LISTEN: Anna Pancaldi – ‘Where Do I Lay All The Love I Have Left?’

London based singer-songwriter, Anna Pancaldi, has now shared new single, ‘Where Do I Lay All The Love I Have Left?‘. The first of a string of singles to come, it marks Anna’s thought-provoking, affecting vocals and musicality evolving into a new chapter. 

A versatile artist, Pancaldi also co-writes on a variety of outside projects (singles, synch, top-lining/features). For example, in April her music was used for the brand new Grey’s Anatomy trailer and has featured on hit US TV shows such as ‘Pretty Little Liars’, ‘Famous in Love’ and the 2022 Paramount film ‘The In Between’ (featured under the pseudonym Beò).

‘Where Do I Lay All The Love I Have Left?’ is a soulful ballad, reflecting on opening up to one’s feelings. It begins quietly with a stirring piano intro, building up to the bridge with an impassioned grace, where synths are added, echoing the emotional turmoil of the lyrics – ‘”I admit I am frightened, scared of being misled…” Although uncertain, the song allows growth with a beautiful catharsis, before paring back to the final question – “Where do I lay all the love I have left?”. A perfectly poignant soundtrack to the uncertainty of falling in love again.

Catch Anna Pancaldi live at Folklore in Hackney tomorrow, 18th May – tickets here.

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PREMIERE: Charlotte Carpenter – ‘Spinning Plates’

Having charmed our ears as a guest on our radio show, and with 2017’s Shelter EP, East Midlands artist Charlotte Carpenter has previously shared stages with artists such as Marika Hackman and George Ezra. Now, having received acclaim from the likes of NME and BBC Radio 6Music, she has announced the release of her debut album later this year.

Taken from the album, new single ‘Spinning Plates’ offers a poignant reflection on the power structures and misogyny within the music industry. Propelled by a fierce energy, Carpenter’s gritty, raw vocals flow alongside catchy Americana-infused hooks. With a stirring sentiment that is all too relatable – lyrics such as “I’m just trying to be a better sister / daughter / lover…” highlighting how women’s worth is so often only seen as important within their relationship to men -, the track oozes an impassioned blues-soaked allure as it builds with a glistening, anthemic drive. A striking call to arms to fellow women and marginalised groups within the industry, ‘Spinning Plates’ offers a defiant return to form from this innovative artist, showcasing her ability to fuse together her trademark soulful musicality with a cathartic, empowering spirit.

Of the track, Carpenter explains:

There’s a lot to unpack in this songfrom societal pressures on the roles you are meant to fulfil as a woman, alongside the struggle of keeping up a relentless positivity to being a musician – and how impossible it is to ever get the balance between the two.”

Watch the new video for ‘Spinning Plates’ here:

‘Spinning Plates’ is set for release tomorrow, 17th May. Catch her live (supporting SOFT LAD and Kelli Blanchett):

14th July – The Finsbury, London 
27th July – The Victoria, Birmingham
28th July – Black Prince, Northampton
30th July – The Castle, Manchester 

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New Track: Emily Magpie – ‘Down In The Deep’

Having been supported by the likes of Nabihah Iqbal on BBC 6Music and supported bands such as This Is The Kit and Let’s Eat Grandma, Bristol based Emily Magpie has been charming us with her whimsical dream-pop soundscapes for some time, and has now announced the release of her upcoming new EP, She. A project which is both deeply personal, and highly relatable, the collection offers a moving reflection on the self; exploring our place in society whilst showcasing her distinctive alt-pop sound.

Taken from the EP, new single ‘Down In The Deep‘ reflects on Emily’s experience of being a woman with a sparkling intimacy. Flowing with whirring keys and lilting melodies, it oozes a raw heartfelt emotion, instantly immersing the listener in a captivating, stirring majesty. With Emily’s trademark hypnotic splendour, her rich crystalline vocals shimmer with a celestial allure as the track builds with an ethereal twinkling grace. A blissfully soothing soundscape.

Of the EP as a whole, Emily explains:

I created this EP to explore my own experience of being a woman- which is beautiful and messy! I wanted to extend this out in a universal way to others, all with their own unique stories and voices. The feminine, which exists outside of gender. There’s beauty, celebration, darkness and the unknown. Feminine energy is badass and there’s a massive history of it being suppressed which it’s important to challenge by us being heard.”

She, the upcoming EP from Emily Magpie, is set for release on 7th June via Def Pressé. Pre-save here.

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New Track: ĠENN – ‘A Reprise (That Girl)’

A Reprise (That Girl)‘, the latest single from Anglo-Maltese quartet ĠENN, is deeply introspective; cleverly constructed to offer provocative commentary. While it has plenty of its own comments to make, it wants you to go on your own journey with the lyrics and the atmosphere generated by the music – it wants you to take the moment you spend with it and reflect on your own experiences of the world.

The track begins with a throbbing techno-infused bass line, accompanied by a repetitive, catchy drum beat that buries its way into your ear and refuses to leave. The two combine to create the sensation of a funky futuristic production line. The sound is hypnotic and dystopian and addictive; easy to picture glazed-eyed, blank-faced automatons moving to it. Of the track, ĠENN say that it’s designed to reflect “technological gratification”, and this comes through loud and clear in just the opening bars. The instinct to lurch towards technology after just a moment left alone with your own thoughts lurks there in the motions of the beat.

The vocals are delivered deadpan and low, subtle yet dangerous. They have the tension of an elastic band about to snap, of a predator preparing to leap. The lyrics are comprised of moments that create a complete picture of existence, from the perspective of someone floating through the day but not quite engaged with it. They capture feelings, the essence of an experience, more than explicitly describing a day in a life. It leaves you free to project on them whatever in your life inspires that sense of malnutrition, catharsis, futility, nature’s sedative.

The mood shifts from soft-spoken, passive apathy to revolutionary rage as the track ramps up into its climactic moments. It gives the song a sense of hope, if only people could throw off the shackles of repetitive oppression and work to rebuild the world in a more exciting way. It launches the song into its final, powerful declaration – “Death upon the mundane/Death upon the many” – creating an immense empowering anthem, oozing a fierce impassioned drive.

Mixed by Tom Hill and mastered by Katie Tavini, ‘A Reprise (That Girl)’ is out now via Liminal Collective. Catch ĠENN live at The Great Escape on 11th May at The Brunswick for Off Axis / Miro Co-labs stage.

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