Video Premiere: MeMe Detroit – ‘Will You Be My Lie?’

Having received acclaim from the likes of Clash, Louder Than War and BBC Introducing, as well as wowing us more than once with her energy-fuelled live show at The Finsbury, at the end of last year Birmingham’s MeMe Detroit shared her immense new EP Life In The Now. Now, following the EP, she has shared a brand new video for EP track ‘Will You Be My Lie?’.

Filled with gritty blasts of grunge-tinged riffs and the soaring, gravelly snarl of MeMe, ‘Will You Be My Lie?’ is propelled by pounding beats and sweeping melodic hooks that will stick in the ears on first listen. With a gentle romanticism, it soon builds to an anthemic, emotion-fuelled slice of raw rock ‘n’ roll, showcasing once again MeMe’s innovative songwriting skills.

Of the video, MeMe explains:

“Being from an acting background and working with the awesome Dwane Perks, we wanted to treat this video as more of a short film as the song’s story-like structure lent itself to a narrative style of film. ‘Will You Be My Lie’ tells of the reality of infidelity and homes in on the idea of what drives some people to act upon their urges and whether it’s ever worth it.”

Watch the eerily captivating video for ‘Will You Be My Lie?’ here:

  ‘Will You Be My Lie?’ will be re-relased as a double A-side single, alongside a brand new re-mix by producer DantannaBeatz, on 10th May.

Mari Lane

Video Premiere: Mannequin Death Squad – ‘Blue’

Following immense offerings such as ‘Van Gogh’ and ‘Honey Punch’, and appearances supporting the likes of Slaves, as well as on our very own radio show, Australian instrument-swapping duo El and Dan – aka Mannequin Death Squad – now return to compel our ears with a brand new raucous single.

Propelled by a raging riotous energy and frenzied, thrashing beats, ‘Blue’ is a perfect alt-Valentine’s anthem. Oozing a gritty, scuzz-filled power and raw, seething vocals, it’s an exhilarating blast of infectious grunge-fuelled rock, showcasing the unique ferocious force of our favourite Aussie duo. Of the track, El explains:

Blue is a song I wrote at 16 years of age in my ’90s poster drowned out room. It feels to me like an angst break-up song. It’s about who we vilify when we’re feelin’ kinda blue.”

Watch the brand new video for ‘Blue’, and see a Gorilla-tastic love story unfold, here:

‘Blue’ is out now via Integrity Records.

Mari Lane

Video Premiere: BABYTEETH – ‘Cocoon’

Following the success of previous single ‘Shame’ and receiving acclaim from the likes of Kerrang! and BBC Radio 1, London band BABYTEETH are back with a fiery new tune.

With distinct shades of nineties legends such as Garbage or Fiona Apple, ‘Cocoon’ rages with the gritty vocals of Camilla Roholm, alongside deliciously scuzzy riffs. Oozing a whirring anthemic power and nostalgic grunge-infused energy, it’s an instant earworm, set to have you singing along on first listen. Of the track the band explain:

“It’s about how we’re sometimes addicted to making bad choices because they’re the more exciting. It’s also about how powerful it can be to decide to feel gratitude for all the shitty experiences, as they’ve turned you into a stronger version of yourself. It’s about personal rebirth, and remaking.

Watch the somewhat dark, and unashamedly retro, new video for ‘Cocoon’ here:

Catch BABYTEETH live supporting none other than Adam Ant at The Roundhouse on 19th December.

Mari Lane

Video Premiere: Calista Kazuko – ‘Sweet Jailbird’

Having studied at London’s Royal Academy, and received acclaim from the likes of Sir George Martin, with tracks of hers being used by Stella McCartney as catwalk openers, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Calista Kazuko is now set to release her debut album next Spring.

Taken from the album, ‘Sweet Jailbird’ follows previous single ‘Press Stop & Rewind’ and showcases Kazuko at her most theatrical. Written in collaboration with Elliot James Frisby, the track oozes a dark aura as bluesy hooks flow, building with a cinematic grandeur to showcase the full soulful power of Calista’s vocals. With a playful spirit, she fuses together a nostalgic jazz-infused musicality with a unique, gritty edge. A truly majestic offering from this sophisticated and innovative artist.

Made with film-maker Philip Reinking, the beautifully shot and subtly haunting new video for ‘Sweet Jailbird’ is out now. Watch it here:

Calista Kazuko’s debut album Empress is out Spring 2019. Pre-order here.

Mari Lane

VIDEO PREMIERE: Medicine Boy – ‘Bottom Of The Blue’

Berlin-based duo Medicine Boy have shared new visuals for their single ‘Bottom Of The Blue’ and were delighted to be premiering it here on GIHEs. Formed of André Leo and Lucy Kruger, the pair released their latest album Lower via Fuzz Club at the beginning of October, and are currently touring the UK before moving on to play a host of EU shows.

We caught up with Lucy to talk about her ‘Five Favourites’ – five artists or albums that have influenced her songwriting technique. Check out her responses below, and make sure you watch the brand new video for ‘Bottom Of The Blue’ too!

