WATCH: Wyldest – ‘Abilene’

Wyldest, aka Zoe Mead, is a London-based singer-songwriter and producer. Having just announced the release of her new album, Feed The Flowers Nightmares, she has now also shared her disco-tinged second single, ‘Abilene‘. Following the release of her last album, 2021’s Monthly Friend, Zoe was burnt out creatively. She began collaborating with Luciano Rossi (Idlewild, Dama Scout), activating a new energy, and they went on to create what they jokingly call their “doom pop” record; the resulting songs are meticulously constructed, featuring variations on Wyldest’s ambient/dream-pop sound.

Playful and infectious, ‘Abilene’ is a song made to be performed to flashing disco lights. Hidden beneath the glow, is the tale of a sorrowful farewell to a close friend. Starting off with slow, dreamy vocals, and an electronic beat, it then blossoms into swirls of guitar, bringing us into the poignant emotional soundscape of the song (“Lessons you taught me, I’ll think of you Abilene”). 

This stirring latest offering from Wyldest brings out a more introspective side underneath the shimmering surface, blending happy and wistful memories into pure pop bliss. It’s a perfect indication of the different paths her upcoming album will take us on, whilst exploring the themes of regeneration and growth.

‘Abilene’ is accompanied by a heartfelt new video, featuring Get In Her Ears contributor Tutku Barbaros. Watch it below:

Feed The Flowers Nightmares, the upcoming new album from Wyldest, is set for release on 9th September via Hand In Hive.

Fi Ni Aicead

Photo Credit: Eva Bowen

Track Of The Day: Ruby Gill – ‘Public Panic Attacks’

If ever a song spoke directly to me, then it is ‘Public Panic Attacks’ – the resonant new single from Ruby Gill, a South African born, Melbourne-based musician and writer (and bird-watcher!). Its matter-of-fact and humorous lyricism follows a string of acclaimed releases since 2018, including the emotive folk-strewn splendour of ‘Your Mum’ and ‘you should do this for a living’.

The song starts off softly with delicate picked guitar as Ruby sings “Give me a second to breathe… heave my heavy heart….”, before leading us into the oncoming panic attack in a parking lot. The music speeds up with beautifully strummed dream-pop hooks, and a gently tapping rhythm as she tries to work out the cause – “is it the party or is it love…?” – as the backing vocals echo, creating a spellbinding atmosphere and build-up of tension throughout.

The bridge has the poignant lyric “am I scared of coming home, or is it the fear of being alone?”, before the gorgeous guitar solo glides seamlessly towards the abrupt conclusion “It has to..Stop!”

Certain to invoke rousing sing-a-longs, this anxiety anthem is as charismatic and infectious as they come. We all exhale with Ruby as the track draws to a close, transporting us to a happier place. Panic attacks have never felt so good.

Fi Ni Aicead

Photo Credit: Al Parkinson

Track Of The Day: Lou Roy – ‘Down Since 07’

LA-based Lou Roy is a self–confessed anti-genre singer and songwriter. With her upcoming debut album Pure Chaos due for release at the end of April Lou has shared its third single, ‘Down Since 07’. She credits the light and fun quality of her recent songwriting to a new found love of weed, and that is evident more than ever on this chilled synth/hip-hop-hybrid.

The initial ‘down’ beat and bass line leads us into a groove, where Lou sings she’s “down since 07 / down since I met you.” The mood changes in the bridge, becoming dreamier – “every bite’s a peachy cobbler” – sounding more psychedelic and with a slightly stronger beat, the mantra of the song’s title is repeated, ending on the evocative whisper “only one pulling me out of the corner to dance.” The contrast between how she really feels and what she says, comes through.

When speaking at the song, Lou explains: “It’s about being down to bang someone…However by the end, it isn’t quite the joyful yodel into a lush canyon echoing back to me that I’d planned for.” It’s a humorous slice of real life and fits perfectly with Lou’s ‘Joy is King’ mantra. Expect more grit and glamour from her upcoming debut album, which is set for release on 29th April via Balloon Machine Records.

Listen to ‘Down Since 07’ below.

Lou Roy’s debut album Pure Chaos is set for release on 29th April via Balloon Machine Records. Pre-order your copy here

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Photo Credit: Silken Weinberg

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Track Of The Day: Greta Isaac – ‘how are you not freaking out?’

Welsh singer-songwriter Greta Isaac has released her expansive new single ‘how are you not freaking out?’, the latest installment to her eagerly anticipated second EP, ‘I Think You’d Hate It Here.’

how are you not freaking out?’ offers a change in pace to the power-pop sounds found on previous tasters to the EP (‘5’1”’, ‘NUH UH’). The song has a soft dream-pop start, with subdued hooks accompanying Greta’s vulnerable vocals -“If you saw it through my eyes… You would hate it here”. As the song builds, it introduces a powerful emotional allure as the vocals become more passionate, and the soaring guitar creates an anthemic energy, allowing us to “see the wood for the trees and they’re on fire…”

Reflecting on the need to suppress feelings or perform to expectations, ‘how are you not freaking out?’ is a truly stirring, yet instantly catchy, alt-pop earworm. 

Greta Isaac’s upcoming EP, I Think You’d Hate It Here, will be released on 6th May. And she headlines Jack Saunders’ Hopscotch club night at Oslo on 8th April. You too will be freaking out if you miss this inspiring up-and-coming artist! 

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