Premiere: Mags on Earth – ‘The Good Man In Town’

Mags On Earth has now shared the first song and video from her upcoming debut album For What Began By Putney Bridge. Following last year’s EP Girl In The City, it’s a visual album about the journey of coming to terms with the loss of a relationship.

Flowing with twinkling hooks and a majestic, ethereal splendour, new single ‘The Good Man In Town’ fuses together an eclectic range of influences to create a beautifully melancholic, electro-tinged soundscape. A song about coping with being left acknowledging an idealisation of a significant other, it’s propelled by the shimmering emotion of the vocals, alongside glitchy effects; a truly dreamy offering, oozing an eerie aura of resplendent mystery.

Produced by good friend and long time collaborator producer Jose Manuel Cubides, you can stream ‘The Good Man In Town’ below.


For What Began By Putney Bridge, the upcoming debut album from Mags On Earth, is out 16th October.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Fiona Regan

Video Premiere: NUUXS – ‘Laundry’

Following acclaim from the likes of Annie Mac, Clash and BBC Introducing for 2019’s Redtape Mixtape, London-based artist NUUXS has now shared a vibrant new video.

Propelled by a soulful, sparkling energy, ‘Laundry’ offers a poignant reflection on the domestic pressures that many in society face. Flowing with a shimmering heartfelt groove, danceable glitchy beats and luscious sultry vocals, it’s an uplifting sun-strewn slice of alt-pop. Of the track, NUUXS explains:

Having observed my mum, the once vivacious ballerina, turn into a very tired woman with severe back pains from all the heavy duty washing she was doing, I could see why some might turn to alcohol as a form of solace. So I guess this song is me being pissed off with how society can be, and how the government can be. This is the time more than ever that we should see community being at the forefront of leadership.

‘Laundry’ is accompanied by an artfully created kaleidoscopic new video, hand-painted by animator Charlie Cross. Speaking more about the video, NUUXS expands:

“… it’s inspired by the metaphorical concept for ‘Laundry’, including the idea of “stress is a killer” being shown in the bloodstream and the countdown on the actual washing machine itself representing “the pressure is on”, referring to the pressures of life as we know it.”

Watch the new video for ‘Laundry’ now:

‘Laundry’ is the 3rd single from NUUXS’ forthcoming debut album Heirloom.


Mari Lane

Video Premiere: Jessica Faroe – ‘Beautiful’

Having first started performing when she was just seven, and having lived all over the world, following 2017’s Awaken EP, London-based artist Jessica Faroe has now shared a brand new single.

A step away from the metal-inspired sounds of her last EP, ‘Beautiful’ is propelled by glitchy beats as synth-soaked melodies soar alongside the luscious sweeping power of Faroe’s vocals. Seeking to inspire others to free themselves from damaging internalised hatred and encourage healing through self love and acceptance, the track oozes an uplifting and poignant message of positivity. Bathed in a soulful splendour, it’s a beautifully glistening slice of empowering alt-pop. Of the track, Faroe expands:

What frightens me is the thought that there are so many others in this world who probably have the exact same thoughts as me about themselves – ‘I’m not attractive enough’ ‘I’m not good enough’ ‘I’m not capable enough’ etc. So I decided to write a song not just for myself, but for all who are suffering out there silently.

‘Beautiful’ was written at the beginning of the year, recorded at home during lockdown, and is accompanied by a touching new video, featuring various people with messages of what being “beautiful” means to them. Watch it here for the first time:

‘Beautiful’ is out now. Listen on Spotify. 


Mari Lane

Video Premiere: LibraLibra – ‘Listerine’

With support from the likes of Radio X, BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio, Brighton-based LibraLibra have been firm favourites of GIHE for some time now, never ceasing to impress. Having just released their debut EP, they have now shared a brand new video for poignant EP closer ‘Listerine’.

A step away from the usual high energy riotous cacophonies of previous releases, ‘Listerine’ reflects on lingering painful memories. Showcasing the incredible soaring splendour and versatility of front woman Beth Cannon’s vocals with an almost operatic force, the track oozes a  glistening soulful majesty, creating a striking cinematic soundscape. With blissful twinkling keys providing the backdrop to Beth’s vocals, it’s filled with poignant, reflective lyricism as a raw, emotion-strewn power builds to a magnificent, immense anthem of self-realisation. Exuding an exquisite effervescent beauty and starkly stirring sentiment, it will sweep you off your feet with its spellbinding melancholic grandeur.

Of the track, Beth explains:

It’s for anyone who can’t get rid of that bad taste in their mouth. A taste that haunts you, that makes you wanna scrub your mouth out with soap. Originally I wrote this to try and explain the meaning behind the song: There is this scene in the film ‘Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind’ by Micheal Gondry where Jim Carey’s memories are in the mist of being erased and he’s a child trying to hide from the erasure process with his memory of Kate Winslet as a kid and they are scared and they are running whilst the world collapses around them. ‘Listerine’ is built around the concept of wanting to go back and protect the younger you, to take their hand when their world is crumbling around them and tell them everything is going to be ok. Together we can run and together we will conquer even the darkest days. It’s a song of reflection and hindsight and like ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ reminds us when it comes down to it even the most painful memories make us who we are. Now this still rings true but at 4.44am I’m lying here wanting to say more, but I can’t, not right now, the wounds are too deep, the pain is still so real and so raw even 17 years later, I can’t find the words to explain, it’s only through the music that I can find some sense of meaning and for me it provides a melancholic moment of hope.”

Watch the beautifully hand made new video for ‘Listerine’, created by Patrick Mcnaught, now:

Hail Mary, the debut EP from LibraLibra, is out now via LibraLibra Records. Listen on Spotify now.

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