Get In Her Ears w/ Jessica Winter 27.08.20

Tash & Kate were back in the studio this week with plenty of new music tunes to fill your ears. They caught up with South London based songwriter (and queen of sad bangers) Jessica Winter to talk about her recent EP Sad Music, and what life in lockdown was like for her.

Music highlights include: Fran Minney, Noga Erez, Seraphina Simone, CHINWE, Arlo Parks, Komang, Dream Nails, MOURN, Emma Kupa, LibraLibra and more.

Listen back:


Balraj Singh Samrai, Pandit G Gavsborg, Farah Amad Khan, Shanique Marie, Tunde Adekoya, Vikaash – I Should Have Hugged You Tighter When We Last Met (Oh What a Joy)
Fran Minney – Sirens
Seraphina Simone – Hollywood $$$
Noga Erez – You So Done
Asche-Rose – Daisy
Emma Kupa – ‘Nawlins’
P-rallel x Greentea Peng – Soulboy
Arlo Parks – Hurt
CHINWE – Intoxicated
Lemon Drink – Manic
Couch Prints – Tell U
Masma Dream World – Theta
SpaceAcre – Way Over
Death Valley Girls – Hold My Hand
Living Body – I Do
Jessica Winter – Sad Music
**Jessica Winter Interview**
Dream Nails – This Is The Summer
Komang – DEWI
MOURN – This Feeling Is Disgusting
LibraLibra – Listerine
Mango – Mistakes
Portishead – Glory Box (Live)
Garbage – Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)
Shania Twain – Man I Feel Like A Woman

Get In Her Ears 20.08.20

Kate was back in the studio this week playing loads of new music from women and non-binary artists. Her sister Holly provided lolz in the background.

Music highlights include: Bitch Falcon, Blonde Maze, Percolator, Ultraista, New Pagans, Tired Lion, CLT DRP, Big Joanie, Foxgluvv & Screaming Toenail.

Listen here:

Le Tigre – Deceptacon
X Ray Spex – Warrior In Woolworths
Ultraista – Tin King
New Pagans – Yellow Room
Tired Lion – Lie To Me
L.A. Witch – True Believers
Bitch Falcon – Test Trip
CLT DRP – Kill For Nothing
Stay South – Sick Of Me
April – Forever (Feels Like Tonight)
CARRON – Even Sad Birds Sing (Kobina Remix)
Talking Violet – Indigo
Ailbhe Reddy – Between Your Teeth
Foxgluvv – Don’t Text Back
KYNSY – Cold Blue Light
All Things Blue – White Lady Dogs
Oceanator – Heartbeat
Screaming Toenail – Get Cute
Big Joanie – Cranes In The Sky (Solange cover)
Zoe Graham – Gradual Move
Dehd – Month
Beckie Margaret – God
Indian Queens – Shoot For Sexy
Percolator – Binkle
Blonde Maze – Not All Flowers Bloom
Mary Anne’s Polar Rig – Your House
Baby Bulldog – Rodney
Soccer Mommy – Your Dog
The Big Moon – Your Light
Tiger Mimic – Where The Fire Used To Be
Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande – Rain On Me

Get In Her Ears 13.08.20

Kate was back in the studio this week with her no.1 fan (see pic above) playing 2 hours of new music!

Highlights include MJ Guider, Fraulein, New Pagans, Jessica Winter, Circe, LibraLibra, Bitch Falcon and more.

Listen back here:

Madonna – Hung Up
Jessica Winter – Sad Music
Chelsea Peretti feat. Kathleen Hanna – BDR
Evil House Party – Wicked
MJ Guider – FM Secure
Circe – Ten Girls
LibraLibra – Lonely Girl
Calva Louise – I Wish
Indigos – Silhouette Of You
Belako – Truth
Bitch Falcon – Gaslight
Despicable Zee feat. Tiiva – We Won’t Stop (Remix)
Notelle – Bugs
Lido Pimienta – No Pude
Medicine – Time Baby III
HOLE – Awful
Arlo Parks – Cola
Gillie – Winter Girl
Magick Mountain – Infinity X2
REWS – Today We’re Warriors
Noga Erez – NO News On TV
Girlpool – Like I’m Winning It
New Pagans – Admire
Mothercanyouhearme – Knowing You
Jess Locke – Fool
Molly Payton – Warm Body
Robyn Harris – Sunburn Season
Ria Rua – Red
Fraulein – Mary
Faith Evans – Love Like This

Get In Her Ears x Summer Sounds 06.08.20

Tash & Kate were in the Hoxton Radio studio spinning some of their favourite summer sounds. Highlights include tracks by Kynsy, heka, Scuti, Evil House Party, Babehaven, Circe and bestfriend. They kicked off the show with Kate Bush and finished with Whitney. Enough said.

Listen back here:

Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill
Circe – Ten Girls
Ailbhe Reddy – Between Your Teeth
Cehryl – moon eyes
Bestfriend – last bus in the a.m.
Babeheaven – Cassette Beat
The Crayon Set – Summer Song
Mandi (m&i) – into my mind
Bethany Thomas – I’m Not Sorry and I’m Not Scared
Girlhood – sister
Julia Sophie – I Left You
Kynsy – Cold Blue Light
Deaf Surf – Strangers
Izzy Bizu – Tough Pill
Robin Kester – Cigarette Song
Fenne Lily – Three Oh Nine
Dream Nails – Vagina Police
Scuti – Weekend
Evil House Party – Wicked
Heka – redwoods
Byenary – Princess Give A Fuck
The Muffin Heads – Snow White
Hannah Moule & The Moulettes – Idiolect Pt.1
Laura Guarch – Fleeting Light
HAAI – Head Above The Parakeets
Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay