LISTEN: Kynsy – ‘Cold Blue Light’

A dark synth-pop gem that oozes with defiant attitude, Kynsy has shared her latest single ‘Cold Blue Light’. The Dublin-based, multi-instrumentalist places life’s bullies and sarky chancers in her cool spotlight, berating them with her twisted synths and sardonic vocals.

“Haven’t you heard the news? / well you got sick old fashioned views” Kynsy (aka Ciara Lindsey) seethes, refusing to tolerate abuse and societal pressure to conform. Based on her own experience of being at a New Years Eve party watching a man spout racist remarks at people, Kynsy makes it viscerally clear what she thinks of those who “abuse and terrify the young” with the stinging lyric “well I hope someone cuts out your tongue.”

“’Cold Blue Light’ is about the bullies we all encounter in life and looking for meaning in the darkness they create” explains Kynsy. “I wanted to write a song that held some sort of balance between destruction and hope. The result was a rowdy pop song truck full of sticky anger and synth pop goo. The video was filmed just with a camera on a tripod in my back garden, I wanted it to be direct and simple so people could focus on the music.”

Watch the video for ‘Cold Blue Light’ below and follow Kynsy on Spotify & Instagram for more updates.

Photo Credit: Paula Trojner

Kate Crudgington