VIDEO PREMIERE: Death Hags – ‘The Darkest Night’

A slow-burning, intoxicating soundscape that explores what the night can bring; Death Hags has shared visuals for her latest single, ‘The Darkest Night’. The track is lifted from her recent album, Big Grey Sun #2, which is the second part of an ambitious seven album multimedia project.

Based in L.A., electronic musician Death Hags (aka Lola G) fuses pulsing beats with dark, kaleidoscopic synth textures to create her captivating sounds. Inspired by two days worth of hallucinations caused by a dog bite, she released Big Grey Sun #1 in 2019. Album #2 quickly followed in March 2020, and continues to explore the eclectic nature of the human condition and all of its possible futures. ‘The Darkest Night’ is an extract from this continuing narrative.

“I started writing the song in the van during the drive back to L.A. from SXSW last year” explains Death Hags. “It came to life at Outside Inside Studio in Italy, with my friend Matt Bordin of the psychedelic collective Squadra Omega. Matt is a great producer and has some wonderful analog/modular synths that we used on this track. Not to be too on the nose, but I guess this track is about forging ahead into the night, to see what dawn brings.”

Watch the visuals for ‘The Darkest Night’ below and listen to Big Grey Sun #2 on bandcamp or Spotify.

Photo Credit: Louisa Zimmer

Kate Crudgington

Video Premiere: Tribes Of Europe & Barbara Stretch – ‘The House You Built For Us’

Having previously garnered support from the likes of BBC 6Music, BBC Wales and Amazing Radio, Tribes Of Europe have returned with an energising new single to lift our spirits. The alter-ego of Fenland-based Martin Elsey, for this current project he is joined by musicians Andy Gangadeen (Massive Attack, Chase & Status, Jeff Beck) and Chris Taylor (Poison Girls), as well as the distinctive soulful vocals of jazz-punk icon Barbara Stretch.

Oozing an instantly infectious Northern Soul-infused groove and a vibrant uplifting spirit, ‘The House You Built For Us’ confronts the patriarchy with a colourful force. Propelled by the luscious, silky smooth allure of Stretch’s vocals alongside whirring keys and the sunny sway of a big band musicality, the track also features Ely Fallen Angels choir, adding a gospel-tinged euphoric energy. A perfect dose of empowering sparkling joy that we need now more than ever.

Of the track, Elsey explains:

“It seems there have always been a few men who have lusted after power and wealth, and there’s been a much larger group of men that have revered and followed them. In the process we screw the planet over and the poor get poorer, and with globalisation it’s gone into freefall. If we want to survive then society has to evolve. Men need feminism. We all need feminism. No question.”

Made in collaboration with Cambridge sound and vision artist, Jellica, watch the new, Ceefax-inspired, video to ‘The House You Built For Us’ now:

Mari Lane

Video Premiere: Saachi Sen – ‘Flaunt’

Having charmed us with the twinkling musicality of previous single ‘Dark’, as well as playing to a crowd of 10,000 people at last year’s London Pride, Mumbai-born Londoner Saachi Sen has now returned to grace our ears with her brand new single.

Filled with beautifully lilting melodies and plenty of sunny vibes, ‘Flaunt’ flows with Sen’s rich, honey-sweet vocals as she sings with a shimmering heartfelt emotion. A “cute pop song about having a trophy boyfriend”, it’s just an utterly uplifting and totally charming offering, oozing a gentle soothing splendour; a perfect antidote to these uncertain times.

Of the track, Sen explains:

I feel like there are many songs from a male perspective that focus on getting an attractive female partner and then being able to brag about it. I’ve rarely come across similar songs from a woman’s point of view – and there’s a wider stereotype that women approach relationships in an emotional and dramatic way. Flaunt challenges that. Ultimately I just wrote how I was feeling, and ended up with something light-hearted, playfully superficial and totally drama-free.”

Watch the home-made live video for ‘Flaunt’ now:

Mari Lane

Video Premiere: Lial – ‘Dirty Little Lies’

Following her last single, ‘Embers’, earlier this year, London artist Lial is back with a haunting new offering, ahead of the release her second EP, set for release this summer.

