EP: Tokky Horror – ‘I Found The Answers and Now I Want More’

If you love The Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’, Tokky Horror’s latest EP I Found the Answers and Now I Want More is the exhilarating debut you need to hear. Hailing from Liverpool, London and Manchester, the virtual hardcore collective made up of Zee Davine, Ava Akira and Mollie Rush layer growling guitars with EDM. The result? A cyber goth masterpiece that hits you as hard as MDMA.

Kicking wormholes through genres, the queercore group mix rave and rock to produce a record that emulates the same intense and futuristic energy of The Matrix. This is the kind of special EP you need to listen to through both earphones to fully appreciate.

Dragging us into a new dimension is the brazen, pulse-racing opening track ‘Girlracer’, which launches listeners into punk-infused drum and bass. Lyrically tearing apart the pop culture bond between masculinity and fast cars, the song revs its engine angrily at the expulsion of women from hyper-masculine spaces, which Davine notes often includes “dance culture itself.”

The beats on ‘Simulate Me’ pulse at levels that could match a Love Honey vibrator. Laced with laser synth sounds and erotic imperatives like “touch me / love me”, the song frankly takes on the topic of virtual love and dating, particularly fitting for the pandemic restriction era we are living in. Next up is ‘Godliness’, which stands out against the others and offers a slightly mellower take on electronic rock. As Davine says, “I think we show our more expansive side on ‘Godliness’…it’s us letting our guard down a bit for something more genuine.”

With croaking, shrieking vocals and distorted heavy guitar sounds, ‘Eden on Acid’ is probably the most punk-sounding song of the EP (and my favourite track too.) It’s only one and half minutes long, yet has an edge and intensity to it that reminds me of the intro of My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Only Shallow’. Finishing with ‘Sleeper’, Tokky Horror strips the opening riff from The Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’ and creates an exhilarating build-up to a hypnotic refrain. A strong end to an EP that shows off the trio’s instrumental momentum and individuality.

Listen to Tokky Horror’s new EP, released via Alcopop! Records, here.

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Jay Mitra

PREMIERE: Hockeysmith – ‘Down Love’ (remix)

Ricocheting between a piano ballad, a dancefloor anthem and an industrial pop track, producer and songwriter Hockeysmith has shared a new remix of her single ‘Down Love’. Taken from new compilation men an toll, released today (12th March) via Cornish indie label EEL Collective, the remix is one of fourteen new tracks that showcases the eclectic talent of the local underground electronic music scene in the county.

“The remix is actually the original demo of ‘Down love’,” Hockeysmith explains. “Produced by me and my live bandmate Martin Pease, AKA seamouse within the eel community. I originally wanted the song to sound like bubble-gum black metal, starting off on the piano, how it was written, and ending up in gabba territory after jamming at Martin’s with all his elektrons!” Fusing these unusual musical elements together with her sugar-sweet vocals, Hockeysmith’s remix has become an intoxicatingly fun floor-filler, making listeners yearn to get back on the dancefloor again.

Run by Łukasz & Annabel (aka Hockeysmith), EEL collective describe their new compilation album as “a musical postcard from us to the world.” The record is named after the ancient Cornish standing stones of men-an-tol, which were once believed to cure ailments, ward off witchcraft and see into the future. Shrouded in this beguiling folklore, each artist on the album has contributed an original piece of music, spanning the experimental, ambient, techno, IDM and UK Garage genres.

Listen to the remix of ‘Down Love’ below.


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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Tokky Horror – ‘Girlracer’

The new project from ex-Queen Zee vocalist Zee Davine, Tokky Horror’s debut single ‘Girlracer’ is a wild blend of drum & bass beats, dance music rhythms and punk-infused energy. Released via Alcopop! Records, the band gatecrash the outdated notion that only boys can enjoy the thrill of fast cars and fast music.

Formed of Mollie Rush, Ava Akira and Davine, the Liverpool/London trio come at their listeners full speed on their debut offering. Speaking about the new track, Davine explains: “For me, ‘Girlracer’ is a joyous return to the fun of creating and making music after falling out of love with it. The experience of creating Tokky Horror has helped me address what my priorities are with my creativity, and how I wish and need to express myself. Sonically we had no idea what we would sound like, except we wanted it to be intense, visceral and cathartic.”

The band are also donating 100% of the income from the single on their Bandcamp page to Black Minds Matter UK and Action for Trans Health UK.

Listen to ‘Girlracer’ below and follow the band on bandcamp & Facebook for more updates.


Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Caswell – ‘Distraction’

Hailing from Suffolk, and long-term GIHE fave, power-pop artist Caswell debuts her first release of 2020 in this spunky, energetic track ‘Distraction’.

With an eerie intro that feels like a long echoing hallway leading to a dance-floor, Caswell teases the scenario of the break-up rebounder. Deep low-ended synths set the song’s vein with dark soundscapes that exude a stirring sense of mystery.

‘Distraction’ breaths with both the hurt and hurry that comes with a break-up. Eagerness is evident, but equally is the presence of escapism. Caswell explains that her intention is to take these common, sometimes taboo scenarios and tell it like it is: “Imagining someone other than who you are with is not something people will openly admit, so this song addresses that quite candidly.”

The track’s wit truly transcends the status quo and does so in a fun, catchy way that is bound to have you up and dancing. With lyrical boldness, a euphoric chorus and a downtempo beat that creates its own atmosphere, Caswell has brought us a versatile banger that is equally suited for the club and a late night drive. 


‘Distraction’ is out now. Listen on Spotify.

Jill Goyeau