LIVE (Photos): LIINES @ The Grace, London, 09.09.2021

It’s been a long eighteen months, but gigs as we know and love them are slowly starting to return… Following an epic night capturing Berries at The Grace last month, our photographer Jon Mo returned to the North London venue last night to witness the swirling force of GIHE faves LIINES live.

Kicking off the night, Anna Vincent (Heavy Heart, Happyness) charmed the crowd with the glistening allure and heartfelt emotion of her lilting soundscapes. A perfectly dreamy start to the night.

Next up, previous headliners of more than one GIHE live night, ĠENN deliver an energy-fuelled set. Oozing their immense, empowering spirit alongside impressive riffs and racing beats, they never fail to enrapture the crowd with their unique charisma and buoyant spirit.

Celebrating the release of their potent new single, ‘Keep On Going‘, long-term faves and previous GIHE headliners LIINES don’t disappoint, blasting out their brooding, relentless sonic explosions with a frenetic sense of urgency. As Zoe’s distinctive raw vocals soar, the Manchester trio prove once again that they’re a truly sublime force to be reckoned with.

Photo Credit: Jon Mo / @jonmophoto

Track Of The Day: Anna Vincent – ‘Naxos’

Having previously charmed us fronting indie-pop outfit Heavy Heart (who headlined a dream of a gig for us at The Windmill a while back), and as a touring member of Happyness, after two decades making music London based Anna Vincent has now launched her first solo venture. With her debut album set for release in October on Max Bloom (Yuck)’s new label Ultimate Blends, she has now shared a dreamy new single.

Reminiscing about a sunny trip to Greece with Bloom in the early stages of their relationship, ‘Naxos’ flows with twinkling, folk-strewn hooks and glistening chiming chords alongside Vincent’s smooth, luscious vocals. Rippling with a captivating charm and lilting, sun-kissed energy, with shades of the likes of Angus & Julia Stone, it’s a beautifully shimmering ode to falling in love, oozing a euphoric sense of romanticism and hope. So, prepare to sit back and immerse yourself in ‘Naxos’ spellbinding majestic grace and blissful vibes; an exquisite, sparkling soundscape that perfectly captures the feelings of comfort and serenity that only come with spending time with your favourite person – “With you, I’m finally home”.

Of the track, Vincent expands:

“There was also something dreamlike and magical about travelling to the island by boat and being marooned there, but happily so.  I had this feeling of being home, even though it was the first time I’d been there, and I realised it was the feeling you get being with someone you love: anywhere could be home if we were together.”

Watch the blissed-out new video for ‘Naxos’ here:

Under The Glass, the upcoming debut solo album from Anna Vincent, is set for release on 29th October via Ulimate Blends. Pre-order here.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Max Bloom