LISTEN: Grandmas House – ‘Golden’

A seething criticism of capitalist greed and the chronic misuse of power, Bristol queer punk trio Grandmas House have shared their latest single ‘Golden’. Taken from their upcoming self-titled debut EP, which is set for release on 15th October via Brace Yourself Records, the track is a gritty, thundering reflection on the apathetic outlook of the organisations that profit from the suffering of others.

Formed of Yasmin Berndt (vocals, guitar), Poppy Dodgson (vocals, drums) and Zoë Zinsmeister (bass), Grandmas House formed in late 2018 and were busy cutting their teeth on the UK gig circuit before Covid-19 put an abrupt stop to live music. The trio decided to use their time in the following lockdowns constructively, quickly writing and recording new material, including their latest single ‘Golden’.

“We wrote ‘Golden’ about the government and other big powerful organizations ruling the show and getting richer from each other, whilst literally destroying the world,” the band explain. Berndt’s distinctive, raspy vocals and noisy guitar riffs rage over Dodgson’s thudding beats and Zinsmeister’s rumbling bass lines, combining to create a raucous, commanding take down of the forces that continue to oppress us.

To accompany the new single, Grandmas House have announced a string of live dates across the UK, including a headline show at The Windmill in Brixton on 3rd November. Check out their socials for the rest of their upcoming tour dates.

Listen to ‘Golden’ below.

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Photo Credit: Rosie Carne

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: CHANG – ‘Tinderella’

Like blisters from a glass slipper, CHANG’s latest release epitomises the frustration we might feel when walking home from an abysmal date. A modern, grisly take to fairy tale romances, ‘Tinderella’ radiates a headbanging heat that would set a mosh-pit alight. Though catchy, its muddled, almost confused narration and sections of random noise are heavy haphazardness at its finest. Fuelled by drummer Jeff “The Jingle” Ingle’s feverish energy, this song angrily launches us into a regimented beat that is simultaneously crashing and catchy.

Though singer Alexandra “Geez” Amargianitakis’s pacing of the vocals in ‘Tinderella’ is reminiscent of Poly Styrene’s in ‘I am a Poseur’, her grungy tone pushes the band into the 90s Riot Grrrl arena, with her Courtney Love-esque crooning veiled in the vigour. Laced with allusions to Snow White with lyrics like “mirror mirror” and “who is the fairest of them all?”, the song reflects a world in which dating is doomed with debauchery. It’s when the song slows that we really get to see the lustre of some of the lyrics though. Alexandra’s sultry singing is juxtaposed with vividly grotesque imagery like “I’m a deep-fried slug / slithering deep back down to the earth.”

With various pace changes, it’s clear that ‘Tinderella isn’t mindless chaos but has pockets of deliberate, carefully constructed aptitude. Despite having garnered the attention of BBC Radio 6 Music and Radio X, it’s early days for CHANG. But one thing is for sure, there will be several monstrous melodies to come.

Watch the video for ‘Tinderella’ below.

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Jay Mitra

Track Of The Day: Mumble Tide – ‘Sucker’

A charming cacophony of grungy guitars and bittersweet vocals that celebrates the feeling of moving on, Mumble Tide have shared their latest single ‘Sucker’. Marking their first piece of new music since their 2020 debut EP, Love Thing, this new offering sees the Bristol-based duo urge listeners to shrug off the weight of the world’s expectations and walk away with their heads held high.

Formed of Gina Leonard and Ryan Rogers, Mumble Tide originally met through a Gumtree ad and began making music from their bedroom under the supervision of Furbs the Furby, who nods approvingly as the pair create their casual-yet-cool sounds. Everything the band create is entirely self-produced, including their own videos and artwork, proving that all you need is good company and a comfortable atmosphere to make meaningful art.

“This one is just a super fun track we threw together. It’s about feeling confident and free and moving on, or at least trying to,” explains vocalist Gina about ‘Sucker’. “It’s about throwing the baggage off your shoulders and strutting away…but also accepting that it’s not that easy.” With its catchy chorus and rolling rhythms, Mumble Tide’s new single is a carefree slice of 90s-esque guitar music that fizzes with understated joy.

Listen to ‘Sucker’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Slagheap – ‘Caffeine’

Following recent single ‘Peckish’ and 2019’s eponymous debut album, Slagheap have announced an upcoming new full-length album. Having been invited to support the likes of Billy Nomates, Beak and GIHE faves Big Joanie, the Bristol DIY band have now shared a brand new single.

Propelled by a whacky, racing energy, ‘Caffeine‘ does exactly what it says on the tin: giving a sonic depiction of the frenzied nerves incited by too much coffee, or the similarly fraught feelings induced by a first crush. As deep grunge-fuelled bass hooks are accompanied by jangling beats and raw, playful punk-inspired vocals, a shimmering cacophony is created, harking back to Riot Grrrl bands such as Bratmobile. Oozing an infectious, uplifting power, its sunny, scuzzy zest and vibrant, tongue-in-cheek lyricism is riotously refreshing; a quirky blast of energy leaving you ready to face the world, whether or not you’ve had your daily coffee-fix.

‘Caffeine’ is accompanied by homemade, zine-inspired (and super cute) new video. Watch here:

Mari Lane