Premiere: Scrounge – ‘Crimson’

As any regular readers/listeners of GIHE will be aware, we’ve been huge fans of South London duo Luke and Lucy – aka Scrounge – for a while now. Ever since they completely blew us away with their epically energy-fuelled set at one of our gigs at The Windmill last summer, we’ve been struggling to put into words just how impressive we find their refreshingly original sound. Now, following last year’s edgy single ‘Etch’ and sharing stages with the likes of Desperate Journalist and Phobophobes, Scrounge return to blast into our ears with the furious power of a brand new offering.

Propelled by Luke’s intense pummelling beats and Lucy’s trademark gritty snarl, ‘Crimson’ creates a frenzied swirl of sound that’ll wrap itself around you with a racing sense of urgency. With shades of the soaring majesty of Sonic Youth, whilst retaining the duo’s utterly unique and colossal genre-blending sound, ‘Crimson’ offers a wonderfully discordant whirring cacophony that builds with an immense power at break-neck force to a truly breathtaking climax. Of the track, the band explain:

‘Crimson’ is about the mythologies that one builds up around oneself, and what happens when those mythologies rub up against reality and their flaws are exposed. We recorded it in an afternoon with our mate Mark in South Bermondsey, writing and rewriting the lyrics as we played, and worked hard to channel the disorientating feelings. Confusion and loss are at the heart of the enterprise…

Produced and mixed by Mark Estall at Marketstall Recording, listen to ‘Crimson’ for the first time here:


‘Crimson’ is out now and you can catch Scrounge live (which we STRONGLY RECOMMEND!) at the following dates:

13th February – The Waiting Room, Stoke Newington (with Unhappybirthday)
21st February – Hare & Hounds, Brighton (Club Fugly with Currls)
8th March – The Finsbury, London (for yours truly Get In Her Ears!)
30th March – Bang On Fest, Berlin

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Video Premiere: Calista Kazuko – ‘Sweet Jailbird’

Having studied at London’s Royal Academy, and received acclaim from the likes of Sir George Martin, with tracks of hers being used by Stella McCartney as catwalk openers, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Calista Kazuko is now set to release her debut album next Spring.

Taken from the album, ‘Sweet Jailbird’ follows previous single ‘Press Stop & Rewind’ and showcases Kazuko at her most theatrical. Written in collaboration with Elliot James Frisby, the track oozes a dark aura as bluesy hooks flow, building with a cinematic grandeur to showcase the full soulful power of Calista’s vocals. With a playful spirit, she fuses together a nostalgic jazz-infused musicality with a unique, gritty edge. A truly majestic offering from this sophisticated and innovative artist.

Made with film-maker Philip Reinking, the beautifully shot and subtly haunting new video for ‘Sweet Jailbird’ is out now. Watch it here:

Calista Kazuko’s debut album Empress is out Spring 2019. Pre-order here.

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Premiere: Chorusgirl – ‘Demon Baby’

Following 2015’s wonderful self-titled debut, GIHE faves Chorusgirl have now announced their long-awaited new album Shimmer And Spin, and we couldn’t be happier for them. Chronicling a tense year, created during a period of crippling anxiety and a relentless string of bad luck and bad news, the new album is the result of immense hard work and dedication from Silvi, Faith, Udo and Michael.

Taken from the album, the band have now shared brand new track ‘Demon Baby’. Inspired by those all too common feelings of anxiety and isolation, it’s the first song of the band’s to be released featuring Faith Taylor on lead vocals. As a massive fan of her other band Suggested Friends, it’s wonderful to hear Taylor’s distinctive, rich vocals shine through on this one, propelled by Chorusgirl’s trademark shimmering sounds.

A slight change in tone from the usually guitar-driven jangly indie of Chorusgirl, ‘Demon Baby’ combines that welcome scuzzy whirr of hooks with a backdrop of a glitchy, electronic soundscape, filled with sparkling effects and luscious cascading harmonies. As Taylor’s exquisite vocals float effortlessly along with a raw emotion, you could almost be transported to the soundtrack of an ’80s teen drama (which is never a bad thing!); though, alongside those fuzzy nostalgic vibes, it manages to retain Chorusgirl’s unique sense of dreamy, effervescent melancholy. A beautifully stirring and reflective offering, ‘Demon Baby’ still ultimately manages to uplift the spirit with the soaring, glistening haze that this band are consistently able to create.

Of the track, the band explain:

“It is about pathologising your own unhappiness when you lack genuine emotional support in your life. The song talks about running away, reinventing yourself, and policing your sense of discontent and isolation because you don’t think you deserve more.”

Listen to ‘Demon Baby’, for the first time here:


Shimmer And Spin, the new album from Chorusgirl, is out 16th November via Reckless Yes. Catch Chorusgirl live at their album launch show tonight (9th November) at The Victoria, and at the following dates:

16th November: Nottingham, Rough Trade
17th November: Sheffield, Audacious Art Experiment
18th November: Newcastle, Head of Steam
19th November: Glasgow, Broadcast
21st November: Oxford, Common Ground
22nd November: Bristol, Hydra Cafe
23rd November: Coventry, The Tin
11th January 2019: London, The Finsbury (for Get In Her Ears!)

