NEW TRACK: REWS – ‘Misery’

A riotous ode to resilience and self preservation in the face of adversity, REWS have shared their latest single ‘Misery’. Despite the pessimistic title, the track, released via Earache Records, is an empowering blend of heavy riffs and defiant vocals that urge listeners not to let life’s more difficult moments make them question their own abilities.

“This song was written when I was feeling…miserable!” laughs Shauna Tohill, who is the creative force behind REWS. “It is a representation of the many battles us creatives go through when trying to figure out if all the blood, sweat and tears are worth it. i.e. whether you should make that next album, or spend hours making an Instagram reel, or whether we should just throw the towel in and do something else completely! And, you know, its okay to do whatever is right for you!

But, I realised through writing this song, that sometimes misery comes when you’re plain burnt out and just need a change of scenery! Taking that break can teach us about ourselves and helps us find the reasons and energy to keep fighting and doing the things that make us happy – because that seems to bring the magic into life!”

Tohill has taken her overwhelming feelings of exhaustion and indecision and transformed them into a brooding, cathartic rock anthem on ‘Misery’. The Northern Irish songwriter’s vocals are the lifeblood of the track, her voice as commanding in its quieter moments during the verses as it is during the riotous chorus. The song is accompanied by a video featuring Tohill, which you can watch below.

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Photo Credit: Shona Cutt

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: REWS – ‘Breathe Into Me’

A cathartic anthem designed to resurrect feelings of joy and creativity, REWS have shared their latest single ‘Breathe Into Me’. Released via Earache Records, the track is full of driving beats, chunky guitar riffs and front woman Shauna Tohill’s effortlessly powerful vocals, acting as a reminder to listeners to persevere in the face of adversity.

“‘Breathe Into Me’ is a song about the revival of a broken creative spirit,” Shauna explains. “It’s been a really tough time out there for everybody over the last couple of years and for me, it definitely did change my view on a number of things. There were a few demons to battle and so this song is an autobiography of the recent times experienced. It’s influenced by hues of dark pop merged with upbeat rock. I hope it ignites your spirit as much as it did mine!”

Through her chant-worthy chorus, Shauna provides her listeners with some welcome respite from the stresses of everyday life, urging them to embrace their desire to let go and move on from whatever might be holding them back. REWS have always provided their fans with big riffs and upbeat anthems, and ‘Breathe Into Me’ flows in the same vital vein.

The new single is accompanied by a video directed and edited by Tom Dodd, featuring Shauna and her REWS band mates circling a shadowy figure who bursts into life at the close of the visuals, mirroring the energy of the song’s chorus.

Watch the video for ‘Breath Into Me’ below.

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Kate Crudgington