Track Of The Day: VEE 303 – ‘Wounded’

‘Wounded’ is the latest release from Berlin based VEE 303 and it is all about moments. Moments of violence, moments of overwhelming emotion, 225 seconds of so many moments.

In her own words ‘Wounded’ is “about the dynamic of control between two people and how it can be a liberating experience to just let someone take over. It can give you some kind of freedom to not worry about the world for a second and indulge yourself in the moment. It is a reflection on how I experience salvation through pain and the contradictory forces of violence and beauty.”

From stripped back trip-hop to rising orchestral sounds, this songs leaves your ears gladly tripping over the intermittent plucking and pounding beats. Yes please VEE 303.

Listen to the new track below, and follow VEE 303 on Instagram for more updates.

Tash Walker

Track Of The Day: Hockeysmith – ‘Tears At My Age’

We’re pretty sure you’ll be able to identify with the sentiments expressed in the ambient new single from Hockeysmith, titled ‘Tears At My Age’. Taken from her upcoming EP of the same name (set for release Jan 25th via Ex-Local), the track is “one for the girls out there, and their tears for undeserving boys.”

Whilst she may have spent much time lamenting the actions of unworthy loves, Hockeysmith has reclaimed those hours through her shoe-gazey, lo-fi new release. She traveled frequently between Cornwall and Copenhagen whilst writing her new music over the last two years, with the aim of connecting the influences of two very different, yet exciting underground music communities.

The result is previous single ‘Holy War’, and now with ‘Tears At My Age’ she looks set to share a record’s worth of mesmerising, hazy electronics. Listen to the new track below, and follow Hockeysmith on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Panic Pocket – ‘Mr Big’

Having stolen our hearts playing live for us at The Five Bells last month, London duo Sophie Peacock and Natalie Healey – aka Panic Pocket – have now shared a totally infectious new single.

Inspired by too many formative Sex And The City marathons, ‘Mr Big’ is an uplifting ditty about desperately wanting your close friend to stop defining herself by her relationship status and focus instead on friendship. Flowing with a twinkling charm and the duo’s impeccable tongue-in-cheek wit, the track oozes honey-sweet harmonies alongside shimmering melodies and a gritty synth-driven energy. Strewn with memorable SATC quotes, highlighting the importance of friendship – “Don’t laugh at me but maybe we could be each other’s soulmates” – it’s another luscious (and super relatable!) slice of indie-pop from the duo, showcasing all there is to love about them.

Of the track, Natalie elaborates:

“Sophie and I probably spend too much time watching TV. But whatever your thoughts on SATC (and OK, it hasn’t dated well!), you can probably relate to having someone close to you who spends all their time distracted, wondering where they stand with a potential – and probably unworthy – partner. This song is our Miranda moment; getting real about how toxic the subject of your best friend’s obsession really is.”

Released as a pay-what-you-want Bandcamp release, alongside sparkling feminist festive number ‘Mrs Santa’, ‘Mr Big’ is out now.


Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Carl Farrugia

Track Of The Day: Ishani – ‘Stormy Emotions’

Lamenting the transition from heartbreak in to a new phase of independence; Ishani‘s latest single ‘Stormy Emotions’ fuses trip-hop beats and industrial-pop in sublime style. Brooding, hypnotic and sensual; the single is a cathartic electronic outpouring of personal relief.

Born and raised in Bangalore in India, Ishani later obtained a degree in TV, Film & Radio in Singapore before moving to London to study Audio Engineering at Alchemea & Point Blank. Her music often centers around difficult themes – single ‘Don’t Stop The Fight’ explores the horrific social effects of rape, whilst ‘Dark Angel’ was inspired by the loss of two of her friends to suicide. Despite these traumatic contexts, Ishani’s music breeds an atmosphere of strength and independence, and ‘Stormy Emotions’ is another example of her ability to shine a light on a truly dark situation.

Speaking about the track, Ishani explains: “This song is about the death of a relationship and the overwhelming pain that can come with that. It is also however about moving into a new phase of life.” Ishani’s musical efforts have not gone un-noticed this year; she was made a BBC Introducing artist by Bobby Friction, and she continues to impress bloggers and radio hosts (including us) across the web. Listen to ‘Stormy Emotions’ below and follow Ishani on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Hussy – ‘Forever’

Following previous singles ‘Slayer’ and ‘Playtime’, South East London based Sophie Nicole Ellison – aka Hussy – has now shared a bewitching new single, ‘Forever’

Playing, recording and layering all the music herself, Hussy showcases her innovative songwriting abilities. Starting off with a somewhat eerie tone, twinkling chimes cascade into scuzzy hooks with a gritty energy before being interspersed with a luscious, dreamy haze. Flowing with the celestial power of Ellison’s vocals, a soaring, textured soundscape is created, whirring with a haunting intensity. With ‘Forever’, Hussy offers a perfect, shimmering slice of psych-filled, shoegaze-heavy Dream Pop, complete with immersive layers and captivating majestic allure.

Of the track, Hussy explains:

“’Forever’ talks about my tendency to delve into escapism. I went through an intense period of lucid dreaming where I would meet people through these dreams; people I had met briefly or had admired, been interested with or even not met at all. I would become friends with these people very intensely and feel like I’d get to know them super well, better than in real life. Then when I would encounter them in real life there was a sense of loss, like something that could/ could’ve been. I guess it harps at longing for connections.”


Featuring Leisha Thomas and Becca Carter on drums and additional guitar, ‘Forever’ is out now.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit:
Poppy Marriott

Track Of The Day: Arlo Parks – ‘Cola’

Newcomer Arlo Parks has shared her debut single ‘Cola’ and it’s a slow-burning, soulful track with lyrical bite. The eighteen year old poet, singer, producer & rapper demonstrates her confessional writing style beautifully here, with beats as steady as her calm, stylish vocals.

On ‘Cola’, The London-based singer tackles the relatable theme of “bad love”. Arlo explains: “‘Cola’ is a reminder that betrayal is inevitable when it comes to pretty people that think flowers fix everything”. Her sharp observations are delivered in tender, care-free style, making it easy to leave the track on repeat. Flowers may not be able to fix everything, but if ‘Cola’ is anything to go by – Arlo’s vocals certainly can.

Listen to the track below or stream it here. Follow Arlo Parks on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Charlie Cummings

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: The Velveteers – ‘Anastasia Sings’

Having first fallen for Colorado fuzz-rockers The Velveteers seeing them support faves Deap Vally a couple of years back, they’ve since released their acclaimed EP earlier this year and finished their biggest UK tour to date. And now they’ve blasted back into our ears with new single ‘Anastasia Sings’.

A cinematic, psych-filled offering filled with immense scuzz-filled hooks, ‘Anastasia Sings’ is an instantly infectious slice of gritty, blues-filled garage rock. With driving double drum beats courtesy of John Demitro and Adrian Pottersmith, plus the spectacular soaring vocals of front woman Demi Demitro, the sweeping power of this new single marks The Velveteers out as definite ones to watch. 

Watch the horror-fuelled nightmare-scape of the new video for ‘Anastasia Sings’ here:

Mari Lane