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Video Premiere: MALMØ – ‘The Way’ (feat. Eivør)

Following captivating singles such as ‘You’ and ‘We Come From The Stars’, Danish five piece MALMØ have now teamed up with acclaimed Faroese artist Eivør (Game of Thrones, God of War, The Last Kingdom) for latest offering ‘The Way’, and we’re happy to host the first watch of the accompanying brand new video.

Flowing with a haunting ethereal splendour, ‘The Way’ is a sweeping, majestic soundscape that builds with tribal beats and the soaring power of Maria Malmoe’s rich vocals. With shades of the other-worldly aura of Bjork, cinematic sounds are accompanied by eerily captivating visuals, resulting in an exquisite, impassioned offering oozing its own unique resplendent grandeur and raw emotion. Of the track, Maria explains:

“The Way is about getting lost in the woods and finding your way through the wild. Ancient voices and tribal drums echo in the deep. You want to run and run without knowing where you͛re headed. There it is, my way – curvy and unknown but mine to follow. I leap off on the first step.”

Directed by videographer Michelle Berg and choreographed by Laura Feline Ebbesen, watch the brand new video for ‘The Way’ here:

‘The Way’ is taken from MALMØ’s recently released debut album We Come From The Stars.

Mari Lane

Premiere: Piney Gir – ‘Dreamcatcher’

Currently working on album number seven, Kansas-born London-based artist Piney Gir has now shared a wonderfully uplifting new offering.

Inspired by taking risks and living life on the edge, ‘Dreamcatcher’ is propelled by swirling, uptempo melodies interwoven with funk-fuelled beats, creating a truly glorious slice of psychedelic art-pop. Filled with Piney Gir’s rich, luscious vocals alongside layers of shimmering orchestration – including groovy blasts of saxophone (courtesy of Sweet Baboo) – it combines sunny, nostalgic surf-rock vibes with its own fresh energy, oozing an effervescent glow that’ll make you want to get up and follow your dreams immediately. A perfect motivational anthem.

Of the track, Piney Gir explains:

I wrote Dreamcatcher when I was in a dark place, it seemed like absolutely everything had gone wrong… Outwardly I was projecting the usual cheery Piney because that’s what everyone expects from me, but I was the lowest of the low; the lowest I’ve ever been, pretending to be happy was making that isolation even worse.  The only way I know how to cope with that emotion is to channel it into something creative and my default setting is hopeful, I am always looking for the silver lining no mater how dark the clouds are…Music is my mental health stabiliser, I feel very lucky to have it as an outlet.”

Featuring members of Gaz Coombes’ band, as well as Tom Greenhalf (Man Without Country) and Sweet Baboo, ‘Dreamcatcher’ is out 12th October.


As well as having music as an outlet, it seems Piney Gir is a woman of many talents, being set to release her own punk zine recipe book this month. A solution to late night trips to the chippy after gigging, rehearsing, or general music-related activities, ‘Drunk Cookery’ is the perfect companion for any of us indie rock chicks who also want to eat well!

 Catch Piney Gir live (singing or cooking) at the following dates:

4th October – Truck Records instore, Oxford
10th October – Drunk Cookery demonstration – We Built This City shop, London
15th October – Sebright Arms, London (headline show)
20th October – Ritual Union Festival, O2 Academy, Oxford


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Premiere: Alice Robinson – ‘Rise’

Having already charmed crowds at a number of Irish festivals including Carrickmacross Arts Festival and Gothic Species Festival, Louth-based artist Alice Robinson is now ready to share her spellbinding debut single.

Exploring the theme of inequality in modern society, ‘Rise’ oozes an overwhelming, stirring emotion. Flowing with twinkling hooks and Robinson’s soaring, cinematic vocals, it’s driven by a subtle, haunting power and grandiose ethereal aura. Bringing to mind the beguiling musicality of the likes of Tori Amos or PJ Harvey, ‘Rise’ is an epic, and truly immersive, debut from the Irish songwriter.

Watch the surreal new video for ‘Rise’ here:

Catch Alice Robinson live at Fibber Magees, Dublin on 29th November.

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Premiere: Twist Helix – ‘Newcastle’

Following dynamic single ‘Graphite’, indie-electro trio Twist Helix have now shared another bold offering from their upcoming album Ouseburn. 

An ode to the band’s industrial hometown, ‘Newcastle’ flows with twinkling keys as the emotion-strewn vocals of frontwoman Bea Garcia soar. Propelled by ’80s-reminiscent vibes and luscious, electro-driven layers of sound, it’s an anthemic offering that builds with a stirring majesty. Interweaving a raw, impassioned power with catchy, uplifting hooks, it’s a truly euphoric slice of dreamy alt-pop.

Of the track, the band explain:

As a group we were tired of cliches of industrial decline, on ‘Newcastle’ we wanted to give a different vision of “The North”. We wanted to capture a feeling of optimism and possibility about our region and portray a city and its people rising like a phoenix from the ashes of industry.”

Listen to ‘Newcastle’, for the first time, here:


Ouseburn, the upcoming album from Twist Helix, is out on 5th October via Paul Black Music.

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