Track Of The Day: congratulations – ‘Kryptonite’

A frenetic, playful anthem born form the desire to release pent up energy post-lockdown and shake off the memories of a bad date, Brighton-based band congratulations have shared their latest single ‘Kryptonite’. Full of lively riffs, chant-worthy vocals and driving beats, the track was inspired and built around the momentum of the the band’s live performances, which were warmly reciprocated after months of absence from the live music scene in 2020.

Formed of James Gilligham, Greg Burns, Jamie Chellar and Leah Stanhope, congratulations have been busy writing and recording their EP in their own studio (a shed attached to the back of guitarist Jamie’s house), with bassist Greg on mixing and production duties. They’ve got plenty of new material to share, with singles ‘Lucy, Lucy’ and ‘Kryptonite’ offering a taste of what’s to come. “With live music finally hitting its stride again, we’ve been able to do what we love and play to people – it’s been magic,” the band explain. “It means we’ve looked at all of our songs completely differently and its influenced the way we write. Before, we’d write in the studio, and have to learn it all over again to be able to play it live. But this time ‘Kryptonite’ came to life in rehearsal rooms and onstage, where we were hammering it into shape every time we played it. I think because of this, it’s a much more straightforward song compared to our others; it’s four people playing very hard”.

A rousing, defiant track that instinctively inspires listeners to move along to the beat, ‘Kryptonite’ is accompanied by a fun workout themed video featuring the band members in their trademark brightly coloured outfits. “The tempo of the chorus has inspired this run on the spot move we all do live, which in turn inspired the music video for the track,” explains Leah. “We joke that the song is such a workout for us when we play it, we thought wouldn’t it be fun if we did a workout fitness video and people could join in! I couldn’t do a vocal take in the studio without instinctively doing the run – its part of the song now!”

Preferring not to be too prescriptive about the lyrics and inspiration behind the track, Jamie offers the following cryptic information about ‘Kryptonite’, explaining that the classic 1978 Superman film played a part in its conception. “I always watch the film with my mum and sister, we love the scene where Lois Lane interviews Superman, where she gets so dressed up for him – I mean you would wouldn’t you? – And he ends up dropping her from 1000 feet. Not the best first date! I think we’ve all been excited for a date, only for the person to be a bit of a… well not what you expected. I’m never mad keen on explaining a song to the nth degree but hopefully it’ll just make you smile listening again and realising what we were on about.”

Watch the band’s self-directed video for ‘Kryptonite’ below.

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congratulations Live Dates 2022
26th July – The Hope and Ruin BRIGHTON
29th July – Heartbreakers SOUTHAMPTON
5th August – Moth Club LONDON

Kate Crudgington