LISTEN: Tiiva – ‘Collide’

An uplifting sonic delight that celebrates the inner strength we find when we allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable, producer and songwriter Tiiva has shared their latest single ‘Collide’. Fresh from remixing tracks by Tiece, Roma and Despicable Zee, Tiiva’s new solo new offering marks a moment of intense personal catharsis.

“‘Collide’ is about the woozy moments where you let yourself be human,” Tiiva explains. “The consuming moments where you’re in the dark and can’t see a way out and the knowing cycle that despite it all, you’re still here. We wear disguises and dress up to keep ourselves feeling strong, every so often you’ll allow it to fall, and be vulnerable. The balance of being strong in a harsh landscape, and still letting yourself be close to people is not something we can easily compartmentalise.”

Pushing through these anxious moments, Tiiva’s soft vocals lilt over fizzing synths and atmospheric beats to create a heady, reassuring slice of electro-pop. “It’s a dangerous game and I’m too tired to fake it” Tiiva gently confesses, as their insecurities blossom into acceptance, forming a lush ambient soundscape for listeners to fall back on in times of uncertainty.

Listen to ‘Collide’ below.


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Kate Crudgington


Impassioned vocals and delightful melodies combine on Nordic trio I SEE RIVERS‘ latest single, ‘Collide’. The track is accompanied by a set of beautifully choreographed visuals, featuring two dancers clashing before finally resolving their differences and coming together again.

The trio, formed of Eline (Keys, vocals, percussion), Gøril (guitar, vocals, drum pad) and Lill (drums, vocals) met whilst studying in Liverpool, despite originally coming from Norway. The band have since relocated to Pembrokeshire in Wales, and are recording their debut album in the newly renovated Carmel Chapel with the aid of Owain Jenkins.

Speaking about their new single, the band explain: “The themes of ‘Collide’ are of conflict and reconciliation, turbulence and transparency. In contrast to the familiar voices and relatable lyrics, the production of the song is both more contemporary and more adventurous than our previous releases, focusing more on creating space using a combination of gritty, acoustic sounds and sweeping, synthesized elements.”

We welcome this new direction in sound from I SEE RIVERS’, and embrace their pitch perfect voices and developed “float pop” sounds here at Get In Her Ears. Watch the video for ‘Collide’ below, and follow I SEE RIVERS on Facebook for more updates.

Listen back to our radio show with the trio here.

Photo Credit: Ollie Couling

Kate Crudginton