WATCH: The Coathangers – ‘F The NRA’

We’ve been massive fans of Atlanta trio The Coathangers for a while now, finding comfort in their cathartic fusion of uplifting melodies and gritty, angst-driven energy. And today, with the release of their poignant new video for ‘F The NRA’, we see them speaking up for what they believe in, in an impassioned plea against gun violence. Referring to the US National Rifle Association which advocates for gun rights in the States, ‘F The NRA’ was written by guitarist/vocalist Julia Kugel, who felt compelled to make a political statement in the face of potential backlash, in part because she is a refugee from Belarus, a country with limited freedom of speech and press.

Propelled by a gritty, punk-driven energy, ‘F The NRA’ is a painfully topical offering charged by the band’s seething passion, trademark raw growls and driving, frenzied hooks. Accompanied by a protest-fuelled video, featuring spine-tingling statistics, including the final heartbreaking fact that ‘Every Day 100 Americans Are Killed By Gun Violence’, The Coathangers deliver a furious and clear message with an anthemic, potent force.

Kugel has expanded on her motivations to speak out in an essay published today at The Talkhouse, with contributions and advice from Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill), Brendan Canty (Fugazi/The Messthetics) and Dennis Lyxzen (Refused, International Noise Conspiracy). From the essay:

 “I do not take the freedom of expression that all U.S. citizens are granted lightly. The band was confident that we wanted to put ‘F the NRA’ on the record. It provided a personal catharsis and a sense of empowerment in the wake of the immense feeling of helplessness that was weighing heavily on us as we coped with continuous reports of mass shootings. It was not until those around us started warning us of the repercussions we could face, did we realize the risk involved in yelling at the giant. My ingrained fear of speaking out came back to me. Yet the reason I am a musician is because of a need to express my truth, personal or political. I began to question everything: the rights of an artist, the responsibility of being political, the fear of backlash, and the desire to be heard.” (Read more here)

Watch the powerful new video for ‘F The NRA’ here:

The Devil You Know, the upcoming album from The Coathangers, is out 8th March via Suicide Squeeze.

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Track Of The Day: Ex Hex – ‘Tough Enough’

At a time when the world is making us feel pretty powerless, the new single from Ex Hex offers a much-needed kick up the arse. An anthemic, empowering call to arms, ‘Tough Enough’ will have you running to the dance-floor and vowing to get shit done.

Reminiscent of the Runaways and The Go-Go’s, ‘Tough Enough’ is all massive power chords and soaring harmonies that beg to be shouted along to. According to the band, it’s about “turning on your tough switch and forging ahead through whatever storms are happening around you.” It feels like a feminist theme tune.

Described as “the power trio for our generation”, Ex Hex have spent the last few years building their reputation. And with ‘Tough Enough’, they prove that they’re still a badass force to be reckoned with. I wanna be in their gang. Or at least get hold of their new album.

Ex Hex’s second album It’s Real is out on 22nd March on Merge Records.

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Track Of The Day: Junodef – ‘The Things In Front Of Me’

Following the success of last year’s single ‘Heights’, and having supported the likes of Blonde Redhead, Swedish London-based band Junodef now return to grace our ears with a brand new single.

A song about confrontation and accepting defeat, ‘The Things In Front Of Me’ soars with a brooding, majestic power as the sweeping splendour of the vocals take hold. Oozing a twinkling ethereal glow and deep haunting grandeur, this latest offering from Junodef carries shades of the likes of Warpaint, whilst retaining the band’s own unique captivating grace. Of the track, they expand:

“We have all been in that situation where thoughts like ‘I could’ve done more’ or ‘If only I had…’ are nagging in the back of our heads, and it takes time to come to terms with and surrender to the idea that things played out in an inevitable way.

‘The Things In Front Of Me’ is out now via AWAL. Stream via Spotify and listen here:


And make sure you catch the magnificence of Junodef live tonight for us at The Finsbury, along with Muertos, Foundlings and The Fallen Sky. And all for FREE!

