EP: The Violet Kind – ‘OXTR’

Scotland is alive with the sound of The Violet Kind and their captivating new EP, OXTR.

The EP consists of four songs, conceptually challenging variations on the theme of rape culture, which ties in pretty tightly to the uprising of the #MeToo movement. A movement that, sadly, has divided gender politics more than it has united them. Still, the face that, through it, women have stuck together, will continue to stick together, and to step up and speak up for each other, has been monumental.

Not all bands confront these sorts of politics head on, and some that do who may be chart-orientated manage to whilst stepping around it, but The Violet Kind veer far from making vague statements: their songs were made to create a story, and that’s exactly why OXTR has to be experienced in order.

Front-woman Katya Mansell’s aim to highly regard survivors of the globally flawed system is shown. In lyrics like “you will save his life as she goes through hell” and “tell me who you’d rather protect?” (both from second track, ‘Good Behaviour’) Mansell confronts the apologists and law-makers directly. With the accompaniment of bright backing guitar riffs in the indie-vein of Vampire Weekend and the rolling drums of Ra Ra Riot — courtesy of band members Liam Duffy (bass) and Kyle Hamilton (drums) — Good Behaviour (and OXTR as a release) is as catchy as it is a message to those who don’t listen.

While it tells a story, the tracks differ from one another musically. The aching ‘Speakeasy’ heads into ‘Good Behaviour’, which fades into a calmer ‘Coffee and Contemplation’ that sounds like good thoughts over shitty coffee in a local greasy spoon the morning after. From there, closing track ‘Science’ ends the EP with a simple statement – “the truth cannot be altered/take time to practice self-love” – and a thundering crescendo of class.

If you love indie with meaning, listen to The Violet Kind’s OXTRAnd when I say listen, do.

OXTR is out now on Kindness Records.

Em Burfitt

LIVE (Photos): REWS @ Oporto, Leeds, 15.03.18

Rock duo REWS have been long time favourites of Get In Her Ears – they’ve wowed us with their thrashing energy numerous times live, including at our own night at The Finsbury, and we cannot get enough of their glorious debut album Pyro. 

Our Jon caught some snaps of them, with support from the wonderfully riotous Weekend Recovery, live at Oporto in Leeds on Thursday.

Weekend Recovery:


Jon Mo 

Premiere: MeMe Detroit – ‘Soc Med Junkies’

Following singles ‘How She Runs’ and their distinctive rendition of Bowie’s ‘Ashes To Ashes’, MeMe Detroit have spent the last year wowing crowds across the country – including us at The Finsbury! – with their immense raging energy. And now, the Birmingham band are ready to share a brand new video.

Blasting out racing, raucous riffs and thrashing beats, ‘Soc Med Junkies’ is a gritty slice of infectious rock ‘n’ roll. Commenting on modern society’s addiction to social media, it’s filled with raw, seething vocals and an impassioned, rousing magnetism, with shades of the likes of rock legends Foo Fighters. And then, just as you start to find yourself utterly immersed in the track’s soaring energy, you’re greeted by a disconcerting pause in the middle of the video as you wait for it to ‘buffer’ (a nice touch to the social media theme), before being penetrated by MeMe’s riotous power once more.

Proving once again that they’re a sonic force to be reckoned with, MeMe Detroit remain firm favourites with this insightful and enjoyable latest offering.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Jennifer Stone Photography

Interview: Katherine Deal

Having recently rocketed back into the limelight, thanks to an interpolation of their classic ‘I’m Too Sexy’ from none other than Taylor Swift on her recent single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, Right Said Fred have worked their way firmly back into our hearts.

We caught up with the band’s saxophonist Katherine Deal to find out about her time with ‘The Freds’, and her experience of being a woman in male-dominated industry.

Hi Katherine, welcome to Get In Her Ears! Please introduce yourself.
Hey! Thanks very much. I’m a saxophone player/multi instrumentalist living in London getting to do what I love and travel the world, and of course, the saxophonist for Right Said Fred!

What’s it like being the saxophonist for Right Said Fred?
A lot of fun! The first time I played ‘I’m Too Sexy’ whilst cat-walking around the stage was awesome. The guys are great to work with, really funny and really intelligent, I’ve learnt a lot from them.

The mash up of Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do / I’m Too Sexy’ looked like a lot of fun to perform, can you tell us a bit about the the experience of recording it?
It was. It was great. We were all in a room for the recording and mashed-up the two songs, which is sort of a challenge when you’re so used to playing the original but we had a great time, the guys did a great job. I think we definitely had the ‘Swifty Spirit’.

