against frenzied riffs and Clara’s spectacularly pummelling beats, their seething, punk-infused power is juxtaposed with some beautiful, flowing contemporary dance.

Refreshingly channelling some much-needed female aggression (“I don’t really need you, I’m just taking what I can get…”), ‘Moments At A Time’ once again proves ARXX’s truly magnificent command of all they do, cementing them as one of the most incredible bands I’ve ever come across; truly deserving of every success.

Watch the gloriously glitter-filled video for ‘Moments At A Time’ here:

Catch ARXX live (you will not regret it!) at the following dates:

Tonight (9th May) – The Vans Store, Brighton
11th May – Brighton Brewhouse, Brighton (part of The Alt Show All Dayer in Association with Pool Valley)
17th May – The Waiting Room, London (supporting Projector)

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Jon Mo / @jonmophoto

Video Premiere: Varley – ‘Proof’

Formed on the way home after a night of bowling, Berlin-based Varley have amassed more than 1.6 million plays, with their debut single ‘Roamer’ peaking at #23 in the Spotify Viral Charts. Following the equally captivating ‘Lonely Were The Days’, and having enchanted us with their live performance at one of our Notting Hill Arts Club showcases, the trio have now returned with a sparkling new offering.

‘Proof’ flows with chiming waves of synth and bright, infectious beats, providing a sweeping backdrop to Claire-Ann Varley’s luscious rich vocals, with shades of Aussie songwriter Julia Stone. A truly dreamy slice of ethereal indie-pop, it oozes a twinkling uplifting splendour that’ll stick in your ears on first listen.

Of the track, Claire-Ann explains:

“‘Proof’ was written just as Summer 2018 was coming to an end and tells the story of two people, who both know that whatever they have together is coming to an end but they are not quite ready to let it go. It follows them on their last adventure, their last road trip and their last few minutes together. It’s actually a positive song because even though they aren’t going to be together anymore, they still care about each other and want their last moments to count.

Filmed while the band were on a trip to New York, watch the nostalgia-tinged new video for ‘Proof’, for the first time, here:

‘Proof’ is out now via Seahorse Music. Listen on Spotify. Catch Varley live at the following dates:

23rd May – Auster Club, Berlin
24th May – Freundlich + Kompetent, Hamburg

Mari Lane

WATCH: YALI – ‘Why Do Flowers Mean Love?’

YALI is a 24 year old singer-songwriter, pianist and producer from Israel. Her experimental style combines influences from Classical music, Jazz, and Electro-pop.

Latest single ‘Why Do Flowers Mean Love?’ constructs and deconstructs the artist’s portrait; an audio-driven collage of effects, glitches, artifacts and distortions reflect on the YALI’s background story and feelings, while writing and recording the track. Of the track, YALI explains:

“The glitch itself is the effect nature brings back to the digital perfection, forcing small errors and imperfections on all streams of data around us. Its complete randomness and chaotic action makes each glitch unique when created and embeds within the final visual content we consume so regularly everywhere around us. Making the final stage of delivery to spectators “damaged” with no way to control or avoid it.”

Watch the new video for ‘Why Do Flowers Mean Love?’ here:

You can find out more about YALI through  Facebook and Instagram.

Music & Production by Yali Blankstein. Mix by Roy Avital. Add. production by Stav Tell. Mastering by Jordan Schultz. Video Production by Phenomena Labs. Video Director Tom Uziel. Video Art by Ronen Tanchum. Makeup by Denise Ayelen Kohon. Thanks to: Ilya Marcus, Amit Einy, Tomer Rousso, Oded Granot, Shuz.


Tash Walker