Track Of The Day: Maria BC – ‘Devil’s Rain’

A tender reflection on the cherished summers they spent with their grandparents in northern Ohio, Brooklyn-based artist Maria BC has shared their latest single ‘Devil’s Rain’. Taken from their upcoming EP of the same name, which is set for release on 5th February via Fear of Missing Out Records, the track is a comforting realisation about how joy and melancholy can harmoniously co-exist in your memories.

“When I was little, my grandmother would sit with me on the porch during rainstorms and read me chapter books,” Maria explains. “While we sat on the porch swing one day, the sun came out while the rain kept pouring and she taught me the term ‘devil’s rain’. I think it’s a Southern expression (my grandmother grew up in Kentucky). I love the phrase, how sinister it is and the event itself — sunshine and rain, co-occurring opposites — puts you in a spiritual mood, all wonder and melancholy.”

Maria’s warm memories of being “cradled by a summer day” are reflected in their ambient  guitar sounds and emotive vocals. Despite the dreamy nature of the track, Maria’s peace feels as temporary and interchangeable as the natural phenomenon they’re singing about, accepting that beliefs and emotions are as fleeting, but as awe-inspiring as the tempestuous weather.

Listen to ‘Devil’s Rain’ below.


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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Maria BC – ‘Adelaide’

An ambient reflection on disconnecting from the world before finding your way back to it again, Brooklyn-based musician Maria BC has shared their debut single ‘Adelaide’. Taken from their upcoming EP Devil’s Rain, which is set for release on 5th February 2021 via Fear of Missing Out Records, the track is a blissful, lo-fi meditation on breaking introverted thought cycles.

“A friend of mine used to work as a museum guard,” Maria explains about the inspiration behind their new single. “Guests would almost never ask her questions, so she had a lot of downtime. She would spend hours building ‘memory palaces’ which are a mnemonic device that have helped some people to achieve total autobiographical recall. My friend would spend six, seven hours a day making these palaces. When she told me about this, another friend of mine said, ‘Aren’t you worried about getting lost in your interiority?’ And I thought, ‘damn, that’s so true’. I’ve seen that happen to so many people. It’s happened to me many times — this feeling that I’m stuck in the architecture of my own ego. ‘Adelaide’ isn’t about my museum guard friend — it’s a song addressed to a depressed version of myself, or someone who needs a hand to pull them back into the social world.”

Maria’s metaphorical hand is extended via soft guitar sounds and hushed vocals on the single. “I don’t want to tell you this,” Maria tentatively remarks before carefully unfolding their thoughts over four minutes of ambient sounds. Recorded in Maria’s apartment through April and May of 2020, ‘Adelaide’ is an intimate, soothing offering and a revealing insight into what’s to come from this talented emerging artist in 2021.

Listen to ‘Adelaide’ below.

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Photo Credit: Sergio Gutierrez

Kate Crudgington