Track Of The Day: Song Sung – ‘The Mind’s Eye’

A dreamy musing on dual feelings of hope and doubt, Song Sung have shared their latest single ‘The Mind’s Eye’. Lifted from their upcoming debut album, This Ascension Is Ours, set for release on 31st July via Night Time Stories, the track is a tumbling, ethereal soundscape that shimmers with positivity.

Formed of twin sisters Georgina and Una McGeough, Song Sung grew up in Monaghan, close to the Northern Ireland border, before moving stateside to New York a decade ago. Since then, the pair have been dabbling in music software and creating their own sounds, working with David Holmes (Unloved) to produce their debut EP, I Surrender, which they released earlier this year.

Speaking about their new track, the band explain: “This song wrestles with doubt, but is fought with hope. It’s provocative and resilient and in a way, quite anthemic. We can fall down together, but in defiance, we will stand up forever.” The band’s hazy vocals and lush synths lure listeners in to this blissful state.

Listen to ‘The Mind’s Eye’ below and follow Song Sung on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.



Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: National Treasure – ‘Come And Go’

Releasing your debut single in the middle of a national lockdown is a pretty brave move – but if there’s one advantage, it does mean that National Treasure had the unparalleled opportunity to film the song’s video in deserted carparks, with lead-singer Mille standing out of the sunroof of a moving car. And it’s fitting, in a way, to have crafted a DIY pop-style video to fit this DIY pop gem, which conjures a mature, well-built and catchy sound that the band are referring to as “Classic cougar pop, with added mellotron”. To these ears, however, what the Bristol four piece have come up with is a hefty slice of indie/sophisti-pop, that belies its debut nature and its DIY origins.

The song, largely centred around Millie’s lyrics and vocals, commences with a C86-style shimmer of a synth riff, which swells throughout most of the running time, dovetailing with the backing vocal harmonies and the pacey rhythm of its drums. Lyrically, the song is written from a male perspective – its title and chorus being something of a double entendre – and subverts its otherwise upbeat sound by depicting a negative experience of love, that its frustrated artist narrator is largely at fault for creating. It’s another smart move, that keeps bringing the listener back whilst also marking out its author’s approach as one to watch. After a middle eight breakdown, around the halfway mark, the song builds back up – featuring a particularly effusive curse – before slamming into an absolutely searing guitar outro, giving it a delightfully AOR conclusion.

With lockdown starting to be lifted, it looks like National Treasure may have to look for other opportunities to make videos in future. But what won’t change will be the group’s ear for a hook, and their pop sensibilities. And, with their “class on a shoestring” ethos, the forthcoming EP The Good Light looks set to be a winner, come Autumn.  Volvo, or no Volvo, NT look to be set to stay.

John McGovern

Track Of The Day: Aislinn Logan – ‘What Everybody’s After’

A shimmering ode to happiness and unfiltered feelings, London-based, Belfast born artist Aislinn Logan has shared her latest single ‘What Everybody’s After’. Lifted from her upcoming EP, Look, I’m Flyin, the track is an ambient celebration of queer love.

“Writing a song this forthright about being in love is rebellious in itself. I didn’t want to shy away from the sincerity of my feelings,” Logan explains. The songwriter confidently explores her emotions through spaced out beats, buoyant electronics and smooth vocals. Logan recorded and produced the track at home, making the sentiments behind it feel even more genuine.

“’What Everybody’s After’ is about feeling so light that you’re nostalgic for the present moment. I wanted to make something unapologetically sincere about feeling prismatic happiness, and just bathing in it when you get there.” Logan’s celebration of living for the now and appreciating the one you love makes for a reassuring, carefree listen.

Check out ‘What Everybody’s After’ below and follow Aislinn Logan on Spotify & Facebook for more updates.


Photo Credit: Rory James

Kate Crudgington


Track Of The Day: INDIGOS – ‘I’m Healed’

Swirling, gritty riffs, brooding bass lines and hypnotic vocals flood ‘I’m Healed’, the latest single from Bristol trio INDIGOS. Lifted from their self-titled EP, which is set for release via Club AC30 on 21st August, the band blend elements of psych, grunge and post-punk to create their captivating sounds.

INDIGOS enlisted the production skills of Ben Johnson and IDLES guitarist Lee Kiernan to record their EP, which is a polished observation on projection, nostalgia, dystopia, and the stream of consciousness. ‘I’m Healed’ is a shining example of the latter, with its fuzzy riffs and lyrical motifs. “We usually don’t know what a song is even about until it’s very nearly finished” the band explain. “Each song is as much a mystery to us as it is to anyone else, and that’s the way we like it.”

INDIGOS thrive in this state of creative ambiguity, and ‘I’m Healed’ is a strong introduction to their “mysterious” sounds. Listen to the new single below and follow the band on bandcamp and Facebook for more updates.


Photo Credit: Simon Holliday

Kate Crudgington