PREMIERE: Alice SK – ‘Another Girl’s Man’

Following collaborations with Muca (L.A Salami, Los Bitchos) and Bossa Nova legend Roberto Menescal, songwriter Alice SK has now announced her debut EP, set for release later this year, and today shares the poignant first single.

Reflecting on feelings of love turning sour and the self-destructive tendencies this can evoke, ‘Another Girl’s Man’ combines lilting, blues-infused melodies with folk-strewn gentle strumming; a perfect musical soundscape providing the backdrop for Alice’s sweeping, emotion-rich vocals. Oozing a sparkling grace and soulful splendour, it’s a twinkling heartfelt ballad that’ll soothe the ears and calm the mind with its stirring, effervescent charm.

‘Another Girl’s Man’ is produced by Muca. Of the collaboration, Alice SK comments:

“I’ve been writing for years and it never really crossed my mind to get involved with others on the writing side of things; but when I heard a few of Muca’s other projects and his ideas for the demos that I showed him, I thought it could be a great combination of our two sounds and I’m hoping that that comes across in the tracks too.”

Listen to ‘Another’s Girl’s Man’ for the first time here:

‘Another Girl’s Man’ is out tomorrow, 15th July, and is taken from Alice SK’s upcoming debut EP, set for release later this year.

Mari Lane

LISTEN: Tamara – ‘Best Advice’

Inspired by the post-breakup experience, Oxford’s Tamara brings us an honest telling of the net that supported her in her beautifully dainty track, ‘Best Advice’. It isn’t all advice given that we keep close to heart, but the pieces of insight that hit just right, we nestle close to indefinitely. 

Tamara sifts through these offerings as she builds self-knowing in the language of twinkling indie-folk. With a soft guitar warming the roots of ‘Best Advice’, Tamara allows her lyrics to take the forefront as she unravels her revelations piece by piece: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them, the first time.” It is clear that Tamara has formed new insights through this transitional period; lessons have been learned; a shimmering sense of optimism oozes throughout – a comforting reassurance that she will carry this knowledge into every experience she has to come.

Layered in the shadows of Tamara’s raw guitar, bass riffs scurry across the chorus in support of the pleasant mood she has established. It is this bare bones approach that highlights the full gravity of her storytelling. With a knack for therapeutic lyrics and rich, silky tones, Tamara’s ‘Best Advice’ is cathartically entrancing; a single moment of endearing reflection, captured in a long journey.


Jill Goyeau