Who would you say are you main musical influences?
I’m very into soul/pop/gospel. In terms of sax players, my favourites are Kirk Whalum (Whitney Houston), Mike Phillips (Jill Scott) and the legendary Bob Berg. In terms of artists I’ve always been a big fan of the likes of Miles Davis, Destiny’s Child, Run DMC, Lauryn Hill, N Sync.

Have you found that being a woman in a male-dominated industry has affected your experience?
Yep, it can’t not in such a male dominated industry. Most musicians are male; most managers and agents are male. Audience members think they can touch you simply because you’re a woman (It happens a lot!). There’s also this stigma about female musicians, especially at pop gigs, that they’re only there because they look good but can’t actually play well. So, I’m all about smashing that persona and supporting other women doing the same. There are so many incredible female musicians around. I have, however, been very encouraged by a lot of top male musicians around me for how encouraging they’ve been and how they’ve looked at me and treated me as an equal and looked out for me in that respect, making sure nobody is taking advantage of the situation. That’s powerful and what we need more of. Luckily, we are living in a great time thanks to the bravery of key female figures and the awakening of the press, and the tables are slightly turning. Nevertheless, I and a lot of other female musicians have too many stories of harassment and situations that a male would never find themselves in within the industry.

What can fans expect from the RSF live show with the full band?
Vibes! Fun! Lots of jumping, reflective moments, big drums, big synths, just a big sound with a great vibe. Oh, and some epic outfits from Richard.

Are there any other projects you’re working on at the moment?
I’m just mainly either gigging or in the studio recording for artists.

And what does the rest of 2018 have in store, do you have any live dates coming up?
Yep, we are going to LA, which is going to be amazing! We are also doing this festival in Amsterdam with a 60 piece orchestra and 65,000 audience. Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in the world, so I can’t wait! It’s going to be a good year.

Right Said Fred‘s I’m Too Sexy EP is available to buy now via their official siteSpotify and all good online outlets.

Track Of The Day: Suzie Stapleton – ‘Negative Prophet’

Having received acclaim from the likes of Louder Than War and BBC 6Music’s Tom Robinson, as well as having toured with artists such as Mark Lanegan and Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind, Australian artist Suzie Stapleton has now shared her powerful new single.

Exuding a dark, brooding atmosphere, ‘Negative Prophet’ is Stapleton’s protest in an oversaturated world where the powerful feed on the powerless. As the immense power of her deep, raw vocals drift alongside reverb-strewn, blues-ridden hooks, the track oozes a haunting, otherworldly splendour. As it builds with a gradual crescendo and eerie intensity, ‘Negative Prophet’ is a majestic, and spine-tinglingly captivating, creation.

‘Negative Prophet’ is out now, and you can catch Suzie Stapleton live at The Finsbury for yours truly on 11th May.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Steve Gullick




Track Of The Day: The Ninth Wave – ‘New Kind Of Ego’

If you’re a noughties girl who wishes she living in an 80s world: The Ninth Wave‘s new single ‘New Kind Of Ego’ is going to melt your nostalgia-hungry ears off.

It’s the first track to be taken from their forthcoming EP Never Crave Attention, released April 20th on Distiller Records. The band will also be embarking on their first UK headline tour this year to support the record, including a gig at London’s Shacklewell Arms on May 16th.

Produced by Dan Austin (Massive Attack, Sløtface) at The Distillery, ‘New Kind Of Ego’ is an electric 80s “post-punk explosion” which seethes with impatience and uncertainty. Speaking about the new single, front man Haydn Park says: “‘New Kind Of Ego’ is a dialogue between two people and their insecurities in each other, focusing on the reasons for this lack of trust.”

With support from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart, Huw Stephens, and Radio X’s John Kennedy – there’s no need for The Ninth Wave to feel insecure about their sound. Listen to ‘New Kind Of Ego’ below, and follow the band on Facebook for more updates.

The Ninth Wave live dates 2018
05/05 Live At Leeds
06/05 Liverpool Sound City
10/05 Cafe Drummonds, Aberdeen
11/05 Church, Dundee
12/05 The Georgian Theatre, Stockton-on-Tees
13/05 Soup Kitchen, Manchester
14/05 Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
15/05 Louisiana, Bristol
16/05 Shacklewell Arms, London
18/05 The Great Escape
29/06 TRNSMT Festival
20/07 Deer Shed Festival
02/08 Neverworld Festival

Never Crave Attention will be released on April 20th on Distiller Records. Pre-order it here.

Photography: Martin Barker

Kate Crudgington