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Interview: Our Girl

Following last year’s debut album Stranger Today, we’ve been massive fans of the lush, fuzzed out sounds of Our Girl. And now, having supported the likes of Bill Ryder Jones, as playing as wowing crowds headlining The Garage, they’ve announced a gig at London’s Southbank Centre next month.

Ahead of the upcoming intimate set, we caught up with Soph from the band to find out more…

Hi Our Girl, welcome to Get In Her Ears! Can you tell us a bit about how you all initially got together and started creating music?
Hey! Josh and I were living in Brighton at the time, and I had written a bunch of songs I was desperate to get a band together for. I was obsessed with this Canadian two piece called Cousins at the time, so I initially imagined the band would be a two piece. It totally needed bass though, and Josh and I really wanted to play together so, although he’s primarily a guitarist, he started playing bass! We then tracked down Lauren through friends of friends and met up for a practice. We asked her to be in the band on the spot and it’s been the three of us ever since!

Your debut album Stranger Today was out last year to much acclaim, can you tell us about the writing process and the inspiration behind this album?
The songs on the record were written over a period of four years. About half the record was written before we started playing live, so it was really nice to be able to finally get them on record and make them sound exactly how we wanted them to. I write the songs at home on the guitar, and then I’ll normally send Josh and Lauren an unfinished demo. We’ll then get together in a practice room near where we live and we’ll flesh it out! It’s such a satisfying feeling when it all comes together.

We’re big fans of your lush, fuzzed out sounds, but who would you say are your main musical influences?
Thanks very much! We have so many different influences – I guess our sound is just the product of them all coming together! It’s not something we think of consciously during the writing process, but when I started writing songs I was listening to a lot of St. Vincent (mainly Strange Mercy which is my favourite of her records). I love the dynamics and theatrics in her music. We’re all fans of Warpaint too, seeing them perform as a teenager really solidified my want to play music with people. They make it look so easy and fun and I love the way they interact and play off each other – that’s a huge part of the joy of being in a band.

You’ve previously supported the likes of Bill Ryder Jones and Pale Waves, but is there a particular gig you’ve played that stands out as a highlight over the last couple of years? Our own headline show at The Garage was one of my favourite shows ever. It was the biggest headline show we’ve ever done and the crowd was amazing. It felt like we’d been building up to it for a long time, so it was quite cathartic. Another one of our faves was supporting our friend Marika Hackman at Shepherds Bush Empire! The venue’s beautiful, we had a great time.

And you’re going to be playing at London’s Southbank Centre next month, how are you feeling about this? And how do you think it will differ from your other gigs?
Yeah really excited! We played there (in the Queen Elizabeth Hall) when we supported Bill Ryder Jones and it was one of my favourite shows. I was a bit daunted by the idea of having everyone seated but actually it felt quite special. This show will feel similar but it’s in the Purcell Room which is smaller so will be quite intimate and we’re playing some more stripped down songs from a record we made called Bedroom Record which is an album of demos that accompanied our debut Stranger Today.

You’re currently based in Brighton which is well known for its array of new bands and artists! Are there any in particular you’ve come across recently that you’d recommend we check out?
We’ve actually all moved to London now but Brighton is one of my favourite places. A new Brighton based band I think are great are CLT DRP. It’s heavy and quite different to other things coming out of Brighton at the moment I think.

And how do you feel the music industry is for new bands at the moment – would you say it’s difficult to get noticed?
Yeah I think it is difficult. It’s also so multifaceted it’s hard to know who you even want to get noticed by. I guess it depends on what you want from being in a band! There are a lot of bands all trying to achieve the same things, especially in London, which makes it harder. Having said that, there are lots of opportunities for new bands to play gigs – DIY have set up a cool scheme that bands can apply to to get shows. We also have friends who put on shows which give new bands an opportunity to perform in really friendly and supportive environments (Echochamp do a lot in Brighton and Memorials of Distinction in London).

It’s that time of year when we’re just starting to hear about all the various festival line-ups… which ones are you particularly looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to Liverpool Sound City! We recorded part of our record there and loved it, so it’ll be nice to be back.

