Track Of The Day: The Paranoyds – ‘Lizzie’

Following the release of 2019’s album Carnage Bargain and tracks such as ‘Pet Cemetery’ and last year’s ‘Egg Salad’, and having played alongside bands such as Jack White and Sunflower Bean, LA four-piece, Staz, Laila, Lexi and David – aka The Paranoyds – have now announced the release of their second album, Talk Talk Talk.

Taken from the album, new single ‘Lizzie‘ reflects on the mixed feelings of having a celebrity or otherworldly crush. Propelled by a retro, rockabilly energy, languid vocals flow alongside the whirring fuzz of jangly hooks, creating a scuzzy slice of riot grrrl-infused surf-pop. With its sunny, playful musicality juxtaposed with a racing, swirling drive, it builds with a frenzied allure to a perfectly uplifting summer anthem. Of the track, Lexi from the band explains:

“She’s cute, she’s passionate, she’s dedicated to her art, but there’s this one thing. She’s a walking contradiction. How does she consistently act in roles, where she plays a truth-seeker, a down-to-earth, relatable woman who’s usually trying to escape some sort of oppressive event or oppressive relationship and then in real life be completely bound to a religion with foundations that are essentially a science fiction novel?

‘Lizzie’ is accompanied by a JJ Stratford-directed, wonderfully quirky new retro-tinged video which sees the band jetting off into space, donning tin foil hats and plenty of sass. Watch it here:

Talk Talk Talk, the upcoming new video from The Paranoyds, is set for release on 9th September via Third Man Records.

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Queens & Kings – ‘Going Through Hell’

Ahead of the release of their upcoming debut EP, Toronto-based, instrument-swapping garage rock duo Alissa King and Brendan Albert – aka Queens & Kings (a name to purposefully provoke thought about sexist language patterns) – have recently shared their impactful latest single.

Propelled by a fuzzed-out visceral energy and gentle blues-rock twang, ‘Going Through Hell’ reflects on the duo’s 10+ year relationship and the struggles they have gone through both personally and as a band. As Alissa’s gritty swooning vocals flow with a stirring, soulful drive alongside scuzzy hooks, it oozes a soaring, impassioned splendour. With shades of the likes of The Kills or Alabama Shakes, it’s a powerful Americana-tinged slice of garage-rock brimming full of anthemic emotion. A sizzling, poignant ode to learning to let go and move forwards in life.

Watch the new video for ‘Going Through Hell’, featuring footage of the duo from over the last 10 years, here:

Going Through Hell‘ is taken from Queens & Kings’ upcoming debut EP, set for release later this year. The EP has been made and mastered with the likes of Vic Florencia and Bill Skibbe from Third Man Records, as well as four time Grammy nominee, Howie Weinberg.

Mari Lane