PREMIERE: Dream Phone – ‘Bad Girls’

Having been completely blown away by Oxford duo Dream Phone when they played live for us supporting Me Rex last month, I was thrilled to hear they’ll be releasing their debut EP in May. Counting BBC Radio 6Music amongst their fans, and sharing stages with the likes of Cheerbleederz and Supermilk, the duo started off as a pop-punk guitar and drums duo, before transforming into the wonderful auto-tuned glitch-pop sensation that we know today – ready to unleash more of their utterly unique sonic delights to the world.

Taken from the EP, new single ‘Bad Girls’ offers a joyous ode to Buffy and Faith (from best TV show ever, Buffy The Vampire Slayer), celebrating friendship and discovering your “bad side” as Jenny Bell and Hannah Watts’ sparkling charisma and vibrant energy shine through. Showcasing the duo’s ability to combine quirky voice augmentation with infectious, synth-driven glitch-pop soundscapes, it harks back to the innovative layering and sampling of Kathleen Hanna’s solo Julie Ruin record; oozing a euphoric riot grrrl inspired drive, whilst maintaining Dream Phone’s trademark playful allure. Of the track, Jenny explains:

Bad Girls is about the excitement of making a new friend who has a big influence on you, and finding your partner in crime. When we’re not jumping around in Dream Phone, we spend a lot of our downtime watching Buffy – and in the ‘Bad Girls’ episode I love that Buffy is able to cut loose with her new friendship with Faith. We originally wrote the song as a simple guitar and drums pop punk song, and recently transformed it into this new glitch-pop sound”.  

Since the immense excitement of seeing them live last month, it’s in no way an exaggeration to say that I have not stopped thinking about Dream Phone (aka my new favourite band)’s wonderfully wacky and truly original offerings, and will be hitting repeat on the glorious hype-pop tenacity of ‘Bad Girls’ for the foreseeable future.

So, don your knee-high boots and wooden stakes, watch the new video for ‘Bad Girls’, and feel instantly better about life!

The self-titled debut EP from Dream Phone is set for release on 19th May via Divine Schism.

Mari Lane

Video Premiere: Gabi Garbutt & Du Blonde – ‘Panic’

Having received acclaim from the likes of BBC 6Music’s Steve Lamacq and Cerys Matthews, as well as airplay from Radio X’s John Kennedy, London-based artist Gabi Garbutt follows last year’s album Cockerel with a brand new EP, set for release in April.

Taken from the EP, lead single ‘Panic’ offers a perfect collaboration between Garbutt and acclaimed artist Du Blonde. Propelled by a swirling post-punk energy, whirring scuzzy hooks flow alongside sugar-sweet pop melodies as the two vocals fuse together with a shimmering charm, creating a truly blissful, instantly infectious, indie-pop anthem. Oozing a jangling uplifting allure, the stream of consciousness lyricism reflects on the chaotic turmoil of anxiety, whilst somehow offering a sparkling reassurance that you’re not alone and everything will be ok.

Of the track, Garbutt expands:

“…the song is about the feeling of panic and in using multi-sensory imagery, I’m trying to express how all-consuming panic can be. You’re moving through all these chaotic internal landscapes when really you’re just standing at the lights waiting to cross the road.

‘Panic’ is accompanied by a wonderfully DIY video, directed by  Dan Fatel, perfectly portraying the colourfully chaotic feelings the song reflects on. Watch, for the first time, here:

‘Panic’ is out tomorrow, 28th February. It was written by Gabi Garbutt and Du Blonde, co-produced by Du Blonde and Leo Garbutt, and mixed and mastered by Leo Garbutt. It’s taken from Garbutt’s upcoming EP The Creation Of Birds, set for release on 28th April, via Du Blonde’s label Daemon TV. Pre-order from tomorrow here.

Mari Lane

Premiere: Tiger Mimic – ‘Everything You’ve Ever Wanted’

After a little bit of a hiatus to recoup and re-energise, John Kennedy acclaimed Tiger Mimic have returned to blast into our ears with a brand new single.

Reflecting on the worldwide challenges that women, minorities and the LGBTQ+ community have faced this year, ‘Everything You’ve Ever Wanted’ is an empowering ode to persevering through dark times. Propelled by the band’s trademark whirring scuzz and fierce, gritty energy, it showcases the rich, soaring vocals of front woman Jess as it builds with a sweeping majestic allure. Oozing a swirling impassioned splendour and haunting grace, it’s a fizzing slice of soaring alt-rock proving Tiger Mimic’s worth as creators of powerfully poignant anthems. Of the track, the band explain:

The lyrics ask ‘Everything you’ve ever wanted, now you’ve got it, what’s the point?’, wondering aloud what drives the heartless people who work so hard to oppress, vilify, control, and harm innocent communities that just want to be allowed to live their lives. While the lyrics are grim, it’s ultimately a song about hope, how despite everything happening below, the stars go on shimmering above, lighting our way through the darkness.

Listen, for the first time, here:

‘Everything You’ve Ever Wanted’ is set for release this Friday, 9th December.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Robert Alleyne

Video Premiere: Feral Five – ‘Silver Sky’

Having been big fans of innovative duo Kat and Drew – aka Feral Five – ‘s unique brand of captivating electro-pop for a number of years now, we’re excited to hear that they’ve now announced the release of a new album, due out in February 2023 via lovely independent label Reckless Yes.

Ahead of the album’s release, they’ve now shared an evocative new single. Propelled by a glitchy, soaring majesty and chiming beats, ‘Silver Sky‘ poignantly reflects on the effects of light pollution in urban areas. With a glistening whirring splendour, the track builds with a fizzing energy and rich AI vocals (trained in Berlin on Kat’s voice) to a twinkling otherworldly soundscape, oozing a spellbinding allure. Of the track, the duo explain:

“‘Silver Sky’ isset in a feral city, it’s about a sky that never gets dark because of light pollution, something that scientists say is affecting animals and plants.

‘Silver Sky’ is accompanied by beautifully swirling visuals depicting a futuristic cityscape – all adding to the unique, immersive experience that Feral Five are consistently able to create. Skilfully interweaving live coded sounds, strings and even creating sounds from quartz crystals, ‘Silver Sky’ is yet another example of just how innovative this duo can be. Wrap your ears and eyes around its exquisite cutting edge magnificence now!

Watch the new video for ‘Silver Sky’, for the first time, here:

Truth Is The New Gold, the upcoming album from Feral Five, is set for release on 10th February 2023 via Reckless Yes.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Keira Anee Photography