PREMIERE: Saachi Sen – ‘Dark’

Having been a resident artist at Camden’s Roundhouse, and performed at this year’s London Pride event in front of 10,000 people, Mumbai-born, London-grown artist Saachi Sen has now shared her poignant new single.

A song about accepting and celebrating your identity, ‘Dark’ flows with Sen’s beautiful fluid vocals alongside a delicate, twinkling musicality and heartfelt emotion. Building with an impassioned energy, ‘Dark’ showcases this artist’s ability to create stirring alt-pop anthems. Of the track, Sen explains:

From a personal and literal perspective, it’s about my brown skin – but playing it live at events like Pride reminds me that it’s for everyone, whose traits like their race, gender, or sexuality are looked down upon by so many in our society. The song says that though people may treat you differently than others, stereotype you… it’s imperative to remember that who you are is who you are, and you should never apologise for it.

Listen to ‘Dark’, for the first time, below:


‘Dark’ is out tomorrow, 11th October. You can also watch a special live performance of the track here.

Mari Lane

Premiere: Dani Sylvia – ‘Lithium’

Having won the award for Best Songwriter at the Unsigned Music Awards back in 2016, and supported the likes of Craig David and The Feeling live, alt-pop artist Dani Sylvia is now ready to share her catchy new single.

Propelled by glitchy beats and sweeping groove-filled hooks, ‘Lithium’ perfectly showcases Sylvia’s majestic, swooning vocals in an utterly infectious slice of sparkling electro pop. Of the track, she explains:

“‘Lithium’ is about many things; self-sabotage, self-destruction, fear…  But ultimately, hope and knowing that feelings are never permanent. It is about the secrets we keep, bad coping-strategies and the lies we tell to those around us so that they don’t worry about us, preferring to learn how to heal yourself rather than leaning on others. It’s about the place we go to in our minds to face ourselves head-on and fully feel the pain/shame/loneliness/fear. It’s only by doing this alone that we can be ‘found’.


‘Lithium’ is out 27th September via Little Misery Records.

Mari Lane

Premiere: Faultress – ‘Beating Heart’ / ‘Marilyn’

Having just announced her new EP, set for release in November, innovative artist Faultress (an extinct word for a female criminal) explores themes of mental health, power and desire through a female lense. And now we can hear not just one, but two, seductive tasters of the new release.

First up, exploring the role of the human bonding hormone oxytocin, ‘Beating Heart’ flows with crystalline vocals and a dark, gritty energy. As its pulsating, tribal beats whirr with a carnal groove, it builds to a stirring, glitchy anthem oozing a subtle, poignant majesty.


Deconstructing the masculine idea of femininity and inspired by the Hollywood star, ‘Marilyn’ showcases the raw power of Faultress’ vocals perfectly. Propelled by a soaring, visceral energy and soulful splendour, it’s a sparkling and impassioned reflection on being female under the ever-present pressure of the male gaze. Of the track, Faultress explains:

“I read that Marilyn Monroe could ‘turn off’ her persona to such a degree that she could walk through LA with no-one recognising her. After coming out of a gaslighting and controlling relationship, I similarly felt that I was done putting on an act just to feel an approximation of love.”

Watch the compelling brand new video for ‘Marilyn’ here:

Produced by Joshua Davenport, 5 Myths, the upcoming new EP from Faultress, is out 8th November. Catch her live at the following dates:

26th October – Union Chapel, London (supporting Eska and London Contemporary Voices)
8th November – The Laylow, Ladbroke Grove (headline)

Mari Lane

Premiere: Freja Frances – ‘Catching Fire’

Following her debut EP Ghosts back in 2015, Freja Frances is now set to release her debut album next month. Having previously charmed ears at a number of Sofar Sounds gigs, she has now shared a poignant new taster of what to expect from the upcoming release.

