Track Of The Day: Bamboo – ‘Weeping Idols’

Following 2015’s Prince Pansori Priestess and 2017’s The Dragon Flies Away, London/Brighton duo Rachel Horwood (Trash Kit, Halo Halo) and Nick Carlisle (Peepholes, Don’t Argue), aka Bamboo, have now announced a brand new album.

Taken from the album, new single ‘Weeping Idols’ is an uplifting and subtly captivating offering. Propelled by a thunderous sense of urgency, a twinkling soundscape is created as swirling interwoven melodies and chiming hooks provide the backdrop for Rachel’s soaring majestic vocals.

Musically inspired by Jodorowsky’s graphic novel The Incal, ‘Weeping Idols’ uses religious references and criticism of the Catholic church within its lyrics to tackle more personal issues, oozing a poignancy akin to the sweeping ethereal power of Kate Bush.

Filmed and edited by Jack Barraclough, watch the new video for ‘Weeping Idols’ now:

Daughters Of The Sky, the upcoming new album from Bamboo, is out on 14th June via Upset The Rhythm. Pre-order here.

Mari Lane


Track Of The Day: Julia Shapiro – ‘Natural’

Known as the singer/guitarist in Chastity Belt, Julia Shapiro has now shared ‘Natural’, a taster track from her debut solo album.

As befits a track from an album due to be released in June, ‘Natural’ is pastoral and dreamy, reminiscent of sunny summer days spent running across fields. The guitars are pleasantly jangly, the vocals drawled.

Like so many modern day artists, Shapiro has emerged from a period of ill health and introspection to reflect on self awareness and self improvement. Recording an album of homespun songs, self produced, where she plays almost all of the instruments herself has been a part of this. ‘Natural’ is the opening track on the forthcoming album and, judging from this summery slice of indie, listeners are in for a treat.

Perfect Version, the debut solo album from Julia Shapiro, is due to be released on 14th June via Hardly Art.


Cazz Blase

Track Of The Day: Grizzly Coast – ‘Half-Light Boy’

“Will you shine for them, like I shined for you?” asks Grizzly Coast on her bitter sweet new single ‘Half-Light Boy’. The track is a “sobering realization that not every person you encounter will have the same heart as you”.

It’s not all doom and gloom though! Grizzly Coasts’ buoyant guitar and gentle yet sturdy vocals are a reminder that “someone else’s lack of care for you is often due to something lacking in them – it is never an expression of what you deserve”.

Written when she was walking home from a grocery store as a compromise for a confrontation she knew she would never bother to actually have, the story behind ‘Half-Light Boy’ will resonate with anyone who’s felt like like they’re shining the spotlight on someone else, whilst simultaneously living in their shadow.

The track was produced by Taylor Lucas in his home studio, and he is also set to produce Grizzly Coasts’s new album. We’re excited to hear more from this talented newcomer. Watch the video for ‘Half-Light Boy’ below and follow Grizzly Coast on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Zoey Lily – ‘I Wish I Had A Heart’

Following the release of last year’s 2thousand&8teen collection, London based alt-pop artist, and personal fave, Zoey Lily releases her latest single ‘I Wish I Had A Heart’.

Zoey explains that the track is about “feeling stuck in your own skin and being unable to deal with the outside world and everything that is expected from you in society, so you’d rather hide away and basically stop living so no one can judge you anymore.

The single is out now and we’ve got two tickets to give away for Zoey’s headline show at The Waiting Room on April 25th – to be in with a chance to win tweet us your favourite heart emoji and the word WIN to @getinherears.

Written and arranged by Zoey, and co-produced by Grace Carter’s drummer Toby Horton and mixed by James Kenosha.

Listen to ‘I Wish I Had A Heart’ below.


Tash Walker

Track Of The Day: Pinky Pinky – ‘Do Me Dirty (Charlie)’

Imagine that classic American teen flick. Boy meets girl etc etc. This track is fitting for that part in the film where the girl realises she doesn’t need a man’s approval as she playfully frolics around her bedroom whilst going through some sort of reinvention of herself. In fact, once I’ve finished writing this, I’ll probably be that girl…

This sing-into-the-hairbrush, paint your nails black, slap a facemask on and call it self care song is ‘Do Me Dirty (Charlie)’ by LA trio Pinky Pinky.

Infectious and uplifting, the new release features sunny guitar which cruises carelessly atop of ebullient, glistening arpeggiated top notes of a piano and the anthemic hum of warm organ. The sugar-coated voice of singer and drummer, Anastasia Sanchez, resonates throughout like a breath of spring. The energy of this track is like a volcanic eruption of glitter and rainbows. I can’t stop smiling.

Sunglasses are advised.

Produced by Hanni El Khatib and Jonny Bell, ‘Do Me Dirty (Charlie)’ is out now. Catch Pinky Pinky live at the following UK dates:

17th May – Mono, Glasgow
18th May – Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh
20th May – Soup Kitchen, Manchester
21st May – Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
22nd May – Sebright Arms, London
24th May – Dot to Dot Festival, Manchester
25th May – Dot to Dot Festival, Bristol
26th May – Dot to Dot Festival, Nottingham

Megan Berridge

LISTEN: Holy Magick – ‘It’s Your Money (Trivia)’

Holy Magick‘s themes in their latest single ‘It’s Your Money (Trivia)’ are indicative of the money-hungry music industry in the penultimate breaking point artists find themselves in today.

Brighton’s new psychedelic-rock outfit Holy Magick aren’t afraid to “go there” by exploring and exploiting the music machine. Their single, from their upcoming eponymous debut LP, seeps through with hazy riffs and mellow refrains like sun through a beaded curtain. 

Singer-songwriter Siobhan Lynch takes the reigns in this single with a soft authority; her cutting lyrics with a sweet delivery are similar to Angel Olsen, but with the backing instrumentation of an of Montreal album circa 2016. Reverb heavy driving guitar accompanies spacey drums and trippy effects to bring a song expertly posed in psych tradition, while rich production glosses over the sound like a glazed urn.

Holy Magick describe their debut album as “a collection of Nihilistic anti-romance ballads.” In a music economy that favours the money over the art, it’s important for groups like Holy Magick to bite back with a track like this. 


Luke Janke


Track Of The Day: LibraLibra – ‘Loverboy’

Eccentric Brighton-based quartet LibraLibra return to the scene with 90s-based single ‘Loverboy’.

Ever wondered what a 90s “secret admirer board game” would look like in 2019? Look no further, because LibraLibra have got you covered. Glitter, pigtails and bucket-hats take precedent alongside lead-singer Beth Cannon’s original vocals, laden with deep and meaningful lyrics. Of the track, the band explain:

This song harks back to young me getting drunk at parties, falling madly in love, fucking it up, being labelled a slut, failing hard again and not really knowing what to do with all the feelings…

On the surface, ‘Loverboy’ is a fun, enthusiastic throwback to the popular ’90s game ‘Dream Phone’ when really, the lyrics hold a more emotional take on struggles with mental health and PTSD. It’s an easy listening pop banger that also relates to a lot of young adults who deal with the same emotions. Who doesn’t love a 90s throwback anyway?

‘Loverboy’ is out now. Catch LibraLibra live at the following dates:

12th April – Brighton Electric, Brighton (FREE ENTRY ‘Prom Night’)
3rd May – Liverpool Sound City Festival

Bekky Smart