VIDEO PREMIERE: Dear Pariah – ‘Not Ready’

Tinged with melancholy, but ultimately a hopeful tune about emerging from the shadow of a truly testing time, Dear Pariah has shared a beautiful animation to accompany her single ‘Not Ready’. Created by her good friends Ksenia & Alex at WMAF Productions, the visuals personify the mental health struggles Dear Pariah (aka Charlie Hinchcliff) faced during the unsettling days before she was diagnosed with a long term health condition called Sarcoidosis.

“I found myself writing ‘Not Ready’ when I was waiting to find out whether I had Lymphoma or a rare disease called Sarcoidosis,” Hinchcliff explains. “After the biopsy, I had this eerie space of 2 weeks waiting for the results that would change my life, either way. I was filled with fear of what could be whilst also reflecting on the past few years wondering how I’d ended up here. I was only 27, how was this possible?”

She embraced these fearful moments and wrote some of her most honest lyrics to date on her recent EP, Live at Thais. ‘Not Ready’ is a journey through her changing emotional state, gently acknowledging the guilt, regrets and intense distress that comes with facing death at such a young age. This fear is symbolised by the blue bear in the track’s accompanying video.

“When Ksenia came to me with the bear storyline, I knew she got it,” Hinchcliff continues. “It was an amazing moment of feeling seen and understood deeply. Seeing her and Alex turn my most vulnerable song into something so beautiful has been incredibly moving and healing for me. There’s a whole lot of life out there and I’m so grateful to be around to finally enjoy it.”

Watch the video for ‘Not Ready’ below and follow Dear Pariah on bandcamp, Spotify & Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Video Premiere: Chloe Castro – ‘Used To Be’

Having spent her childhood years between Brazil, France and Wales, now County Durham based artist Chloe Castro has captured her journey so far within her latest single ‘Used To Be’.

In her brand new video, Chloe Castro gives a nostalgic nod to more carefree days, as we are invited to reflect on who she ‘Used To Be’ through the lens of a VHS recording. Castro’s determined vocals blend with the warm, cosy tones of the home recording as we are shown what it takes to be raw, honest and tender. A fiery blend of pop and trap, Chloe Castro demonstrates, over atmospheric beats, that strength can be found in vulnerability. ‘Used To Be’ keeps us in a state of excited anticipation for Castro’s debut EP Amid, due for release later this month.

Watch the brand new video for ‘Used To Be’ now, and read our interview with Chloe below:

Hi Chloe, welcome to Get in Her Ears! Can You tell us a bit about yourself?
Hey, thanks so much for having me! My name is Chloe Castro, I’m an R&B/Soul artist living up in the North East of England. I spent the first half of my life moving around a fair bit before ending up in a small town in County Durham where me and my co-writer and producer (who’s actually from London) make all of the music in his bedroom studio. 

When did you initially decide to start creating music?
I learned from quite a young age that I wanted to sing and make music my life. I didn’t know anything about what making music actually entailed, but I knew it was what I wanted to do ever since I can remember. It wasn’t until I was about sixteen or seventeen that I picked up a guitar and actually started writing songs. I’ve been writing lyrics and melodies since I was about twelve, but never knew what to do with them! 

Your new single ‘Used To Be’ is out now – can you tell us what it’s all about?
‘Used To Be’ is one of my faves from my upcoming EP. It’s a little bop I wrote a while back inspired by that point after a break-up where you kind of get your act together and realise your worth. 

You’ve previously mentioned that Amy Winehouse inspires your sound, who else would you say are your main musical influences?
Amy is certainly a huge influence of mine, I think more in terms of my vocal sound than my music as a whole though. Another major influence has got to be Frank Ocean, his music is just a whole other level – it takes you on a proper journey and always seems to have the right amount of everything. I’m also super inspired by what Jessie Reyez and Col3trane have been doing, they’re my two favourite artists right now.

How is your local music scene (in ‘normal’ times!)? Do you go to see lots of live music?
It’s really sad, the music scene is Durham has been destroyed in the last decade but there is a vibrant scene in Newcastle. That’s where I came across Kay Greyson, she’s really good. I just don’t get up there as much as I’d like to.

And what can fans expect from your (now online!) live shows?
I’ll let you know when I have some! 

As we’re a new music focused site, are there any new/upcoming bands or artists that you recommend that we check out?
My local fave is Kay Greyson, so I’ve got to rep her again! Otherwise, if you still haven’t heard of him yet, Col3trane is THE ONE. 

Massive thanks to Chloe for answering our questions! 

‘Used To Be’ is out now, ahead of Amid – the upcoming debut EP from Chloe Castro – set for release on 23rd October.


Video Premiere: NUUXS – ‘Laundry’

Following acclaim from the likes of Annie Mac, Clash and BBC Introducing for 2019’s Redtape Mixtape, London-based artist NUUXS has now shared a vibrant new video.

Propelled by a soulful, sparkling energy, ‘Laundry’ offers a poignant reflection on the domestic pressures that many in society face. Flowing with a shimmering heartfelt groove, danceable glitchy beats and luscious sultry vocals, it’s an uplifting sun-strewn slice of alt-pop. Of the track, NUUXS explains:

Having observed my mum, the once vivacious ballerina, turn into a very tired woman with severe back pains from all the heavy duty washing she was doing, I could see why some might turn to alcohol as a form of solace. So I guess this song is me being pissed off with how society can be, and how the government can be. This is the time more than ever that we should see community being at the forefront of leadership.

‘Laundry’ is accompanied by an artfully created kaleidoscopic new video, hand-painted by animator Charlie Cross. Speaking more about the video, NUUXS expands:

“… it’s inspired by the metaphorical concept for ‘Laundry’, including the idea of “stress is a killer” being shown in the bloodstream and the countdown on the actual washing machine itself representing “the pressure is on”, referring to the pressures of life as we know it.”

Watch the new video for ‘Laundry’ now:

‘Laundry’ is the 3rd single from NUUXS’ forthcoming debut album Heirloom.


Mari Lane

Video Premiere: Jessica Faroe – ‘Beautiful’

Having first started performing when she was just seven, and having lived all over the world, following 2017’s Awaken EP, London-based artist Jessica Faroe has now shared a brand new single.

A step away from the metal-inspired sounds of her last EP, ‘Beautiful’ is propelled by glitchy beats as synth-soaked melodies soar alongside the luscious sweeping power of Faroe’s vocals. Seeking to inspire others to free themselves from damaging internalised hatred and encourage healing through self love and acceptance, the track oozes an uplifting and poignant message of positivity. Bathed in a soulful splendour, it’s a beautifully glistening slice of empowering alt-pop. Of the track, Faroe expands:

What frightens me is the thought that there are so many others in this world who probably have the exact same thoughts as me about themselves – ‘I’m not attractive enough’ ‘I’m not good enough’ ‘I’m not capable enough’ etc. So I decided to write a song not just for myself, but for all who are suffering out there silently.

‘Beautiful’ was written at the beginning of the year, recorded at home during lockdown, and is accompanied by a touching new video, featuring various people with messages of what being “beautiful” means to them. Watch it here for the first time:

‘Beautiful’ is out now. Listen on Spotify. 


Mari Lane