Top 5 Playlist: ANNAVR

Berlin based avant-pop artist ANNAVR has just released her latest EP II: Vibration the second chapter of a three part trilogy series, which began back in the summer with I: Hallucination. This EP has been on repeat ever since it landed in our inboxes – an all encompassing, experimental, sonic soundscape that melts into your ears.

Hot off the back of this release we asked ANNAVR to put together her Top 5 Playlist for you all and what a Top 5 it is… Get listening, learning and loving.

Kelly Lee Owens – ‘More Than a Woman’ (Aaliyah cover)
It’s a shame, but I have to admit that I discovered Kelly Lee Owens’ work actually only through Spotify algorithms. Her name popped up in the ‘fans also like’ section on my artist page. I guess this is one of my favourite tracks from her, featuring the beyond beautiful voice of Aaliyah.

Lauren Auder – ‘these broken limbs again’
I can’t say that Lauren’s music influenced me (yet), as I just very recently discovered it – it reflects a certain musical wavelength that sounds and feels very familiar somehow.

Tirzah – ‘Gladly’
I don’t think it’s possible not to love this song. Also that Pitchfork quote: “‘Gladly’ is a warm embrace of a song that clocks in at a leisurely 65 bpm—incidentally, the resting heartbeat rate that indicates tip-top physical condition.”

Eartheater – ‘Peripheral’
The day I discovered Alexandra Drewchin’s music, I felt heavily relieved. At least for a moment. Which also happened with Dean Blunt for me. It’s like that rare moment when you experience someone making audible what partly goes on in your head, but you can’t even describe with words.

Dorian Concept – ‘Promises’
Oliver’s work always connected pretty much everything I look for in music. I was lucky to cross paths, with him in the role of a lecturer, at the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp in Berlin 2017. His latest album was probably my favorite of 2018.

Listen to ‘Vitamins’ by ANNAVR below, and find out more via Instagram & Facebook.

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