Track Of The Day: Beauty Sleep – ‘The Feeling Back’

Littered with moments of galactic dream pop, Beauty Sleep’s new single ‘The Feeling Back’ longs for a past just out of reach.

With twisting bass-lines and groovy percussion, the trio’s instrumental would be apt on a glistening dancefloor. Twinklings of glittery keys permeate the track, making it sound like it would be best played on a still, warm summer’s evening.

‘The Feeling Back’ is led by its clever melody, with oscillating hooks and grooves swirling alongside front-woman Cheylene’s soft vocal, oozing a dreamy sense of wistfulness. Whether through the lullaby-like opening or the hazy soundscape of the track, the tangible nostalgia shines through.

Of the track, the band explain:

“It’s a little bit nostalgic for that youthful feeling – where everything is exciting and the world is your oyster, as we’re growing up that seems harder to come by.”


‘The Feeling Back’ will feature on Beauty Sleep’s debut album, released in September.


Erin Bashford
Photo Credit: Megan Doherty