LISTEN: Stainwasher – ‘Chems’

Swedish artist Stainwasher is not one to shy away from darker states of emotion. Her 2019 debut EP, What Did I See, was a sonic journey through personal fears and unsettled thoughts, explored via soaring synths and tentative vocals. On new single ‘Chems’, released via Feverish Records, Stainwasher has crafted another dark, alluring lullaby that broods with a bittersweet anxiety.

“I always start with a sound when I’m making a new song,” she explains about her songwriting process. “This time with ‘Chems’, it came from an electric guitar, plus a bunch of effects. From there, I built the track and added stuff until it felt just as anxious as I like it. I made this song months ago, long before coronavirus, but I feel like many people might think it’s about that, but it’s a big difference between chemicals and virus infections.”

Stainwasher has a clear ability to tap in to her anxious thoughts and turn them into beguiling, cinematic sounds that showcase her talent as an emerging electronic artist. Her delicate blending of atmospheric synths, soft vocals and electric guitar on ‘Chems’ makes for intoxicating listening.

Listen to ‘Chems’ below.

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Photo Credit: Henrik Lennartsson

Kate Crudgington