Reflecting on the theme of betrayal and the thrill of desire for the forbidden, ‘Dirty Little Lies’ oozes a dark melancholy with hypnotic eerie undertones. Propelled by glitchy hooks and the soaring splendour of Lial’s rich vocals, a sweeping, shimmering emotion resonates throughout, creating a majestic slice of brooding alt-pop. Of the track, she explains:

Connection is an inherent part of being human and so you do anything you can to justify it while you’re in it, but part of the appeal is its forbidden nature. Lies are enough in themselves to create a spark.”

Directed by Wolf James, watch the bewitching new video for ‘Dirty Little Lies’ now:

‘Dirty Little Lies’ is out tomorrow, 17th April. Made To Break, the upcoming second EP from Lial, is set for release on 12th June.

Mari Lane

Video Premiere: Bitch Hunt – ‘Spaceman’

Since first meeting at Roller Derby, London based all queer/non-binary band Bitch Hunt formed at First Timers Fest, and have been going from strength to strength ever since; last October impressing us at GIHE us with their immense live set at The Finsbury. Now, ahead of the release of a split cassette with fellow GIHE faves adults, the band have shared a brand new video.

Filled with catchy, scuzzy hooks, a subtle tongue-in-cheek wit and the gritty deadpan vocals of front person Sian, ‘Spaceman’ is an observational and relatable slice of punk-pop. With Bitch Hunt’s trademark impassioned energy and swirling harmonies, it’s a spot-on reflection on the sickening arrogance of all those cis male ‘splainers and ‘spreaders we so often have to endure in our day to day lives. An uplifting raging anthem inspiring us all to take those men down a peg (or four).

Watch the fantastic new DIY video for ‘Spaceman’ here:

The adults / Bitch Hunt split cassette is out now via For The Sake Of Tapes. Order from Bandcamp.

Mari Lane


Video Premiere: MALMØ – ‘Farewell Roaring Ocean’

Following 2018’s critically acclaimed debut album We Come From The Stars and praise from the likes of BBC 6 Music and BBC London, Danish artist Maria Malmoe, aka MALMØ, is set to release her upcoming EP The Inevitable End, very soon. The EP consists of a prediction in four parts – each one representing a different way of the world collapsing if we don´t change our behaviour.

Now, MALMØ has shared an hypnotic new video for part three of the EP, ‘Farewell Roaring Ocean’. Oozing a swirling ethereal aura alongside Maria’s soaring celestial vocals, it brings to mind the quirky majesty of Björk as it builds with a twinkling emotion to a stirring alt-pop anthem. Addressing the world’s rising water levels, ‘Farewell Roaring Ocean’ captivates with a spellbinding grandeur and immersive musicality. Of the meaning behind the track, Maria explains:

“On a personal level, I’m saying goodbye to the part of me that seeks out turbulent or troubled ‘waters’, and welcoming the still, serene waters of simplicity and non-attachment to the material world… On a wider environmental scale, it’s about bidding farewell to the vast oceans as we know them. Despite water levels and water temperatures rising, we remain consumed by material desires and perceived needs – when we should be looking towards nature while there is still time.”

Watch the serene new video for ‘Farewell Roaring Ocean’ now:

‘Farewell Roaring Ocean’ is out this Friday, 28th February via Integrity Records.

Mari Lane

VIDEO PREMIERE: Sea Change – ‘Inside’

Norwegian electronic artist Sea Change peels away her inhibitions on ‘Inside’, the title track from her debut EP which she released last year. Sea Change has now shared a beautiful set of accompanying visuals for the track, directed by Linnea Syversen.

The sparse electronics and self-awareness in her lyrics – “Come with me inside / my skin feels too tight” – alert listeners to the beginning of Sea Change’s journey towards breaking out of her shell. She navigates a personal metamorphosis on this track, and Syversen’s visuals (featuring performer Johanne Børresen) help to poignantly underscore this transformation.

Sea Change explains this further: “‘Inside’ is my favourite song from [my EP]. I knew early that I wanted to work with Linnea Syversen for this video, and when I bumped into her by chance in Oslo while listening to the early mix of this song, I felt it was fate. The song explores a need to peel off your outer layers to show who you really are, to shake off the ‘truths’, expectations and labels that others tend to put on you. We wanted this video to portray the sensuality and intimacy of the record, and for it to balance on the fine line between something slightly uncomfortable and something sexual. Linnea and Johanne Børresen really managed to capture that ambiguous feel of sensuality and uneasiness.”

Watch the video for ‘Inside’ below, and listen to Sea Change’s EP in full here.

Photo Credit: Fotini Chora

Kate Crudgington