Flowing with an emotion-strewn splendour, ‘Catching Fire’ showcases Frances’ talent for creating bewitching soundscapes with a stirring ethereal beauty. A truly heartfelt offering oozing delicate melodies and the majestic subtle power of her vocals, it’s a slice of twinkling folk-pop that will pull at the heart strings in all the right ways. Of the track, Frances explains:

‘Catching Fire’ was the first song I wrote for this album, it sets the theme of a struggle with depression and a difficult relationship. It’s about finding someone who I felt able to relate to in the sense of mental illness for the first time, but also getting scared of the intensity of the relationship and constantly trying to pull away. My feelings at the time were a strange combination of both comfort and danger – we understood each other but we weren’t good for each other.”

Listen to ‘Catching Fire’, for the first time, here:


‘Catching Fire’ is out on Saturday, 31st August. And The Funeral, the upcoming debut album from Freja Frances, is out 13th September via ShimmerSun Music. Catch Freja live at her album launch at The Malborough, Brigton, on on 14th September.

Mari Lane

Premiere: Party Fears – ‘Dog Star’ (Rookes Remix)

What better news of a Thursday than to find out that two of your favourite artists have teamed up for an epic new release… ? And that’s the case today, as we have the honour of sharing the brand new remix of Party Fears‘ track ‘Dog Star’, by electro pioneer Rookes.

With eight years’ live experience under her belt (including two gigs for yours truly!), Rookes is set to release her second EP Liminal later this year, and is known for creating immersive electro-pop soundscapes. Party Fears have also wowed us live, and initially formed in South Korea by Irish native Maggie Devlin. Now Berlin based with co-founder Eilis Frawley, they continue to create their unique, jangling art-pop sounds.

This latest edition of ‘Dog Star’ oozes whirring, glitchy hooks and luscious layers of sound, creating a sweeping, glistening soundscape complete with throbbing bass-lines and showcasing the allure of Devlin’s captivating vocals. Interweaving a range of sonic elements to create an anthemic, majestic wall of sound, the remix adds an eerie, propulsive energy to the already soaring power of the original, leaving you utterly spellbound.

Listen to Rookes’ remix of ‘Dog Star’, for the first time, here:


‘Dog Star’ is out tomorrow 16th August. Make sure you also keep an ear out for Rookes’ upcoming EP, Liminal, and Party Fears’ next single ‘Ok. No Problem’, set for release in early Autumn.

Mari Lane


Premiere: Salvation Jayne – ‘Jayne Doe’

Having exploded into our ears with previous singles ‘Burn It Down’ and ‘Cortez’, alt-rockers Salvation Jayne have now shared a riotous new single.

Inspired by feelings of loneliness, ‘Jayne Doe’ is propelled by immense, thrashing beats and a gritty, whirring scuzz as the raw, impassioned vocals of Chess Smith rage. Fuelled by a frenzied energy and catchy hooks, it builds to a ferocious climax, creating a blazing rock anthem, showcasing the driving power of the band’s live shows.

Listen to ‘Jayne Doe’, for the first time, here:

‘Jayne Doe’ is out 26th July.

Mari Lane

Premiere: Sing Again Syren – ‘Cast Away’

Following last year’s debut ‘Kiss The Preacher’, Newcastle’s Sing Again Syren continue to turn the stereotypical idea of “girl group” on its head and explore their eclectic sound with riotous new single ‘Cast Away’.

Propelled by a raging energy, ‘Cast Away’ is filled with immense swirling riffs and blazing, thrashing beats alongside the soaring power of Eliza Lee’s gritty vocals. Oozing a breathtaking, seething potency, it fuses together the intense classic rock of the likes of Metallica with the fiery attitude of the legendary Joan Jett. A tempestuous, angst-driven wall of sound that marks Sing Again Syren out as a true force to be reckoned with. Of the track, the band expand:

“… the basis of it is in that idea of the proverbial devil on the shoulder, as the first lyric mentions… Really it alludes to the fact it can be so difficult to pin down the causation of negativity but convexly has this positive stance of refusing to be defeated.”


‘Cast Away’ is out tomorrow, 21st June, via Veta Records.

Mari Lane