Track Of The Day: Sui Zhen – ‘Being A Woman’

Following recent captivating singles ‘Perfect Place’ and ‘Matsudo City Life’, Melbourne experimental pop artist Sui Zhen is back with a poignant new offering.

Propelled by throbbing beats and sparkling hooks, ‘Being A Woman’ showcases Zhen’s majestic, sweeping vocals in a beautifully layered effervescent soundscape that particularly resonates. As Zhen sings “… being a woman you have to hold yourself before you hold someone else”, she speaks to anyone feeling drained by the world; anyone who’s feeling insufficient at not being able to fully support others because they’ve exhausted themselves trying. She speaks to anyone who needs to recognise the importance of self care and making time for yourself before being able to help others. A heartfelt and stirring ode to womanhood, ‘Being A Woman’ is an empowering and impassioned slice of twinkling alt pop that may be just what you need to hear today to pick yourself up and keep going.

Of the track, Sui Zhen explains:

The sense of duty, obligation and function that comes with living in a female body is both heavy and powerful. It takes so much strength to live a life as a woman.”

Losing, Linda, the new album from Sui Zhen, is out now via Cascine.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Agnieszka Chabros