Premiere: Sing Again Syren – ‘Cast Away’

Following last year’s debut ‘Kiss The Preacher’, Newcastle’s Sing Again Syren continue to turn the stereotypical idea of “girl group” on its head and explore their eclectic sound with riotous new single ‘Cast Away’.

Propelled by a raging energy, ‘Cast Away’ is filled with immense swirling riffs and blazing, thrashing beats alongside the soaring power of Eliza Lee’s gritty vocals. Oozing a breathtaking, seething potency, it fuses together the intense classic rock of the likes of Metallica with the fiery attitude of the legendary Joan Jett. A tempestuous, angst-driven wall of sound that marks Sing Again Syren out as a true force to be reckoned with. Of the track, the band expand:

“… the basis of it is in that idea of the proverbial devil on the shoulder, as the first lyric mentions… Really it alludes to the fact it can be so difficult to pin down the causation of negativity but convexly has this positive stance of refusing to be defeated.”


‘Cast Away’ is out tomorrow, 21st June, via Veta Records.

Mari Lane

Premiere: Tribes Of Europe and Barbara Stretch – ‘You Don’t Speak For Me’

Following support from BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, Fenland-based Tribes Of Europe – the alter ego of multi-instrumentalist Martin Elsey – has now teamed up with esteemed vocalist Barbara Stretch for a poignant new offering.

Provoked by the way in which the public are increasingly lied to and misled, ‘You Don’t Speak For Me’ flows with a twinkling musicality and Stretch’s soaring, ’60s pop-reminiscent vocals. Oozing a gentle romanticism alongside its empowering message, it’s an instantly catchy and uplifting retro-futuristic creation that’ll leave you ready for action, in these times when we need it most. 

Barbara Stretch would appear to be the perfect spokesperson for delivering this socially poignant message, having been a fixture in the London punk/post-punk socio-political scene of the late ’70s and early ’80s. As part of the group Jam Today, she consciously rejected the male-dominated nature of the industry in favour of creating a totally female band infrastructure – including an all-female crew, and setting up a female focused record label, Stroppy Cow. Of the new collaboration on ‘You Don’t Speak For Me’, Barbara explains:

“I was delighted when Martin asked me to sing You Don’t Speak For Me. It’s a song which, I imagine, in our present political chaos expresses how a lot of us feel.”

Listen to ‘You Don’t Speak For Me’, for the first time, here:


‘You Don’t Speak For Me’ is out 21st June via Integrity Records. A limited run of CDs in hand-printed packaging will feature two additional instrumental tracks – ‘Crab Marsh’ and ‘Ysma Kego​ (​Canning Factory)’ – recorded with Cambridge found-sound artist Karsten Koehler (Second Harmonic Generation).

Mari Lane

Premiere: UV – ‘Wilt’

Following support from the PRS Women Make Music Foundation, award-winning artist Marina Elderton – aka UV – has announced her debut EP, along with sharing a bewitching new single.

Co-produced by Knut Jonas Sellevold, ‘Wilt’ offers an hypnotic, ethereal soundscape. As twinkling hooks and tribal beats provide the backdrop for the soaring soul of Elderton’s impassioned vocals, it builds to an anthemic, emotion-strewn slice of alt-pop, with shades of ’90s favourites Portishead. Showcasing the power this promising artist can create, it’s a truly impressive taste of what’s to come on the upcoming EP.

Listen to ‘Wilt’, for the first time, here:


Defender, the debut EP from UV, is out 19th July. And you can catch her live at the launch show at St Pancras Old Church, that evening.

Mari Lane



Premiere: Kerry Devine – ‘Ariel’ (Oscuro Remix)

Having received acclaim from the likes of BBC Radio 2’s Marc Radcliffe and BBC Radio 5 Live, East Anglia artist Kerry Devine (The Baby Seals) has now shared a brand new remix of her captivating single ‘Ariel’.

Using the poetry of the Fenland landscape to inspire her work, Devine captures sounds and conversations to weave beautifully poetic stories, as exemplified in this latest offering. Remixed by fellow East Anglian Oscuro, this version of ‘Ariel’ flows with swooping beats and ethereal chiming hooks accompanying Devine’s soaring, rich vocals. Creating a twinkling, swirling soundscape, it’s a truly dreamy slice of effervescent alt-pop that demands multiple listens.

Of the remix, Oscuro explains:

“I really wanted to create an engaging sonic backdrop to support the vocal, I am always interested in the relationship between vocals and music and like to explore different ways to enhance the meaning of the lyrics with sound choice and processing.”

Watch the euphoric new video for the Oscuro remix of ‘Ariel’, for the first time, here:

‘Ariel’ (Oscuro Remix) is out tomorrow, 14th June, via Trapped Animal Records and Cargo Records UK.

