Track Of The Day: Caswell – ‘Distraction’

Hailing from Suffolk, and long-term GIHE fave, power-pop artist Caswell debuts her first release of 2020 in this spunky, energetic track ‘Distraction’.

With an eerie intro that feels like a long echoing hallway leading to a dance-floor, Caswell teases the scenario of the break-up rebounder. Deep low-ended synths set the song’s vein with dark soundscapes that exude a stirring sense of mystery.

‘Distraction’ breaths with both the hurt and hurry that comes with a break-up. Eagerness is evident, but equally is the presence of escapism. Caswell explains that her intention is to take these common, sometimes taboo scenarios and tell it like it is: “Imagining someone other than who you are with is not something people will openly admit, so this song addresses that quite candidly.”

The track’s wit truly transcends the status quo and does so in a fun, catchy way that is bound to have you up and dancing. With lyrical boldness, a euphoric chorus and a downtempo beat that creates its own atmosphere, Caswell has brought us a versatile banger that is equally suited for the club and a late night drive. 


‘Distraction’ is out now. Listen on Spotify.

Jill Goyeau

Video Premiere: Weekend Recovery – ‘There’s A Sense’

Having previously blasted into our ears with 2018’s album Get What You Came For, and with acclaim from the likes of NME, Radio X and  Kerrang!, Leeds three-piece Weekend Recovery are back with an energy-fuelled new single.

Reflecting the intensity of being an artist in the music industry, ‘There’s A Sense’ is an immensely catchy slice of garage-infused pop-punk. Propelled by front woman Lori’s soaring, impassioned vocals, swirling hooks race with a raging energy; leaving you ready for more of its infectious, blazing force.

Accompanied by a DIY homemade video featuring spliced together footage of a variety of friends and family rocking out to the track, it offers an uplifting sense of togetherness and unity in these scary, uncertain times. Oozing a buoyant, gritty power alongside a sense of glimmering hope that shines through, ‘There’s A Sense’ is guaranteed to get you up dancing and singing along, much like the stars of the video. If you’re missing that unique euphoric joy only to be found at live gigs, this video’s definitely for you.

Of the video, Lori explains:

We had such an awesome idea for our video, but because of the current situation we had to (as with many businesses, artists etc) make adjustments. So we decided to reach out to our friends, families and supporters help make this very humbling version for our new song. It’ll also be nice to look back in a few months or years to remind ourselves every cloud has a silver lining and, although covid is terrible, it’s also brought us together. Thank you to everyone who helped us with this, it’s really brought a smile in the darkest of times.”

Watch the new video for ‘There’s A Sense’ now:

‘There’s A Sense’ is out now. Listen on Spotify.


Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Neil Chapman

Re-Covered: Sally Anne’s Illustrated Favourite Albums

If you’re anything like us, throughout Lockdown you may have been seeking refuge in some of your favourite records, perhaps rediscovering some old classics along the way. So, for this new feature, illustrator Sally-Anne Hickman re-imagines her favourite ten albums of all time by painting their covers in her own unique style, using watercolours.

Check out the fourth of Sally-Anne’s choices below, and keep your eyes peeled for the rest over the next few weeks…

Smashing Pumpkins- Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
This incredible alt-rock concept album, ten times platinum, has it all. Its stylistic range is so varied that it opens with a sweeping piano instrumental and takes us on a sonic journey that encompasses layers of heavily distorted guitars with orchestral strings. Twenty eight songs in length, none sound the same but they are all unmistakably Pumpkins tracks. Heavy rock epics with phenomenal drumming, electronic pop tunes, operatic themes with time signature shifts that leave you with whiplash!

Sally-Anne Hickman

Track Of The Day: Madame So – ‘Generation Y’

Having previously blown us away live at The Finsbury, and with acclaim for her last two EPS It’s Not Even A Colour and Sell By Date, Paris-born London-based artist Madame So has returned with a poignant new single.

Bathing in a discordant sea of scuzzy riffs, ‘Generation Y’ builds the tension with a raging sense of urgency. As her vocals ooze a gritty power with a blazing raw emotion, Madame So reflects on how millenials’ youth culture is perceived by older generations, and how this cycle of judgement is snowballing into generations to come. With shades of the frenzied cacophonies of Kim Gordon’s solo material, it’s a soaring slice of immense punk-pop; an impassioned and compelling listen for these times.

