Track Of The Day: Mourn – ‘Call You Back’

An edgy, relatable exploration of the anxieties around answering the phone; MOURN have shared their latest single, ‘Call You Back’. Released via Captured Tracks, the band have managed to turn their feelings of unease into an instantly gratifying, cathartic guitar tune.

Boldly opening with the repeated lyric “I’d rather die”, the Catalan three-piece are quick to communicate their dread about a seemingly easy task, but then confess on a more personal note: “before letting you know how I feel about you.” MOURN are adept at tapping into universal insecurities, providing a personal angle, and deconstructing them through indie guitar hooks and powerful vocals.

Since the release of their 2019 album, Sorpresa Familia, MOURN have undergone a lineup change (drummer Antonio Postius left the band), and severed ties with their former Spanish label. It’s fair to say the band have done a lot of growing up, and this is reflected in their current single. “I admire you, and it’s hard to realise that you might be wrong” the band admit on ‘Call You Back’, rooting their lyricism in a more mature reality.

The accompanying video for ‘Call You Back’ was (ironically) shot on the band’s smart phones, as they were unable to create the music video they had planned due to Spain’s current lockdown. The result is an inventive, witty set of visuals that communicate the band’s desire to escape their anxieties. Watch the video below, and follow MOURN on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Photo Credit: Cristian Colomer Cavallari

Kate Crudgington