Track Of The Day: Pretty Happy – ‘Salami’

A raucous, wise-cracking anthem about the complexities of processed meat, Cork art-punk trio Pretty Happy have shared their latest single ‘Salami’. Full of sardonic lyrics, gutsy vocals and crashing percussion, the track is a ridiculously good off-kilter banger that rambles through the band’s many absurd thoughts and feelings about the pork-based snack.

Formed of Abbey Blake (guitar), Arann Blake (vocals, bass) and Andy Killian (drums), Pretty Happy have been busy cutting their teeth on the DIY Irish music and arts scene over the last few years. Abbey is a founder of Angry Mom Collective, a movement set up to challenge the gender imbalance in Irish arts, whilst Arann and Andy are keenly involved in the local drama and film scenes. Together, the trio combine their talents to create their distinctive sounds and ‘Salami’ is the first taste of what’s to come from them this year.

Arann tears through the band’s “demonic grocery list” via his silly-but-smart lyrics, Killian pummels the ear drums with his cymbal slams and Abbey brings the noise with her intense Earthquaker guitar pedals. The track is accompanied by a comical music video, which follows “pork connoisseur” Abbey on her quest to consume as much of the meat as she physically can. The band are set to release an EP in the coming months and we’re excited to hear more from the eccentric trio. Watch the video for ‘Salami’ below.

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Photo Credit: Nick O’Donnell

Kate Crudgington