Finally, besides your upcoming gig at Southbank Centre, what else does 2019 have in store for Our Girl?
Well, we have a UK tour around the Southbank Centre show that are all in intimate venues/churches so I think that’ll be quite an interesting change from the kinds of places we normally play. After that it’s festival season and in the gaps we’re going to be writing and working on new songs!

Huge thanks to Our Girl for answering our questions! Catch them live at The Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room on 6th March at 7.45pm – tickets available here

Photo Credit: Hollie Fernando

Track Of The Day: Deep Tan – ‘Air’

Having previously supported the likes of Madonnatron and Naima Bock from Goat Girl, London’s Hackney-based three piece Deep Tan have spent the last year honing their sound, and have now shared a captivating new single.

A song about deception, ‘Air’ oozes a brooding sense of melancholy and dark sweeping splendour as poignant vocals are sung in both French and English. Exuding a dark, ethereal aura and twinkling dreamy haze, it’s a truly beguiling slice of atmospheric alt-pop. Of the track, the band explain:

“The song is about islanders who lie about being able to swim, and they’re a metaphor for people who lie generally. They pretend they can swim, but they can’t. It’s meaningless. It’s just… ‘Air’.”


‘Air’ is out now. Catch Deep Tan live:

9th March – The Windmill, London
13th April – The Shacklewell Arms, London

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Alexandra Loveless



WATCH: MeMe Detroit – ‘De Moe’

Having received acclaim from the likes of Clash, Louder Than War and BBC Introducing, as well as wowing us more than once with her energy-fuelled live show at The Finsbury, at the end of last year Birmingham’s MeMe Detroit shared her immense new EP Life In The Now. 

Taken from the EP, latest single ‘De Moe’ is inspired by the negativity that seems to emanate from the human mindset due to the way society has moulded us. A ode to positivity overcoming the bad thoughts that can hold us back, it’s a gritty, scuzz-filled blast of grunge-tinged rock ‘n’ roll. With MeMe’s trademark gravelly snarl and penetrating riffs, it blasts into the ears with its intense racing beats, propelled by a frenzied sense of urgency and raw, soaring power.

Filmed at Pirate Studios and directed by Dwane Perks, watch the new video for ‘De Moe’ here:

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Premiere: Scrounge – ‘Crimson’

As any regular readers/listeners of GIHE will be aware, we’ve been huge fans of South London duo Luke and Lucy – aka Scrounge – for a while now. Ever since they completely blew us away with their epically energy-fuelled set at one of our gigs at The Windmill last summer, we’ve been struggling to put into words just how impressive we find their refreshingly original sound. Now, following last year’s edgy single ‘Etch’ and sharing stages with the likes of Desperate Journalist and Phobophobes, Scrounge return to blast into our ears with the furious power of a brand new offering.

Propelled by Luke’s intense pummelling beats and Lucy’s trademark gritty snarl, ‘Crimson’ creates a frenzied swirl of sound that’ll wrap itself around you with a racing sense of urgency. With shades of the soaring majesty of Sonic Youth, whilst retaining the duo’s utterly unique and colossal genre-blending sound, ‘Crimson’ offers a wonderfully discordant whirring cacophony that builds with an immense power at break-neck force to a truly breathtaking climax. Of the track, the band explain:

‘Crimson’ is about the mythologies that one builds up around oneself, and what happens when those mythologies rub up against reality and their flaws are exposed. We recorded it in an afternoon with our mate Mark in South Bermondsey, writing and rewriting the lyrics as we played, and worked hard to channel the disorientating feelings. Confusion and loss are at the heart of the enterprise…

Produced and mixed by Mark Estall at Marketstall Recording, listen to ‘Crimson’ for the first time here:


‘Crimson’ is out now and you can catch Scrounge live (which we STRONGLY RECOMMEND!) at the following dates:

13th February – The Waiting Room, Stoke Newington (with Unhappybirthday)
21st February – Hare & Hounds, Brighton (Club Fugly with Currls)
8th March – The Finsbury, London (for yours truly Get In Her Ears!)
30th March – Bang On Fest, Berlin

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