Track Of The Day: Talk Like Tigers – ‘Sacred Feminine’

In anticipation of their debut double-EP release, Newcastle’s Talk Like Tigers reveal ‘Sacred Feminine’ – a feminist-indie-pop anthem. As identical twins and a two-piece indie band, the duo manifest a captivating presence the moment that their creative efforts join together.

Charlotte and Stephanie blend the melodies of indie-pop’s catchy merit with wisps of other outside influences like retro synth-pop and dreamy alternative pop. What remains steady in the vividness of Talk Like Tigers’ lyrical takes, which paint colourful images via the pair’s lush, velvety vocals. The vocal harmonies in ‘Sacred Feminine’ are a fierce, distinguishing element that adds a fizzing energy to the track. Many producers feel that this kind of oral chemistry is exclusive to siblings, so to hear the synchronisation of these gifted twins is quite the exhibition.

While switching between synths, guitars and snappy drum pads, the duo glitter ‘Sacred Feminine’ with quirky rhythms that are both abstract and infectious, symbolising the multi-faceted aspects of femininity. Celebration is a central sentiment as listeners are transported to a space where both the beautiful and the strong nature of femininity merge to reflect the goddess-like qualities of the phenomenon.

Talk Like Tigers summarise that their track “is a powerful, anthemic song about femininity and female worth.” ‘Sacred Feminine’ honours femininity, vulnerability and intuition as absolute strengths in this empowering anthem.

Watch the sparkling, uplifting video for ‘Sacred Feminine’ here:

Talk Like Tigers are set to release their debut double EP in May. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Jill Goyeau

Photo Credit: Lee Scullion

LISTEN: People Club – ‘Francine’

A soulful offering that explores what it’s like to love someone who’s caught in the grip of addiction, Berlin-based indie band People Club have shared their latest single ‘Francine’. Taken from their upcoming EP Take Me Home, which is set for release later this year, the track navigates the difficult subject by blending lush synths and lo-fi guitars with yearning, passionate vocals.

“‘Francine’ is a song about commitment and how love can fade away leaving only wickedness behind,” the band explain. “The song speaks from the voice of a partner whose lover is helplessly addicted to drugs.” The sadness in this narrative voice is encapsulated in the repeated lyric “I often said ‘I wonder if you love me / or if you just need company,'” before the yearning chorus of the eponymous name takes hold. The five-piece gently traverse their narrator’s spiral of doubt through moody, Motown-infused grooves.

‘Francine’ is accompanied by a stylish monochrome video, shot in wintertime in Berlin and directed by Felix Spitta. “The video is a play on the old idiom of ‘being your own worst enemy’,” the band explain, “a phrase which quite beautifully captures the inner critic which we know so well, especially during the course of the pandemic.”

Watch the video for ‘Francine’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

Get In Her Ears: Ones To Watch 2020 (16.01.20)

At the fresh new time of 7-9pm, Tash served up a strong playlist of GIHE’s ‘Ones to Watch’ for 2020. Highlights include: Hinako Omori, Pongo, Greentea Peng, Hurtling, LibraLibra and Jemma Freeman & the Cosmic Something.

Listen back here:

Garbage – I Think I’m Paranoid
Pongo – Canto
Greentea Peng – Sane
Sea Change – Stepping Out
Peaness – Kaizen
The Big Moon – Barcelona
Summer Camp – Women in Love
PVA – Divine Intervention
Nayana Iz – how we do
Gold Baby – Philadelphia
ARXX – Moments At A Time
Tamesis – Cosmic Heat
Big Joanie – Fall Asleep
Laulia – Outcast Kids
Yacht – Blue on Blue
Ella Winter – Burnt
Jemma Freeman and the Cosmic Something – Helen Is A Reptile
LibraLibra – Loverboy
Hinako Omori – Bank Of Inner Criticisms
Otta – Small Hours
Lucy Gooch – Calm Down
FKA Twigs – Cellophane
Tasha Angela – Undescribable Feeling
Hurtling – Summer
Lauren Alex Hooper – Clarity
Texas – Drawing Crazy Patterns

Track Of The Day: hear – ‘Oysters’

I’ve found a new addiction and it comes in the form of new musical project hear with their dark, hypnotic, lyrically enchanting music. ‘Oysters’ in particular stood out to me with its poetically pertinent messages of sexual perversion, discovery, frustration, desire… “did it please you well? to see her hanging there”.

It’s hard for me not to draw parallels to early Savages, however hear are of course distinct in their own version of post-punk. hear is a musical project from Jorinde Croese and Natalie Connlly who aptly say “… we’re not quite sure how to classify – labels perhaps feel a little old, and the music doesn’t quite come from obvious reference points, at least not for us.”

Without a doubt hear are now firmly on my ‘Ones to Watch’ list, fingers crossed for some live dates soon.


Tash Walker

Photo Credit: Markn Ogue