ALBUM: Black Gold Buffalo – ‘Black Gold Buffalo’

A shimmering example of the East London band’s patience and dedication to creating atmospheric, dark-pop gems, Black Gold Buffalo‘s self-titled debut album is a precious body of work that’s been well worth waiting for. Line-up changes and relocations have altered the band’s output since their conception in 2014, but their new record, released via their own label Buff Rekkids, is a sharp exploration of personal experiences, frustrations and disillusionment with the capital city.

Hypnotic opener ‘Lay It Down’ is a sublime musical tonic for nagging thoughts and unresolved anxieties, with vocalist Keziah Stillwell’s rhetorical line “How do you feel?” echoing out over Joy Joseph’s steady beats with poignant resonance. It flows straight in to ‘Pearls Deep’, which is a blend of atmospheric bass lines from Hannah Holland, melodic guitar riffs from Marc Hayward and that consistent percussion which makes all of Black Gold Buffalo’s tracks ripple with intensity.

The rolling rhythms on ‘Weightless’ are the perfect catalyst to ‘Start A Fire’, which is a haze of smoldering vocals, fiery guitar and bass lines that cut through the smoke. The funky ‘Penkenna’ keeps the heat rising with it’s atmospheric beats which promise to “take you away”, before ‘Anntropix’ breaks the spell, playing out in a soothing, yet anthemic fashion.

Keziah’s vocals blaze in full glory on the mesmerising ‘Magnets’, while exquisite penultimate track ‘Body Of Verity’ is a swirling fusion of bass, guitar & electronics. Brooding bass and guitar melt together once more alongside driving rhythms and bittersweet vocals here, before the slow-burning ‘Amillion’ closes the record.

Combining emotion with integrity, DIY ethics with big ambitions and blurring genre boundaries with ease, Black Gold Buffalo’s debut continues to strengthen after every listen. Help them celebrate their success at the album launch at The Shacklewell Arms on April 10th. RSVP here.

Order your Limited Edition USB version of the album here.

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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Black Gold Buffalo – ‘Pearls Deep’

If you’re in need of some musical escapism, you’ll find it in Black Gold Buffalo‘s latest single ‘Pearls Deep’. Written on a stormy night in a tower block somewhere near the A10, the East London band have said the track is about “wanting to escape a brooding mood in the city, to just get up and go somewhere and nowhere.”

‘Pearls Deep’ is the first single to be taken from the band’s long-awaited debut album, which is due to be released in March 2018. The self-titled release tackles obstacles young people face growing up in London, watching a colourful and vibrant city change and becoming increasingly more expensive and bland in the process.

Although they’ve undergone line-up changes since their conception in 2012, Black Gold Buffalo are still fronted by vocalist Keziah Stillwell, with central figure in underground dance music Hannah Holland on bass and production. Guitarist Marc Hayward and percussionist Joy Joseph now complete the group. We’re hooked on the moody, atmospheric sounds of ‘Pearls Deep’, and we reckon you will be too. Listen to the track below.

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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Indian Queens – ‘I Get No Rest’

If you’re looking for the soundtrack to a “late dark night in London”, then Hackney trio Indian Queens‘ latest single ‘I Get No Rest’ is the perfect choice. Written during the midst of a massive political shift (Brexit, the general election) and in the wake of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire, it’s the band’s response to the inescapable feeling that – as vocalist & guitarist Jennifer O’Neill put its – “rich ‘important’ people were taking the piss out most of our lives.”

You’ll be hooked on Jennifer’s clear, strong vocals which dominate the track and chanting the standout lyric “Free, as long as you obey” in unison with her. The song’s steady percussion and moody bass lines create a seductively jaded atmosphere, proving Indian Queens have the potential to produce original, ominous and meaningful sounds.

The band will be playing a headline show at St Pancras Old Church on November 29th (event details here) so make sure you grab a ticket and head down to see them live.

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‘I Get No Rest’ (released via Cool Thing Records) is available to stream & download now.

Kate Crudgington

Introducing Interview: Indian Queens

Born and raised in Hackney Wick, London trio Indian Queens have no issue with talking about the way their surroundings have influenced them as people and as a band. Jennifer, Katherine & Matt create thoughtful, atmospheric sounds reminiscent of bands like Warpaint and Radiohead (who the band have a mutual love for). We caught up with guitarist and vocalist Jennifer to talk about their upcoming release with Cool Thing Records, what inspired their previous track ‘Us Against The World’, their anticipations for their gig at St Pancras Old Church, and most importantly: pre-gig pizza and prosecco…

Hello Jennifer, for anyone who doesn’t know, how did Indian Queens come to be?
Me and Katherine are sisters, so we go way back and we grew up round the corner from Matt. We have a mutual love for Radiohead and equal addiction to salted popcorn and Jameson whiskey – preferably all together.

Your upcoming single ‘I Get No Rest’ is due to be released in November. Can you tell me a little bit about the inspiration behind this track? I’m particularly interested in where the lyric “Free, as long as you obey” came from…
The track is a soundtrack to a late dark night in London. I could see a single picture in my mind that sparked the lyrics to this track. I also wrote them during a massive political shift in this country.

This track actually took us ages to complete. We had all the parts but just couldn’t fit it together.Then Brexit happened, and a general election – neither of which I agreed with. Then in particular to London, Grenfell Tower happened – and it felt like a lot of rich ‘important’ people were taking the piss out most of our lives.

Free, as long as you obey”. To me this feels like how most of the world turns and it’s not a bandwagon I want to jump on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s impossible not to in a lot of respect. But it fucked me off.

I listened to your previous single ‘Us Against The World’ too, and it struck me that independence is a theme in both songs. Would you agree? Is independence something you are conscious of when writing and releasing new music?
It is very important to me. There is also a massive disproportion of men and women in the music industry, which is thankfully changing. I feel that it’s allowing women to have a new sense of independence. After all it’s not as though we can’t have the same roles, we just weren’t given the opportunity. Girl power!

‘Us Against The World’ can be about you and anyone. When time starts speeding up it’s a comfort to have someone on your side. That childhood feeling that it’s us against the world. That nostalgic feeling that you’re invincible. That was what that track was about.

You’re now a part of the Cool Thing Records family. How did you hear about the label, and how are things going so far?
We met Mike (Asylums bassist/Cool Thing Co-Founder) years back when we were all playing in different bands, so we can really relate as musicians and songwriters. We also love their DIY approach, and it felt very natural to be releasing through them.

You’re playing a headline show at St Pancras Old Church on November 29th. What are your anticipations for this gig?
I can’t wait! It’s such a beautiful venue. We have an amazing support too, another East London female based band called Wyldest.

Do you have any pre-show rituals to help calm your nerves before you play live?
Prosecco and Pizza!

As a new music blog who promote women in music, we were wondering what new music/female artists you’ve been listening to lately. Any suggestions?
An amazing Oxford band we know called Candy Says. They do film soundtracks too which is sooo cool! Another female artist on our record label called Beckie Margaret is doing really beautiful stuff.

What does the rest of 2017 hold for Indian Queens?
We are getting new tracks mixed at the moment towards our album out next year, so very excited to get those back.

Finally, if you had to sum up your music in three words, what would they be?
Too Damn Serious 🙂 haha

Huge thanks to Jennifer for answering our questions. You can buy tickets for Indian Queens’ gig at St Pancras Old Church here. Follow Indian Queens on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington