Video Premiere: Weekend Recovery – ‘There’s A Sense’

Having previously blasted into our ears with 2018’s album Get What You Came For, and with acclaim from the likes of NME, Radio X and  Kerrang!, Leeds three-piece Weekend Recovery are back with an energy-fuelled new single.

Reflecting the intensity of being an artist in the music industry, ‘There’s A Sense’ is an immensely catchy slice of garage-infused pop-punk. Propelled by front woman Lori’s soaring, impassioned vocals, swirling hooks race with a raging energy; leaving you ready for more of its infectious, blazing force.

Accompanied by a DIY homemade video featuring spliced together footage of a variety of friends and family rocking out to the track, it offers an uplifting sense of togetherness and unity in these scary, uncertain times. Oozing a buoyant, gritty power alongside a sense of glimmering hope that shines through, ‘There’s A Sense’ is guaranteed to get you up dancing and singing along, much like the stars of the video. If you’re missing that unique euphoric joy only to be found at live gigs, this video’s definitely for you.

Of the video, Lori explains:

We had such an awesome idea for our video, but because of the current situation we had to (as with many businesses, artists etc) make adjustments. So we decided to reach out to our friends, families and supporters help make this very humbling version for our new song. It’ll also be nice to look back in a few months or years to remind ourselves every cloud has a silver lining and, although covid is terrible, it’s also brought us together. Thank you to everyone who helped us with this, it’s really brought a smile in the darkest of times.”

Watch the new video for ‘There’s A Sense’ now:

‘There’s A Sense’ is out now. Listen on Spotify.


Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Neil Chapman

EP: Weekend Recovery – ‘In The Mourning’

One of GIHE faves is stumbling back out of their debauched weekend state to bring a banging follow-up EP to the album, Get What You Came For, which came out earlier in the year. Indeed it’s so, the Kentonian punk-pop four-piece Weekend Recovery is back with four brand new tunes and EP, In the Mourning, to get pulses racing.

The crunchy, clashy guitars on opening track, ‘Bite Your Tongue’ pull you in from the get-go, setting the track up for a metal song only to be answered with lilting vocals and the walk-down riff from one of Pearl Thompson’s sordid nightmares, switching back to a Buckethead dream out of nowhere. It’s brill and sets the EP up perfectly.

With the following track being the EP’s title one, it’s in prime position to become one you keep going back to. Weekend Recovery have stuck to their guns, to what they’re good at, producing up-tempo, gurgling-guitar, persistent percussion and wickedly crooned hits. ‘In The Mourning’ may well be the highlight track.

After that comes a pair of great songs that take a different path, one that might hint towards what will be next from the band whose stage presence has rocked us and The Finsbury to its core. On the one hand, ‘On My Knees’ is the EP’s track that most sounds like it would have also made a fab track on the album. On the other, closing track ‘I’m Not That Girl’ is a maudlin, lamenting rock ballad with damn inspiring near-country harmonies throughout its chorus that, not gonna lie, makes us excitedly ponder, “What’s next?”.

In The Mourning, the new EP from Weekend Recovery, is out 27th September.

Em Burfitt

Get In Her Ears Live @ The Finsbury w/ The Menstrual Cramps, 08.06.18

Following a host of super amazing bands playing for us recently – including LIINES, Witch Fever, The Magnettes, H.Grimace, Ghum and Dream Nails  – we were back at The Finsbury on Friday for another jam-packed night of the best new music.

Kicking off the night, Bad Sidekick kindly stepped in to fill the shoes of Salvation Jayne who sadly had to pull out. But what a way to start the night: the trio absolutely blow us away. As charismatic front-woman Cooper Rose oozes her seething, Northern twang over immense, thrashing beats and raging riffs, I’m reminded of early Arctic Monkeys with a unique, gritty edge. New favourite band alert!

Next up Brixton’s Coltana bring their visceral energy to the stage, delivering their riotous punk-rock anthems. Propelled by frenzied, whirring hooks and the magnetic charm of Cat’s impassioned spoken word vocals, it’s a set filled with wit and infectious energy as the band treat us to their wonderfully ferocious offerings.

Penultimate band of the night, Weekend Recovery, draw in a loyal army of fans with their contagious energy and endearing warmth. Racing with uplifting hooks and the angst-driven power of front-woman Lori’s vocals, each track is an instantly catchy, perfect slice of punk-pop at its finest.

I’ve been waiting a long time to see headliners The Menstrual Cramps. and – on finally having the honour – they don’t disappoint. From the topical, tongue-in-cheek wit of tracks such as ‘Hashtag Sad Penis’ and the empowering, feel-good vibes of ‘Make Girls Feel Good’, to the immense, politically-charged force of ‘Frack Off’ and ‘Cull The Tories’, their fantastic, fist-clenching force never ceases. As Emilia leads the band with her uncensored, genuine, seething passion, The Menstrual Cramps give a welcome voice to the anger we’re all feeling about the way society’s headed. An intense outpouring of emotion, The Menstrual Cramps’ set combines activism with musical prowess, reminding us all why we need bands like this now more than ever.

Huge thanks to the four AMAZING bands who played for us on Friday. And catch us next month at The Finsbury on 13th July, when we’ll be joined by The Empty Page, MeMe Detroit, Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something and Jetstream Pony!

Words: Mari Lane / @marimindles
Photos: Em Burfitt / @fenderqueer

ALBUM: Weekend Recovery – ‘Get What You Came For’

“Get what you came for. Why don’t you give it to me?”

What would you get if you mixed the vocals of an edge-of-the-seventies punk band, an early ’90s riot fest, and a turn-of-the-century nu-metal outfit (but better)…? The answer is Weekend Recovery’s new album, Get What You Came For.

Riotous is the word from the Kent-hailing pop/rock outfit that has the vibes and energy of an early Paramore. The album opens with ‘Turn it Up’ and the catchy kind of guitar riff everyone enjoys in the vein of Jack Off Jill with dudes, whose influence is rife to the point of referential lyrics (“Can we pretend we’re Jack Off Jill?”) and a chorus reminiscent of Juliette & the Licks’ ‘Comin’ Around’.

These riffs can be found throughout the album, sometimes changing gear in the middle of the song to the joy you’d imagine coming as a surprise if you were to see the band live. “Is that the end of the — ” track, and the band plays on.

The majority of the album switches pace between fast, powerful, anthemic tracks like ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’ and ‘Why Don’t You Stay?’, and the softer ‘Anyway’ and ‘All My Own’, harking back to times that, for a lot of us, felt simpler politically and personally; it’s easier to picture the band on the stage of The Bronze in Buffy the Vampire Slayer than it is with a guest spot on Riverdale (do they even have bands?).

Get What You Came For is the sort of album I would have looped to the death ten years ago, when my body and mind were both rife with existential, teenage-to-twenty-something angst, not because the music mirrors that but instead because it heals it.

Good albums are journeys and lyrically Weekend Recovery’s Get What You Came For is exactly that; a weekend recovery and a breath of fresh air, and it’s another piece in the puzzle I’ve been trying to put together forever: Riot Grrrl needs a comeback.

Maybe that time is now.

Get What You Came For is out now. Catch Weekend Recovery live at the following dates (full dates here):

2nd March – Aatma, Manchester
8th March – Tap n Tumbler, Notts
10th March – Maguires Pizza Bar, Liverpool
17th March – Get the Fear, Birmingham
22nd March – The Fulford Arms, York
23rd March – The Junction, Plymouth
5th April – Sebright Arms, London
6th April – Poco Loco, Chatham
7th April – Green Door Store, Brighton
18th April – Wharf Chambers, Leeds
28th April – Rock Bar Metro, Bolton

Em Burfitt