Track Of The Day: Foundlings – ‘Enemy’

If there were a Venn diagram for dreamy indie pop and raucous alt rock, Foundlings would be sat comfortably in the middle along with Parquet Courts and Courtney Barnett. Having been praised previously by BBC 6Music’s Steve Lamacq, Foundlings are ready to release their debut. Hailing from Brighton and South London, the ferocious four piece have released the first single from their upcoming EP. ‘Enemy’ comes straight out the gates with lingering lyricism from front-woman Amber Price, jagged off-beat drum patterns and guttural guitar riffs reminiscent of the Dirty days by Sonic Youth.

A structurally dynamic tune which is filled with twists and turns, almost edging upon math rock territory, it’s filled with echoed backing vocals, layered over shrill guitar riffs, cementing Foundlings’ dreamy indie-pop sound.

We highly recommend you check out ‘Enemy’ and dance your worries away with this rocking headbanger.


The eponymous debut EP from Foundlings is out 1st March via Last Night From Glasgow.

Amy Grace 

Track Of The Day: Merely – ‘Mystery Garden’

She’s often billed as synth pop, but Merely’s latest release, ‘Mystery Garden’, shows that she doesn’t easily fit inside the pop box. Instead, the single would be better described as romantic electronica – like William Blake has got hold of an interface and downloaded Ableton Live.

The track renders an organic landscape using digital sounds and is equal parts soothing and unsettling: contradictions held together by Merely’s ear for melody and clever production. Fans of Bjork’s Utopia will enjoy this – though it has a mellower, more synthesised feel.

‘Mystery Garden’ is romantic in the sense of Coleridge wandering through a woodland after eating some opium, rather than romantic in the sense of a Hallmark card, but perhaps fittingly, it’s out on Valentine’s day.

Merely is the moniker of classically-trained instrumentalist and vocalist Kristina Florrell, who is based in Sweden. Should you happen to be in Göteborg this week, you can catch her playing on Friday 15th, at the launch show for the new album, Hatching the Egg.


Hatching The Egg, the new album from Merely, is out 14th February via YEAR0001.

Frances Salter

Photo Credit: David Chocron

Track Of The Day: Emilie Kahn – ‘Will You?’

Beautifully melancholic and expertly produced, Montreal songwriter Emilie Kahn‘s latest single ‘Will You?’ makes for a poignant and earnest listen. The track is taken from  her second album Outro, which is set for release on 22nd February via Secret City Records.

The new song is accompanied by an equally beautiful music video, directed by Aaliyeh Afshar and Max Taeuschel. Speaking about the visuals, the pair explain: “We wanted to highlight Emilie’s performance while exploring the dark but tender feeling of the song. Playing with the mirror, blinds and faux walls, we wanted to delve into the liminal divide between life and death in a physical way”.

Emilie Kahn’s alternative pop tunes have an exquisite pain about them, and ‘Will You?’ is another shining example of the songwriter’s ability to achieve so much through minimal but focused music. Listen to ‘Will You?’ below and follow Emilie Kahn on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: BaoNgho

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Ex Hex – ‘Tough Enough’

At a time when the world is making us feel pretty powerless, the new single from Ex Hex offers a much-needed kick up the arse. An anthemic, empowering call to arms, ‘Tough Enough’ will have you running to the dance-floor and vowing to get shit done.

Reminiscent of the Runaways and The Go-Go’s, ‘Tough Enough’ is all massive power chords and soaring harmonies that beg to be shouted along to. According to the band, it’s about “turning on your tough switch and forging ahead through whatever storms are happening around you.” It feels like a feminist theme tune.

Described as “the power trio for our generation”, Ex Hex have spent the last few years building their reputation. And with ‘Tough Enough’, they prove that they’re still a badass force to be reckoned with. I wanna be in their gang. Or at least get hold of their new album.

Ex Hex’s second album It’s Real is out on 22nd March on Merge Records.

Victoria Conway

Track Of The Day: HOST – ‘Taste of Your Love’

An electro-pop gem that contemplates the short-comings of an unhealthy romance; Irish artist Host has shared her new single ‘Taste of Your Love’. Taken from her upcoming debut EP Adolescent Content (set for release later this year) the synth-pop star channels her love of bands like Diiv, Wolf Alice, The Japanese House, and The Cure on her new tune.

Speaking about her new track, Host explains: “Have you ever had someone you really care about do something so idiotic that it makes you look at them in a completely different light? ‘Taste of Your Love’ is that lingering bad impression that I just couldn’t shake, and everything built with this person, this solid foundation, just turned to quicksand. It’s sad really… this idiot, that you still adore nonetheless, has now forced you to cut them out and change your entire life.”

Despite its sad premise, we guarantee Host’s new single will have you up and dancing around your bedroom in no time. Listen to ‘Taste of Your Love’ below and follow Host on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Junodef – ‘The Things In Front Of Me’

Following the success of last year’s single ‘Heights’, and having supported the likes of Blonde Redhead, Swedish London-based band Junodef now return to grace our ears with a brand new single.

A song about confrontation and accepting defeat, ‘The Things In Front Of Me’ soars with a brooding, majestic power as the sweeping splendour of the vocals take hold. Oozing a twinkling ethereal glow and deep haunting grandeur, this latest offering from Junodef carries shades of the likes of Warpaint, whilst retaining the band’s own unique captivating grace. Of the track, they expand:

“We have all been in that situation where thoughts like ‘I could’ve done more’ or ‘If only I had…’ are nagging in the back of our heads, and it takes time to come to terms with and surrender to the idea that things played out in an inevitable way.

‘The Things In Front Of Me’ is out now via AWAL. Stream via Spotify and listen here:


And make sure you catch the magnificence of Junodef live tonight for us at The Finsbury, along with Muertos, Foundlings and The Fallen Sky. And all for FREE!

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Deep Tan – ‘Air’

Having previously supported the likes of Madonnatron and Naima Bock from Goat Girl, London’s Hackney-based three piece Deep Tan have spent the last year honing their sound, and have now shared a captivating new single.

A song about deception, ‘Air’ oozes a brooding sense of melancholy and dark sweeping splendour as poignant vocals are sung in both French and English. Exuding a dark, ethereal aura and twinkling dreamy haze, it’s a truly beguiling slice of atmospheric alt-pop. Of the track, the band explain:

“The song is about islanders who lie about being able to swim, and they’re a metaphor for people who lie generally. They pretend they can swim, but they can’t. It’s meaningless. It’s just… ‘Air’.”


‘Air’ is out now. Catch Deep Tan live:

9th March – The Windmill, London
13th April – The Shacklewell Arms, London

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Alexandra Loveless