Track Of The Day: deep tan – ‘tamu’s yiffing refuge’

Following the recent release of their stirring, and utterly unique, EP creeping speedwells, East London trio Wafah, Celeste and Lucy – aka deep tan – return with a special one-off single taken from the label Speedy Wunderground’s new compilation.

‘tamu’s yiffing refuge‘ is as strangely kinky as the name would suggest. An explicit tale of furry hedonism, it’s propelled by a quirky, chaotic energy, as fuzzed-out hooks fizz and glitchy whirring beats keep the pace. Maintaining all the immersive, seductive allure that we’ve come to know and love from the band, this latest offering oozes an added dark, psychedelic haze and frenzied post-punk drive reminiscent of the likes of legends The Slits. With a light touch of subtle tongue-in-cheek wit, the result is a truly mystical, compelling soundscape that’ll peculiarly entice you into its swirling, fur-filled cacophony. Of the track, the band explain:

“… it’s a story of furry lust. A furries convention has hit town and at an afterparty at a nearby hotel (hosted by tamu himself) there are scenes of unbridled hedonism unmatched since the days of Freddie Mercury’s legendary parties at New Orleans’ Fairmont Hotel..

(For those who don’t know, ‘Furries’ are a community of people who dress up in animal costumes as a hobby who meet up IRL and online as their ‘fursonas’… You learn something new every day.)

‘tamu’s yiffing refuge’ is accompanied by a bizarre new video that is every bit as trippy as you would expect… If witnessing the mischief and carnal desires of human-sized bunnies is your vibe, then you’re in for a treat!

‘tamu’s yiffing refuge’ is taken from Speedy Wunderground‘s fourth singles compilation – Speedy Wunderground – Year 4 – which is out now and also features tracks from black midi, Squid and Alex Kapranos.

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Death Valley Girls – ‘It’s All Really Kind Of Amazing’

Following scuzzy recent single ‘Sanitarium Blues’ and the re-release of their immense album Street Venom, LA ‘dystopian punk’ band (and GIHE faves) Death Valley Girls return with a surprisingly uplifting treat for our ears.

Stand alone single ‘It’s All Really Kind Of Amazing‘ offers a swift glimpse of positivity as twinkling, psychedelic keys chime alongside the gritty twang of guitar. As the raw, impassioned splendour of Bonnie Bloomgarden’s vocals soars throughout, it seems to be slightly less doom-laden in tone than previous offerings, but is no less stirring. Oozing a shimmering, trippy allure and swirling, vibrant energy reminiscent of The Kinks’ ‘Sunny Afternoon’, ‘It’s All Really Kind Of Amazing’ immerses the listener in its glistening euphoric haze, reminding us to relish those rare moments of beauty that can keep us going through challenging times. A truly majestic sonic escape from the frequent struggles of reality; a mystically captivating retreat for the ears and mind.

Of the track, Bloomgarden explains:

Being in a body, experiencing reality as a human, is endlessly challenging. There’s so much darkness, suffering, sorrow, and division, it’s hard to get past. Sometimes, and often for too long, I just stay in the darkness, forgetting there’s anything else. And then sometimes, my guides remind me to look around, sometimes, just look around, at this Earth, at its infinite beauty and intricacy, and simplicity, and sometimes I can feel it, that it’s all really kind of amazing.” 

‘It’s All Really Kind Of Amazing’ is accompanied by a beautifully hallucinogenic video, created by Bradley Hale. Have a watch now:

‘It’s All Really Kind Of Amazing’ is out now via Suicide Squeeze.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: The Little Ghost/Kelsey Hart

WATCH: Maria Uzor – ‘Donuts’

Having been massive fans of Norwich duo Sink Ya Teeth for a number of years now, we’re super excited to hear that vocalist and songwriter Maria Uzor has now released her debut solo EP. Written in a corner of her living room during the winter lockdown last year, Innocence and Worldliness fuses together an eclectic range of influences, aiming to ooze only the most positive of vibes. Of writing the EP, Maria explains:

I didn’t realise the extent to which I’d shut down parts of myself in order to function in a world where I didn’t see myself reflected back. And I didn’t realise the damage that shutting down had done until I had the time to step back and process it. The pandemic has been a great opportunity for healing for me, and a chance to re-evaluate who I am and who I need to surround myself with. I wrote the EP as a response to that. I wanted to acknowledge the journey I was on,and I wanted to create something that spoke to the emergence of a more positive sense of self. This EP is definitely forward-looking.”

To celebrate the EP’s release, and following her exquisite last single ‘Innocence‘, Maria has now shared a brand new video for EP track ‘Donuts‘. Propelled by a swirling, glitchy energy and whirring, otherworldly allure, it showcases her sweeping, sultry vocals as the playful refrain of “Mama needs her donuts…” lodges itself firmly in the ears. Oozing throbbing beats and fizzing electro-driven hooks, it’s a wonderfully immersive sonic fusion. A perfectly blissful cacophony that will take you on a rainbow-tinted trip into space; an enthralling slice of psych-tinged euphoria from this truly innovative artist.

Of the track, Maria adds: “‘Donuts’ is like an ode to spending time in your own company; being able to shut the door and kick back with your belly out.

So, grab some pastries, sit back, and immerse yourself in the trippy, colourful haze of the new video for ‘Donuts’ now:

Make sure you check out Maria Uzor’s new EP, Innocence and Worldliness, which is out today. Buy the digital album, or a special limited edition 12″ vinyl from bandcamp now.

Mari Lane

WATCH: Tropical Fuck Storm – ‘New Romeo Agent’

Following recent single ‘G.A.F.F’, Australian band Tropical Fuck Storm have now announced their upcoming new album, Deep States, set for release next month. And, ahead of the album’s release, they have now shared another characteristically kooky new single.

A reflection on human-alien relationships, as inspired by Octavia Butler’s short story Amnesty, ‘New Romeo Agent’ oozes a mystical, other-worldly allure as glitchy beats pulse alongside the sweeping, sultry vocals of Erica Dunn. Offering a whirring cacophony fuelled by a quirky, colourful charisma, it flows with a sparkling, ethereal splendour, creating a welcome break from reality. A swirling, spellbinding sonic tonic.

Of the track, the band Dunn expands:

Our love & death tragedy-ballad kicks off in the aftermath of Octavia Butler’s short story Amnesty where a translator for the human race infiltrates an alien community Cold War Romeo agent style. Sent to collect secrets and glean intelligence, against all odds, the undercover spy falls in love. As our human/alien inamorates connect in an intimate new language, they decide to make a run for it. We glimpse an oasis of hope in defiance of the violence and backstabbery of their masters. We imagine a tropical island of romance in an icy sea devoid of solar warmth. We look back on the spinning wheel of progress and feel that all the desperation, despair and heartache of the past could finally be worth it for this moment, a conquest of love! A clock striking for a new age! But, they get murdered. The end.” 

‘New Romeo Agent’ is accompanied by a wonderfully trippy new video directed by Oscar O’Shea which sees the band performing in an alien dive bar. Oozing a perfect fusion of eccentric energy and enticing psychedelic charm, you can watch it here:

Deep States, the upcoming album from Tropical Fuck Storm, is set for release on 20th August via Joyful Noise. Pre-order here.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Oscar O’Shea