Track Of The Day: Clara Byrne – ‘To Rome’

A soft, nostalgic tribute to her hometown of Bray in County Wicklow, Irish musician Clara Byrne has shared her latest single ‘To Rome’. The second single from her upcoming album Handstitched, the track reflects on Clara’s trip to the ancient city and documents the thoughts she had about her hometown whilst wandering amongst its famous ruins.

“Bray, this seaside town has been there to meet me at all the different stages of my life. From my first day of school, to my first love, to my first gig, each patch of the town holds a memory,” Clara explains. “During a particularly bad slump in inspiration, a dry patch in creativity, and even a lull in passion for music, I received a lump sum of emergency tax back. Though I was a struggling student at the time I decided to head off and explore the city of Rome as a stark contrast to my little town. I brought a pen and paper for company and this song is the result of that trip.”

‘To Rome’ is the result of Clara’s journey to Italy, full of gentle alt-folk guitar sounds and her rich vocals. “The evidence of the cities previous empire is scattered on every street corner in the form of these beautiful ruins. In a strange way, it gave me hope,” Clara continues. “Those living during that time must have seen their world as I see mine; seemingly impossible to change and difficult to imagine the end of all they’ve ever known. I think the contenders for the biggest impact in your life feel like they could go on forever. Whether it’s a relationship, the current political system, a pandemic or a great empire, nothing lasts.”

Watch the accompanying video for ‘To Rome’ directed by Bray artist Ed Cleary below.

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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Clara Byrne – ‘Conflict Bound’

A poignant reflection on the pressures and contradictions we encounter living under capitalism, Irish songwriter Clara Byrne has shared her debut single ‘Conflict Bound’. Lifted from her upcoming debut album Handstitched, Byrne finds refuge from these overwhelming thoughts via her atmospheric alt-folk guitar sounds and patient vocal delivery.

“In a world filled with juxtaposed opinions and clashing ideals, it is getting progressively harder to know where to stand,” Byrne explains about her new track. “It can be nearly impossible not to get bogged down in fighting the opposition or slaving towards winning small mercies. It all seems so vast, so utterly impossible to grasp. But there are rare occasions when a clearing appears through the density. These moments when everything is laid out in its most digestible form, are worth waiting for.”

Through her sincere lyrics and rich vocals, Byrne navigates through “sheltered point(s) of view” and appeals to her listeners, asking them not to turn away from “systemic flaws”, but to unite together to dismantle them. The track is also accompanied by a video created by Rachel Noble, formed of scenes from global protests, deprived buildings and busy urban landscapes.

Listen to ‘Conflict Bound’ below.


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Kate Crudgington