With glitchy experimental-pop synths roaming across a rushing soundscape, Gymnast’s ‘Ghost’ exudes the feeling of exploration, travel and transition.

From the song’s start, long reverb swells set Gymnast’s footprint in a world that is in motion at the speed of light. A sense of urgency is pressing, and the stakes are high risk and eerie. A scurrying string solo continues the feed into the hunt of what ‘Ghost’ is leading us to. Or is it where?

Sounds of pattering keys and echoing vocals beg us to run at the pace of the track and trust its sense of quick direction and pit stops along the way. Skimming through perspectives from “the ghost in the garden” to the “the bride in the branches”, Gymnast’s ability to characterise their captivatingly whimsical lyrics is stellar. Even while only resting for a moment in each one of these characters’ shoes, ‘Ghost’ both instrumentally and emotionally paints vivid personal images of the track’s overall themes. At times, we are all “the kid at the picnic, the pixels in your rockpool”, merely taking part in the background in our transitional surroundings.

With a compelling chorus that sounds as wide as a choir, Gymnast lends a hand to us all in our current universal experience of change – we are in this whirlwind together.

‘Ghost’ is accompanied by an intricately made video; an innovative Google Maps animation, fitting the song’s exploration of themes of belonging vs. hosting, outside/inside boundaries… plus allowing some vicarious world-exploration for locked-down viewers!


Jill Goyeau

WATCH: I, Doris- ‘Wonderwomen’

Could there be a more timely, appropriate anthem for a tired, stressed-out mama like me? With new single ‘Wonderwomen’, feminist mummycore band, I, Doris, poke fun at the pressure parents put on themselves and each other, and remind us that we don’t need to be heroes – even if we do look pretty badass in a costume.

‘Wonderwomen’s squelchy, 60s-style bassline, coupled with lush harmonies and a pure pop chorus, make this song a proper lo-fi earworm that begs you to forget what you’re doing and shimmy along. And its message, summarised beautifully by the band as “you’re doing fine as you are, love”, is just as irresistible.

In the song’s video, the band – (coincidentally?) all named Doris – don hero costumes as they take on everyday battles; the school run, a supermarket shop, the office. And as they sing along, looking like a bunch of strong superwomen, it’s clear that this is the song – and the band – that I need right now!

Watch the video for ‘Wonderwomen’ here:

Vic Conway

Photo Credit: Keira-Anee Photography

Premiere: AyOwA – ‘Is It You Love?’

Following previous releases such as ‘First Frost’ and ‘Alt Det Du Ku’, and having charmed us with the hypnotic beauty of their live set at Notting Hill Arts Club last year, Danish duo AyOwA have now announced the release of a new album, set for release this Autumn.

Taken from the upcoming album, ‘Is It You Love?’ offers a mysterious longing for something that once was. A swirling, evocative soundscape, twinkling keys flow as throbbing beats provide the backdrop for Hannah Schneider’s soaring, rich vocals. Creating an ethereal slice of intoxicating electro-pop, ‘Is It You Love’ oozes a stirring, majestic splendour, immersing the listener completely in its smooth, cinematic grace.

Listen to ‘Is It You Love?’ on Spotify now, and watch the poignant new video for here:

Amoeba, the upcoming new album from AyOwA, is set for release this Autumn.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Emma Silke

Video Premiere: Bugeye – ‘Blue Fire’

Following their last uplifting single, ‘When The Lights Go Out’, and with acclaim from the likes of John Kennedy and Amazing Radio, GIHE faves Bugeye have now shared another offering from their upcoming debut album.

Raging with Angela Martin’s gritty, sultry vocals and whirring electro hooks, ‘Blue Fire’ is perhaps more disco and less punk than previous releases, but maintains all the colourful pizzazz and magnificent vibrant energy that we’ve come to know and love from the band. A perfect uptempo blast of life that we all need right now.

A woman of many talents (musician, songwriter, promoter, manager, mother and now film-maker, to name a few!), Angela has now made a beautiful homemade new video for ‘Blue Fire’. An immersive collage of footage of the band spliced together with poignant clips of masked protesters, it perfectly captures all the colour and retro energy of Bugeye, whilst oozing a striking riotous force in these uncertain times. A necessary watch from this awesome group of wonder-women.

Watch the new video, for the first time, here:

When The Lights Go Out, the debut album from Bugeye, is out 10th July via Reckless Yes.

Mari Lane