Track Of The Day: Twist Helix -‘Vultures’

In a pulsing electro anthem, Newcastle-based Twist Helix make a smashing statement with their third single ‘Vultures’. With eager anticipation of their second studio album Machinery set to come out in November, Twist Helix deliver their listeners an undeniable tease of what catchiness is soon to come with their fall release.

Silky, chorus-like synths are the breath of ‘Vultures’, as the band lyrically depict some of the complexities and afflictions that stem from our music industry. The band explain: “as an artist you’re in an inherently vulnerable position that makes it very easy to be preyed upon.

With so many layers to the meaning behind this statement made by the band, it is truly significant that this discussion be had on a creative practice where it is free to be both safe and light, as well as emotive. For Twist Helix, making a song dance worthy and energising is no matter of contention. With a tasteful blend of post pop melodies, relentless electronic beats, and the band’s cathartic lyrical experience, ‘Vultures’ illustrates its best self with sonic elements that are both shiny and shadowed. With a tasteful, experimental and lush execution, Twist Helix have left us with dancing feet and genuine eagerness with this latest offering.


Machinery, the upcoming album from Twist Helix, is set for release in November.

Jill Goyeau

Photo Credit: Jay Dawson (Shutter Productions)

Track Of The Day: Blonde Maze – ‘To The Moon’

Following recent single ‘Not All Flowers Bloom’, GIHE fave and previous guest on the radio show, New York based Blonde Maze, has now shared a poignant new offering.

Offering a ‘sequel’ to her last emotion-strewn single, ‘To The Moon’ reflects on how we can love someone or something so much, all the way “to the moon and back” – simulating that euphoric feeling of being totally enamoured through its heavenly sounds. 

The second purely instrumental piece that Blonde Maze has created, it’s another completely captivating and beautifully soothing offering from the innovative artist; an exquisite soundscape, showcasing her ability to fuse together a luscious, eclectic range of influences and create something truly breathtaking. As I’ve said before, I just could listen to Blonde Maze on a loop forever – her music is just so blissfully cathartic. 


Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: PILLARS – ‘Blame’

PILLARS, the 25-year-old electronic musician, debuted her first EP, Circa last month. Describing the album, she says it is “a reflection of past mistakes, regrets and behaviours.” So, it’s fitting that she has now shared ‘Blame’.

Set against a minimalist soundscape, PILLARS’ voice punches through intimately and with clarity. The chorus rings out “I’m to blame”, an honest and vulnerable refrain of a lover apologetic for their mistakes. Church-like organs fade in and out, lending a solemn quality to her testimony, while slow and steady kicks pound like a tired heart. Pulsing synths and subdued snaps add subtle texture to the track, creating a suspenseful atmosphere, as each verse hangs in the air waiting for PILLARS to finally confess – “I’m to blame”. 


Circa by PILLARS is out now. Listen on Bandcamp or Spotify.


Aisha Kasmir

Photo Credit: Marieke Macklon Photography


WATCH: Maria-M – ‘Endtimes’

Having previously captivated us as front person of ambient alt-pop outfit Grawl!x at the last gig we put on at The Finsbury, Maria-M has now shared their first solo offering.

A song of hope during this uncertain period, ‘Endtimes’ flows with glitchy hooks and swirling atmospherics, creating a euphoric, cinematic soundscape, propelled by the captivating majesty of Maria’s soaring vocals. Oozing a twinkling musicality and effervescent charm along with uplifting ’80s-infused vibes, it’s a perfectly uplifting offering, tugging at the heartstrings with a poignant, stirring emotion.

‘Endtimes’ is accompanied by a beautifully hand-crafted video, reflecting on the feelings of isolation that come with lockdown, but with an overriding sense of hope and unity within the LGBTQ+ community. Depicting a transgender couple communicating whilst separated during the pandemic, it’s a heartfelt and moving visual accompaniment to the track.

Of the song and video, Maria expands:

“… it’s a song of hope, reminding myself mostly that though things can seem a little overwhelming these days, things are hopefully getting better (particularly for marginalised groups) & that while there are doomsdayers, the naysayers; there are also brave wonderful folks who are fighting to make people’s lives better… I decided it would be nice to convey this through a trans couple Yvonne & Chloe, who have been separated because of the pandemic but are there for each other with love & here’s hoping – I chose to use text-to-speech voices cos I thought it sounded cool!

Watch the video for ‘Endtimes’ here:

‘Endtimes’ is out now via Year Of Glad, a Derby based collective specialising in outsider music, art and writing. The track features a garage influenced remix by label mate Tom John Hall, and a stunning nine minute ambient B side, and all funds will be donated to the charity Derbyshire LGBT+. Download/buy on Bandcamp now.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Laura Mi