‘Generation Y’ is out now. Listen on Spotify.

Mari Lane

LISTEN: Amaroun – ‘Rise’

Having received support from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and BBC 6 Music’s Chris Hawkins, GIHE fave Jay Brown – aka Amaroun – returns to grace our ears with the fifth in a string of new singles she is releasing each month.

Flowing with shimmering hooks and glitchy beats alongside Brown’s rich, emotion-strewn vocals, ‘Rise’ continues the theme of being a queer woman, which has run throughout each of the tracks she’s released this year. Oozing a stirring, effervescent power, juxtaposed with a gritty energy, it’s a truly poignant reflection on rising up against oppression.

Of the track, Amaroun explains:

When you fall or get knocked down, do not stay down, do not let them hold you down,  rise up, rise up against oppression. If you are marginalised, if you are queer, it’s hard out there! Tell your story proudly, see yourself, your change and your journey as beautiful and as growth. You are an ever changing authentic being so just be exactly that.


Co-written with Boris Labant, ‘Rise’ is out now.

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Sophomore – ‘Social Distancing’

Grunge may not traditionally be the most uplifting genre, at least not in its earliest ’90s incarnation. But pandemic-related times call for pandemic-related responses. And where else could they come from but the epicentre of Australian cool, Melbourne, and one of its more recently emerging groups: Sophomore. A four-piece that combines members of Valentiine and Get in Her Ears faves Mannequin Death Squad, ‘Social Distancing’ is only the band’s second single, following debut ‘Sally’ and a raft of shows across their home country, which have earned them heaps of praise from the local press.

‘Social Distancing’, as the name would suggest, was written at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic which perhaps belies its, ultimately, optimistic message. Making perfect use of lead guitarist Vanessa and rhythm guitarist Elly’s Celebrity Skin-era Hole-style harmonies, its lyrics talk of “the lonely getting lonelier” and the “penniless stay[ing] poor”, amidst “lies in the news” but promise that, as a people, “we will rise again”. 

Linking the unrelenting pressure of media panic to a condition that leaves its victims unable to breath is a neat touch, as the song encourages its listener to pull back from misinformation and, by extension, consider others. To this end, its video also serves as a smart combination of Max Fleischer-style cartoons, public information movies about disease – both in black and white – and DIY shots of friends, family and fans of the band in colour, harking back to what the band refer to as “simpler times”.

Although it’s said to be a curse to live in “interesting times”, Sophomore are certainly making the best of it, and by repurposing the Pixies quiet-loud-quiet template, they’ve refashioned an old genre into something relevant. For so many bands, being stuck inside and unable to gig could be damaging, but, judging by their socials, the Aussies seem to be just as committed to getting their sound out as ever through online gigs and interviews. And, on the strength of the two singles to date, a post-pandemic world keen to hear some new music could be just the right springboard for the effervescent foursome. Don’t keep your distance from this band.

John McGovern

Track Of The Day: Ishani – ‘Unkind Vibrations’

Having previously released songs that are cerebral, deeply personal, and ethereal, up-and-coming singer, songwriter and producer Ishani has now shared her latest single. 

‘Unkind Vibrations’ mood and vocal stylings are reminiscent of ’90s alt-pop band Sneaker Pimps – gritty, feminine vocals over sinking beats and trippy melodies. Repeating the words “this is my reality”, Ishani sings of breaking through the daze of overwhelming news and going on a “visual diet” so she can focus on her music; the one thing that gives her clarity. Steezo jumps in with a few bars on his destiny as a musician, having epiphanies after lucid dreaming.

With minimal accompaniment from quintessential trip-hop snares and spare bass lines, Ishani uses a cacophony of her layered vocals to create an atmosphere of anxiety before finally resolving in spinning and glitchy echoes. A soulful and poignant anthem for the times we now find ourselves in. 

‘Unkind Vibrations’ is the first single from Ishani’s upcoming EP, co-produced with Zaflon, which will debut in late summer. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud


Aisha Kasmir