PREMIERE: Alice SK – ‘Another Girl’s Man’

Following collaborations with Muca (L.A Salami, Los Bitchos) and Bossa Nova legend Roberto Menescal, songwriter Alice SK has now announced her debut EP, set for release later this year, and today shares the poignant first single.

Reflecting on feelings of love turning sour and the self-destructive tendencies this can evoke, ‘Another Girl’s Man’ combines lilting, blues-infused melodies with folk-strewn gentle strumming; a perfect musical soundscape providing the backdrop for Alice’s sweeping, emotion-rich vocals. Oozing a sparkling grace and soulful splendour, it’s a twinkling heartfelt ballad that’ll soothe the ears and calm the mind with its stirring, effervescent charm.

‘Another Girl’s Man’ is produced by Muca. Of the collaboration, Alice SK comments:

“I’ve been writing for years and it never really crossed my mind to get involved with others on the writing side of things; but when I heard a few of Muca’s other projects and his ideas for the demos that I showed him, I thought it could be a great combination of our two sounds and I’m hoping that that comes across in the tracks too.”

Listen to ‘Another’s Girl’s Man’ for the first time here:

‘Another Girl’s Man’ is out tomorrow, 15th July, and is taken from Alice SK’s upcoming debut EP, set for release later this year.

Mari Lane

Video Premiere: Bugeye – ‘Don’t Stop’ (Feral Five Reset Remix)

Celebrating the first anniversary of their incredible debut album Ready Steady Bang, GIHE faves Bugeye have collaborated with some of the UK’s most creative DJs, producers, and bands to cook up an exciting charity remix album, kicking off with newly refreshed single ‘Don’t Stop’, remixed by Feral Five.

The electro duo have brilliantly drawn out the synth tingles and stomping beat of the original track, propelling ‘Don’t Stop’ into the realms of a club banger; all glittering tambourines and charged guitar licks.

Of the collaboration, Feral Five explain: “We love Bugeye! Ready Steady Bang is an absolute instant classic album. The chance to get our hands on one of the tunes and Feralize the freak out of it was irresistible”. ‘Feralized’ is an apt descriptor; Angela Martin’s formidable vocals have been perfectly spliced up into a commanding siren call to the dance-floor, ramping up the sparkly beats of electro whilst highlighting the song’s grunge-fuelled rock roots.

If an album of reinvented tunes wasn’t enough, all profits of the remixes will be donated to Newham charity The Magpie Project, fighting against mother and child homelessness. Angela from Bugeye explains: “Our debut album is very dear to our hearts so being able to explore new possibilities across a number of genres was dead exciting to us. We feel blown away that so many talented people wanted to work with us too. Being able to do this for a Newham charity was very important. Paula and I grew up there. It was, and still is a very poor area, one of the poorest in the UK. We know we’re not going to change the world with just one remix album, but if we can help even a single family sleep safe and sound at night, we will have achieved something incredible“.

Accompanying the ‘Don’t Stop’ remix is psychedelic brand new video. Artfully constructed with vibrant, trippy imagery, it’s a perfect visualisation of the track’s swirling euphoric energy; a completely immersive experience for eyes and ears alike. Watch the video, for the first time, here:

 Ready Steady Remix, the new remixed album from Bugeye, is set for release 9th July, and also features remixes from the likes of Robyn and The Maw Experiment, amongst many more. Pre-order from bandcamp or pre-save here.

Leonie Bellini

Photo Credit: Keira Cullinane

PREMIERE: Bellatrix – ‘Bad Love’

With previous support from the likes of Clash and Wonderland magazine, former beat-box world champion (what a feat!) and proudly queer artist Bellatrix has now announced the release of a new EP. Taken from the EP, today they have shared a brand new single.

Propelled by glitchy hooks and a gritty, sensuous energy, ‘Bad Love’ showcases Bellatrix’s sweeping, impassioned vocals whilst oozing shimmering, blissful vibes with shades of pop legend SOPHIE. A scuzzed-out slice of infectious electro-pop reflecting on self-discovery and emotional growth, it sparkles with a fierce empowering drive, instantly demanding multiple listens. Of the inspiration behind the track, Bellatrix explains:

“‘Bad Love’ is a realisation, and really I think it does what it says on the tin. I remember being sat in circle with my women’s group – a candle lit circle of 15 witches – and saying ‘I’ve realised that I’m in an abusive relationship, and at the moment I can’t see the way out…’ There was a calmness in finally being able to be completely honest with myself about my situation. I knew that the storm would have to come, but for the minute I could just look at things as they were, and see them. Wow what a mess I had found myself in.

Listen to ‘Bad Love’, for the first time, here:

‘Bad Love’ is out tomorrow 1st July, And I Was An Aphid, the upcoming new EP from Bellatrix, is set for release later this year.

Mari Lane


Feminist LGBTQIA+ electro-pop duo CRISP&CLASSY (aka producer Kat Knix and singer-songwriter Plushy) pride themselves on bringing sexual liberation and self-acceptance to the UK pop scene. Now, having captured our attention earlier this year with vibrant dance-floor anthem, ‘Basic‘ – a collaboration with GIHE fave Rookes – they have shared a brand new euphoric offering.

Oozing all the sumptuous summer vibes and colourful energy you could ever desire, ‘Boom Bay’ fuses together an eclectic palette of genres to create something wonderfully uplifting. Interweaving funk-fuelled Raggeton beats with synth-driven soundscapes as sensuous vocals exude an empowering lyricism, it’s impossible not to become utterly immersed in its blissful, sassy splendour and sparkling, soulful drive. Celebrating self-love and our connection with each other (“Self love is my husband / Confidence is my cousin”), ‘Boom Bay’ is the place to be: a sunny, sonic delight that will exhilarate and inspire; “a utopian luxury resort where everyone is welcome. Here you can be whoever you want to be; express yourself in any way you desire.” 

