Track Of The Day: HMS Morris – ‘Poetry’

‘Poetry’, the new single from Welsh electronic-psych band HMS Morris, tackles the frequently written about subject of unrequited love in a uniquely refreshing way. The song reflects the sliding scale of madness that results from unreciprocated, obsessive love in quite a candid manner.

Beginning with some light-hearted, hypothetical quasi-stalking, singer Heledd Watkins then moves through self-criticism, recrimination, and finally a full-on banshee-wail of desperation. All the while, ’70s-esque guitar and layers of almost operatic backing vocals swell behind her, building and building to great effect. This talented group of musicians somehow manage to get the balance of retro psychedelia and forward-thinking electronics just right.

Structurally, the track was designed to be a ‘Bolero’ for the modern ages, packing the build-up of sound that ‘Bolero’ composer Maurice Ravel spent close to twenty minutes building, into a punchy four-and-a-half-minute single.


‘Poetry’ is out now on Cardiff based Bubblewrap records. The band were due to play a series of shows this summer, so keep an eye out for rescheduled dates.

Ellie Ball


Track Of The Day: Suzie Stapleton – ‘Blood On The Windscreen’

The city of Brighton has played host to a number of DIY creatives over the years with Australian artist Suzie Stapleton being no exception to this tradition, as she returns with self-produced single ‘Blood On The Windscreen’.

Razor sharp riffs plunge us head-first into the track as Stapleton’s husky vocals demand our fullest attention. It seems dramatically prophetic that the single is lifted from her upcoming album We Are the Plague which is due for release this June. Stapleton confesses:

I had a meeting with a photographer early January to discuss the artwork for We Are the Plague. I joked ‘I hope a pandemic doesn’t sweep across the world before the album release… About a week later Coronavirus started to hit the headlines.

Whether it’s due to self-isolation or the single’s own darker undertones of the blues, ‘Blood On The Windscreen’ succeeds in fully immersing us into our own headspace while simultaneously serving a stark reminder of the wider world. Although currently it is difficult to predict our lives from one day to the next, one saving grace is that Suzie Stapleton has promised us that, as long as she has WiFi, we will have an album.

Watch the video for ‘Blood On The Windscreen’ here:

‘Blood On The Windscreen’ is out now. Listen on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Nicky Lee-Delisle

Track Of The Day: Francis Of Delirium – ‘Circles’

A swirling guitar tune exploring the ever-evolving nature of human emotion; Luxembourg-based duo Francis Of Delirium have shared their latest single, ‘Circles’. Lifted from their debut EP All Change, which is set for release on 22nd May via Dalliance Recordings, the track is a lo-fi, grungy earworm.

“It’s all a circle to me now”, sings Jana Bahrich, as she navigates her way through feelings left behind by the breakdown of a relationship. “On a personal level it felt like every aspect of my life was giving into this circle”, Bahrich explains about the track. “It’s about the first time you really like someone and then it ends, and you don’t know if that sadness will ever go away because you’ve never experienced it before. By the end of the song there’s this light, and desperate claw at trying to pull yourself back and out of the circle.”

It’s this emotional resilience and determined spirit that makes ‘Circles’ such a relatable listen. Together, Bahrich and collaborator Chris Hewett have a knack for crafting atmospheric tunes, and we’re excited to hear more of them on their debut EP. Listen to ‘Circles’ below, and follow Francis Of Delirium on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Photo Credit: Patricia Marets

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Sit Down – ‘Quarantine’

Having been blowing us away for a few years now with their immense explosive offerings, and with acclaim from the likes of BBC Introducing, Brighton duo Sit Down have now shared a brand new single, inspired by these scary, strange times we currently find ourselves in. Like artists the world over, the duo have had their tour dates and release plans for this year completely written off by the pandemic, and so have written a track venting their feelings of fear and frustration.

Propelled by a frenzied angst-fuelled power, ‘Quarantine’ is filled with scuzzed-out pummelling beats and reverb-strewn whirring hooks, alongside the swirling gritty force of Katie Oldham’s vocals. An intense slice of thrashing garage-punk, oozing a necessary raging energy; it’s the perfect “anthem of the apocalypse”.

Of the track, Katie explains:

We wanted to create something that expresses the frustrations and fears of living through something like this, but also shows the lighter side we can all relate to… This pandemic has bought the world to its knees, and while it’s absolutely terrifying, there is real unity in knowing the entire world is experiencing the same thing all at once. The jokes and memes and art people are making in this time are universally relatable and counters this fear of the unknown with communal understanding. This is our little offering toward that.