I have never been someone who has been able to approach music/writing with a particular style or reference in mind. Things sort of fall out of me or they don’t. I like the idea that listening to something obsessively means somehow embodying it. There is a small (or not so small) shift in the way you think/feel/listen that will inevitably come through in the things you create. These are five albums that found me at certain pivotal points in my life – both musically and personally.

1. Joni Mitchell – Blue
I was sixteen the first time I heard Joni Mitchell. Or at least the first time I really listened to her. It was evening and I was lying on my bed and it felt like she was in my room with me. I was overwhelmed by the intimacy, the feeling of companionship. The kind of music that hurts you and holds you. And heals you. This record has scored most of my adult life and so every listen gets a little fuller. It is home and a constant reminder to remain honest.

2. Kate Bush – Hounds of Love
I fell in love with Kate Bush when I was very little. Her music excited me. I found her strange and intriguing. She seemed to be full of magic. As if she was an angel or a fairy or
something. She remains that presence in my life. So wild and full of feeling. She makes me want to dance and weep. She makes me feel braver about experimenting with expression.

3. Nirvana – In Utero
I suppose this was the first time music served a truly cathartic purpose for me. A vessel for deeply uncomfortable fifteen year old feelings. To be able to find and create beauty in the disconcerting and disturbing. This has always stuck with me. Music that allows you to feel seen, in all of your states. Particularly those that you are expected to keep more private.

4. Lark – Razbliuto
Lark is a South African alternative electronic band fronted by Inge Beckmann. I discovered them when I was in University and became a little obsessed. I would have done so had they not been South African but it was extremely meaningful to have something so inspiring so close to home. Their music is dark and driving and full of beauty. Melancholic, glitchy and gothic. I fell in love before seeing them live. And then I saw them live and was completely bewitched. Inge has an incredible presence. There is a force and freedom that is intoxicating. She is a punk and a poet.

5. Gillian Welch – Time (The Revelator)
This is an anchor of mine. There is a weight and a warmth in it that makes me feel safe and open and alive. It is stripped and essential and so very steady. The songs seem to fall out of Gillian and Dave and into each other. The last track is 14 minutes long and I am so grateful for all those seconds.

Medicine Boys UK Tour Dates 2018
23/11 – London (UK) – The Waiting Room
24/11 – Cardiff (UK) – The Moon
25/11 – Bristol (UK) – The Lanes

Order your copy of Lower here.
Follow Medicine Boys on Facebook for more updates.

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Video Premiere: Catgod – ‘Sleep In’

Having previously charmed crowds at Truck Festival, Cornbury Festival and many Sofar Sounds showcases, as well as receiving praise from the likes of Tom Robinson and Lauren Laverne on BBC 6 Music, Oxford band Catgod have now followed the success of last single ‘Keep My Promises’ with an utterly immersive new offering. Lead by sibling duo Catherine Marriott and Robin Christensen-Marriott, the band fuse together an eclectic array of sounds to create something simply captivating.

Inspired by the turbulent feelings of mistrust in a relationship, ‘Sleep In’ flows with the sweeping grandeur of Catherine’s folk-strewn flute melodies alongside sparkling harmonies and a completely bewitching delicate musicality. Oozing a soaring emotion-strewn splendour, it’s an utterly unique and instantly alluring fusion of sounds. Of the track, the band explain:

It’s about the turbulent feelings you have in a relationship where you don’t quite trust the other person. It’s about wanting to stay in bed with them all day but also having nightmares about them with other people.

Now, accompanied by a beautifully shot video filled with dreamy pastoral images to match the spellbinding musicality of the track, ‘Sleep In’ showcases all there is to love about this band, and marks them out as truly innovative masters of their craft.

Watch the brand new video for ‘Sleep In’ here:

‘Sleep In’ is out now via Could We Could. Stream it now on Spotify.

Video Premiere: Hilma Nikolaisen – ‘Only Me’

Following 2016’s debut Puzzler, Norwegian artist Hilma Nikolaisen has announced her upcoming new album Mjusic will be released next month, and has now graced our ears with an infectious new single.

Flowing with scuzzy hooks alongside Nikolaisen’s swooning, languid vocals, ‘Only Me’ oozes shades of the mellow alt-rock of the likes of Courtney Barnett or Pip Blom. Fuelled with impressive riffs and jangly, lo-fi melodies, it’s propelled by a paradoxical visceral energy whilst at the same time emanating all the dreamy, laid-back feels before it speeds to a final, whirring climax. Accompanied by a psychedelic new video, featuring artwork from Vanessa Baird, ‘Only Me’ is an uplifting slice of rock ‘n’ roll with a contemporary edge.

Of the video, Nikolaisen expands:

“I am a big fan of the artist Vanessa Baird. In 2016 I was fortunate to feature her work on the cover art for my debut album ‘Puzzler’. Baird’s breathtaking exhibition ‘You Are Something Else’ was really something else. I’m proud and grateful to have ‘Only Me’ and ‘You Are Something Else’ connected in this video.”

Mjusic, the upcoming new album from Hilma Nikolaisen, is out 30th November.

Mari Lane