Treat your ears to ‘Boom Bay’, for the first time, here:

Find out more about CRISP&CLASSY and the new single in the interview below:

Hi, CRISP&CLASSY, welcome to Get In Her Ears! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?
We are a LGBTQ & Feminist musical love affair comprised of Scandinavian producer Kat Knix and Transylvanian songwriter Plushy. Our mission is breaking preconceptions and speaking about the unspoken. Our love for diversity and desire to break free is universal and gets translated through our iconic bops. CRISP&CLASSY is a spoiled and ignorant child; always in your face, screaming their lungs out to be heard. Because every day is riot day!

How did you initially decide to start creating music together?
Kat Knix was a proper indie rock chick in her teenage years back in Stockholm, while Plushy worshipped the pop divas and joined R’n’B dance classes in Transylvania. We met in London in 2013. Plushy was still a music student at that point and Kat was a part time DJ, so music made us bond. It was only after a few years of failing to write anything good together because of too many bottles of wine, when Kat asked Plushy to be her backing vocalist on her solo project. After performing together under Kat Knix, they eventually decided to officially unite their forces and create something never seen before. And CRISP&CLASSY was born. Mixing our music backgrounds, CRISP&CLASSY is a marriage between electronic synths, pop hooks, and dance and reggaeton beats. Both of us being ’90s kids, CRISP&CLASSY naturally carries a twisted ’90s sound, inspired by queens such as Janet Jackson and Madonna.

You’re about to release your euphoric new single ‘Boom Bay’. Can you tell us a bit about what inspired this track? Are there any particular themes running throughout it? 
The first idea for ‘Boom Bay’ came from Kat last Spring. Plushy was working out in Hackney Marshes and got sent a voice memo from Kat: “I made a beat and we should make it a song inspired by an ’80s aerobic tape with a matching video…” Eventually the concept kind of travelled from there to being an anthem of self love, and we started imagining this video where the water element in the production would be visually mirrored. We imagined it to be the perfect combination between Kat’s reggaeton beats and Plushy’s New York voguing chords over the chorus. ‘Boom Bay’ is a utopian luxury retreat in the CRISP&CLASSY world where everyone is welcome. Here we celebrate ourselves and one another. 

The track follows your epic collaboration with GIHE fave Rookes on vibrant single ‘Basic’ earlier this year – how did this collaboration come about? And how was it working with Rookes? 
Rookes pitched us the idea on a drunken night out and we simply had to join in! After several Zooms discussing the concept and Kat spending time on the production, we met up in the studio and recorded the lyrics that glued the track together, and eventually became the main concept! Rookes has taught us a lot. She is a veteran in the music industry and has not only mentored us, but also opened so many doors. Working with her was a lot of fun and we thank her for the love during our drunken wild Zoom meets! 

And you have a debut album set for release later this year, which is very exciting! Can you tell us any more about this? 
Fried Futuristic Electric guitars and Luxury Alien Spit in a glass by the beach – that’s all we have to say. You will be completely infatuated once you’ll be blessed with it! And a music video for ‘Boom Bay’ will be released along with the album, stay tuned!

How have you been connecting with your audience and other musicians during the pandemic?
Our community of amazing creative people in all areas has made us feel extremely loved. We were so lucky to shoot our ‘Boom Bay’ music video during the pandemic, and worked with incredibly talented people. So many musicians made a lot of music during the pandemic, and we’ve kept our people close. We’ve also started C&C TV on our YouTube channel, for our fans to still be able to escape to the CRISP&CLASSY world, as gigs have been out of the question for quite some time. On C&C TV we are completely letting go; ridiculing ourselves while celebrating our love for ’90s cooking shows and make-up tutorials. 

And has there been anything/anyone specific that has been inspiring you, or helping to motivate you, throughout these strange times? 
Creativity has been like therapy for us during the pandemic, and we’re so glad that we can always turn to each other for unlimited love and encouragement; especially during these hard times. Plushy was very happy Lady Gaga dropped an album during the pandemic. He is also continuously obsessed with Bree Runway who’s helped him make it through. Kat has become a true yogi, and the pandemic has made her realise she can’t live without gong baths! Hanging out with drag queen extraordinaires like Miss Dylan and Styled By Voodka has certainly lifted our spirits during the pandemic. And on the other hand, the pandemic has made us less distracted. As we both are restless souls and suffer from serious FOMO! 

Of course, we’re all missing live music at the moment, and understandably all have quite mixed feelings about the return of events. But do you have any tentative plans for any gigs coming up in the near future? 
We can’t wait to get back into gig life in the fall! London shows are coming up soon, so y’all better get ready!

And what can fans expect from your live show? 
The CRISP&CLASSY World is a safe haven, where you can be yourself and let your hair down, like treating yourself to a relaxing day at the beach. When the sun sets, you take your restless oozing body to a nearby bar. That’s where we will be, soothing your sunburn with our uplifting beats and nasty lyrics. And there you are; feeling yourself becoming one with the CRISP&CLASSY world, and you’ll never want to leave!

Finally, as we’re a new music focused site, are there any other upcoming bands or artists that you’d recommend we check out?
Our friend Arnie Wrong’s club nostalgia songs will put words on your heart ache, while getting you back on your feet and feel your most powerful ever! She just released her new tune ‘Strange Love’, defo a must listen!

Massive thanks to CRISP&CLASSY for answering our questions!

‘Boom Bay’ is out tomorrow 25th June. And it’ll be followed by an iconic music video directed and produced by BAFTA Awarded Scholars Leo Lebeau and James Bell, plus the release of CRISP&CLASSY’s debut album, Xtra Crispy, at the end of the summer.

Mari Lane