Listen to ‘Quarantine’ here:

‘Quarantine’ was released on 20th March, aka ‘Bandcamp Friday’ – a day in which Bandcamp waived all fees for creators to help support them in these difficult times. Guitarist Greg Burns expands: “It was a small gesture, but for struggling artists like us it’s made the world of difference… We’ve both got laid off from our jobs because of this crisis, but thankfully we sold more merch on that one day than I think we have in the last six months of shows combined.

Head on over to Sit Down’s Bandcamp page to support them now.

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Fran Lobo – ‘Monster’

Jagged electronics, pulsing beats and striking vocals permeate ‘Monster’, the latest single from London-based artist Fran Lobo. Lifted from her new EP Brave, which is set for release on 19th June via via Slow Dance Records, the track is a collaborative effort exploring the frustrations surrounding identity, relationships, and reality.

Speaking about the track, Fran explains: “[It] started from a jam on a Volca sample I’d bought myself, and evolved into an embodiment of frustration with identity, relationships and dreams/reality. The song includes the voices of Deep Throat Choir, LIPS and the Roundhouse Choir, Jemma Freeman on guitar, [and] samples, rare drum machines and synthesisers”.

Fran’s fusion of voices, sounds, and themes makes ‘Monster’ a cohesive, impressive listen. The track is accompanied by a set of visuals that also hold significance for the artist: “The video is a journey from London to Southern India and back, exploring the displacement and search for identity experienced as a child of the diaspora. It deals with the idea of family, belonging and friendship and in doing so, asks audiences to question their own sense of identity.”

Watch the video for ‘Monster’ below, and follow Fran Lobo on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Photo credit: El Hardwick

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Guitar Gabby and The Txlips – ‘The Dead Pool’

Consistently partnering with Girls Rock Camps internationally and nationally to bring classes about home recording, equipment set up, copyright law and more to young girls setting out to become their own artist, Atlanta based Guitar Gabby and The Txlips‘ mission is to change the narrative in which the music industry showcases women. Here to remind the world that Pussy is Power, they carry just the sort of empowering message we need right now.

Following 2018’s EP ‘Queens Of The New Age’, brand new single ‘The Dead Pool’ is filled with scuzzed out riffs as Gabriella Logan’s seething growl soars, creating a grunge-fuelled impassioned anthem with shades of the likes of Alice In Chains. Oozing a gritty emotion, it’s a ferocious, empowering anthem; a completely necessary angst-driven offering for these strange times. 


The Txlips are set to release a new album later this year. In the meantime, you can check out some of their live sessions here.

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Painted Zeros – ‘Commuter Rage’

“I don’t owe you anything” Painted Zeros‘ Katie Lau firmly states on her latest single ‘Commuter Rage’, a song that tackles the natural resentment towards those who invade your personal space. The Brooklyn-based musician & sound engineer blends elements of shoegaze and indie music with her cool vocals to set the record straight.

Lifted from her second album When You Found Forever, set for release on 29th May via Don Giovanni Records, ‘Commuter Rage’ is the sound of an artist who has had enough of making space for everyone else, and is ready to take it back for herself. “Go read a fucking book / don’t you fucking look at me / to teach you things that you are responsible for learning on your own” Lau sings, with quiet and relatable anger, over a deceptively sweet melody.

Lau is the focus of the visuals that accompany the single, directed by Jess Coles. She explains why she enjoyed working with Coles so much, and how the context of the video is linked to her growth as a musician: “I was excited to work with director Jess Coles for multiple reasons: we are both queer women, and her style of film-making mirrors the way I make music. I write, perform, record, and mix everything myself, and Jess directs, shoots, produces, and edits all of her own work.”

“While discussing video ideas over coffee, I mentioned that I felt like I had been hiding myself in the past;  hiding from taking ownership of Painted Zeros as my solo project, hiding my voice in my last album by burying it in my mixes, and that I didn’t want to hide or allow my art to be dictated by fear anymore. Jess suggested a music video that focused mostly on my face, with me and the sky as characters…I have to confess that a music video where my face is the unflinching focus was not the most comfortable idea for me to wrap my head around, but after working with Jess and seeing the outcome, I’m glad I did.”

“The chorus of ‘Commuter Rage (“I don’t owe you anything”) has become something of a personal mantra, a note-to-self when dealing with people who feel entitled to my time and energy. I wanted to write something that combined the feeling of being pissed off about injustice with a tongue-in-cheek (“be your benevolent overlord”) and ultimately joyous reclamation of my space/emotional boundaries.”

We’ve got all the time in the world for Painted Zeros’ music, and fully support her messages of self-autonomy and overcoming personal fears. Watch the video for ‘Commuter Rage’ below, and follow Painted Zeros on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Kate Crudgington