Video Premiere: Jessica Faroe – ‘Beautiful’

Having first started performing when she was just seven, and having lived all over the world, following 2017’s Awaken EP, London-based artist Jessica Faroe has now shared a brand new single.

A step away from the metal-inspired sounds of her last EP, ‘Beautiful’ is propelled by glitchy beats as synth-soaked melodies soar alongside the luscious sweeping power of Faroe’s vocals. Seeking to inspire others to free themselves from damaging internalised hatred and encourage healing through self love and acceptance, the track oozes an uplifting and poignant message of positivity. Bathed in a soulful splendour, it’s a beautifully glistening slice of empowering alt-pop. Of the track, Faroe expands:

What frightens me is the thought that there are so many others in this world who probably have the exact same thoughts as me about themselves – ‘I’m not attractive enough’ ‘I’m not good enough’ ‘I’m not capable enough’ etc. So I decided to write a song not just for myself, but for all who are suffering out there silently.

‘Beautiful’ was written at the beginning of the year, recorded at home during lockdown, and is accompanied by a touching new video, featuring various people with messages of what being “beautiful” means to them. Watch it here for the first time:

‘Beautiful’ is out now. Listen on Spotify. 


Mari Lane