Having formed back in 2016 at Pink Noise Girls Rock Camp and since shared stages with the likes of Courtney Barnett and L.A. Witch, Vienna trio DIVES have recently received acclaim for their beautiful recent session for NPR, and have now announced the release of their upcoming new album, following 2019’s debut Teenage Years Are Over.

Taken from the album, brand new single ‘Say‘ reflects on repeated patterns of behaviour in relationships, as it flows with a wonderfully scuzzy allure and rich, honey-sweet vocals. With shades of the sparkling zest of Alvvays or Lunar Vacation, a luscious slice of fuzz-filled surf-rock is created, propelled by jangly hooks and a shimmering lilting musicality. Instantly catchy, and impossibly uplifting, ‘Say’ offers a perfectly blissful end-of-summer anthem, glistening with a rippling sunny energy and immersive effervescent haze.

Of the track, the band explain:

It’s about going in circles with one person over and over again, discussing the same topics, and reaching the limits of the relationship as you realize you can’t get out of the cycle even though you like each other so much.”

Watch/listen to ‘Say’ for the first time below:

‘Say’ will be available on all streaming platforms from tomorrow, 1st September. And Wanna Take You There, the upcoming second album from DIVES, is set for release 14th October via Siluh Records.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Marie Haefner

Video Premiere: Electric Pets – ‘That Way’

Having previously received acclaim for their debut single ‘Don’t Leave Me’ from the likes of BBC Introducing, Emma Buckley, Phil Wagg, Adam Grace and Pete Darrington – aka Electric Pets – have now announced that their debut EP is set for release later this month, and have shared a heartfelt new video.

With Buckley’s raw, impassioned vocals accompanied by a gritty scuzz-strewn musicality, ‘That Way‘ builds with a fierce emotion to an empowering anthem of self love and a two fingers up to society’s expectations of what we should be. Propelled by a jangly, lilting energy, an immersive, intimate tone soon gathers pace and intensity to create a catchy slice of garage-infused rock, oozing a bold swagger. Of the track, Buckley explains:

“You could say ‘That Way’ is my autobiographical f**k you to the music industry. I spent so long being too much of something to someone and not enough of the same thing for someone else. I needed to remind myself who I was. This song is for all the people that never quite fit in, the ones who never quite felt good enough. A reminder to unapologetically love yourself.

‘That Way’ is accompanied by stirring new video, featuring artfully filmed footage of the band glistening with a sparkling allure. Watch it for the first time here:

Rhinoceros, the debut EP from Electric Pets, is set for release on 19th August via Reckless Yes.

Mari Lane

Video Premiere: Currls – ‘Honey’

Having previously wowed us with their colourful charisma live at The Victoria last year, Brighton’s Currls have been receiving acclaim from the likes of Huw Stephens and BBC Introducing’s Melita Dennett, and most recently were featured on the Glastonbury 2022 Emerging Talent long-list. Now, having announced that their debut album will be set for release this November, the band have shared an uplifting new single.

A colourful ode to female friendship and owning your own unique individuality, ‘Honey‘ is propelled by an empowering energy as lilting, catchy hooks flow alongside frenzied beats and unifying, singalong refrains. And, as the soaring, soulful vocals of front person Holly take the lead, an enlivening dose of twinkling, scuzz-filled garage-rock is created; an energising and compelling anthem of self-love that’ll motivate and inspire on first listen.

‘Honey’ is accompanied by a vibrant, DIY video showcasing femmes coming together to celebrate each other and themselves. The perfect, sparkling energy-boost you need on during this lethargic heat wave.

Watch the video, for the first time, here:

Hello, My Name Is, the upcoming debut album from Currls, is set for release on 11th November.

Mari Lane

PREMIERE: Greenness – ‘Destroy / Enjoy’

Following the release of two EPs and acclaim from the likes of BBC Introducing and BBC Radio Sussex, Brighton-based Anglo-French duo Cécile Frangi and Graham Pratt – aka Greenness – have now announced the release of their debut full-length album and shared the first taster from the collection.

A poignant reflection on the ongoing paradox of humanity in chaos as nature continues to bloom, ‘Destroy / Enjoy’ offers a beautifully ethereal soundscape. As twinkling hooks sparkle alongside Frangi’s rich, crystalline vocals, it ripples with a lilting musicality and heartfelt emotion, shimmering with a captivating grace, as comforting pastoral images are evoked in the mind of the listener. With a glistening, folk-strewn allure reminiscent of This Is The Kit, this latest offering from Greenness showcases the duo’s ability to create something utterly exquisite; ‘Destroy / Enjoy’ bathes delicately in its refined otherworldly charm, whilst immersing us completely in its blissful majesty.

Of the track, the band explain:

“‘Destroy / Enjoy’ is about using positive energy to shake off tired old systems and embracing this beautiful, natural world”

Sunrooms, the debut album from Greenness, is set for release on 20th May via Cécile Frangi’s own label One Fern Records. Catch the duo live on 24th March at The Folklore Rooms, Brighton (raising money for Warchild).

Mari Lane