Mari Lane

Premiere: Mia Milla – ‘Little Red House’

Having received acclaim from the likes of The Line Of Best Fit, and having received over 50k streams of her debut single last year, Brighton-based artist Mia Milla has now shared a sparkling new single.

Inspired by Milla’s family’s little red cottage in the forests of Sweden, ‘Little Red House’ flows with glitchy beats as her soaring celestial vocals ooze a majestic, twinkling splendour. An exquisite slice of emotion-strewn alt-pop, this latest offering marks the half Swedish artist out as a definite one to watch.

Of the track, Milla expands:

I wrote the track a really long time ago in my teens, and the inspiration behind it was imagining someone being trapped in a house on their own with a sort of love/hate relationship with being trapped, but also feeling safe from the outside world. The Little Red House is her haven but also her nemesis…

Listen to ‘Little Red House’, for the first time, here:


‘Little Red House’ is released tomorrow, 31st May.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Rosie Powell

Premiere: Beauty Sleep – ‘Rainbow Ballroom’

Beauty Sleep’s liquid sound and lush production have the ability to place them among the pantheon of greats that precede them. Their synth pop radiance is akin to Beach House and Acid House Kings, with interlacing vocal stylings seductive enough for an of Montreal track.

The Belfast trio’s debut LP Be Kind is set to release this month, and upon first listen will easily become your sound of the summer. In fact, the whole release drips like honey from a champagne flute.

According to a statement from the band’s label regarding their genesis: “Beauty Sleep’s music is born of the friendship its three members share,” they detail. “…While chatting, Cheylene, Ryan and Aimee discovered a powerful shared creative bond. Overcome with the rush of inspiration only the prospect of a new project instils, the group decided to seize the moment and focus their energy into forming a new band. Enter the lush dream-pop Beauty Sleep makes today.”

Taking notes from NPR-coined genre Roséwave, their shimmering vocals meld divinely with the twinkling bell tones to create catchy choruses driven by passion. Their sound gets edgy on the track ‘The Feeling Back’ where you can hear distorted guitar and group vocals in the chorus that give a feeling of shouting out into the night with your friends on a rooftop bar.

‘On Repeat’, a soaring beat driven zen overload captures the thrill of a late night “getting lost in the moment”, while keeping the vibe cool enough for an after-club coffee.

Third track, ‘Rainbow Ballroom’ (premiered below!), could easily be a modern interpretation of a Diana Ross hit. The bass funk is apparent in the verses, only to break out into plumes of sound over the chorus using synth pads to fill the sound out infinitely.

‘Lies’ is another breakout track that features the vocalists’ spoken words and airy samples in the intro. This allows the experimentation of the track to really sparkle; downright dirty bass fills carry the morphed vocals and playful lyrics. Another Standout ‘Synthetic Debris’ opens up like a prom slow dance hit from the ’80s. I sensed major deja vu from listening to The Radio Dept. in my teens. It’s quiet and intimate, sparing no details that fill in the detailed background, samples, synths and all.

The band bolsters an electric live sound as well, treating shows and festivals as “a communal celebration of music and dance.”

Beauty Sleep has vivatius and contagious power in their debut LP Be Kind is sure to leave you wanting a blissed out night on the town, slightly tipsy and full of life.

Be Kind, the debut album from Beauty Sleep, is out 17th May. Listen to brand new single ‘Rainbow Ballroom’, for the first time, below:


Luke Janke

Video Premiere: MeMe Detroit – ‘Will You Be My Lie?’

Having received acclaim from the likes of Clash, Louder Than War and BBC Introducing, as well as wowing us more than once with her energy-fuelled live show at The Finsbury, at the end of last year Birmingham’s MeMe Detroit shared her immense new EP Life In The Now. Now, following the EP, she has shared a brand new video for EP track ‘Will You Be My Lie?’.

Filled with gritty blasts of grunge-tinged riffs and the soaring, gravelly snarl of MeMe, ‘Will You Be My Lie?’ is propelled by pounding beats and sweeping melodic hooks that will stick in the ears on first listen. With a gentle romanticism, it soon builds to an anthemic, emotion-fuelled slice of raw rock ‘n’ roll, showcasing once again MeMe’s innovative songwriting skills.

Of the video, MeMe explains:

“Being from an acting background and working with the awesome Dwane Perks, we wanted to treat this video as more of a short film as the song’s story-like structure lent itself to a narrative style of film. ‘Will You Be My Lie’ tells of the reality of infidelity and homes in on the idea of what drives some people to act upon their urges and whether it’s ever worth it.”

Watch the eerily captivating video for ‘Will You Be My Lie?’ here:

  ‘Will You Be My Lie?’ will be re-relased as a double A-side single, alongside a brand new re-mix by producer DantannaBeatz, on 10th May.

Mari Lane