WATCH: SKYND – ‘Tyler Hadley’

Not for the faint hearted, industrial/electronic duo SKYND have shared their latest track ‘Tyler Hadley’, taken from their second EP Chapter II released earlier this year. Continuing in the tradition of most of their previous releases, the song is named after a psychopath, exploring their historic brutality through startling visuals and thumping beats.

Formed of SKYND (vocals) and “Father” (producer/multi-instrumentalist), the duo explain the premise of their new track further: “‘Tyler Hadley’ follows the story of a boy who killed both of his parents because he wanted to throw a party at his house. He developed the idea to kill his parents so he didn’t have to ask for permission anymore. He ended up having a party in the house that dead bodies were in, so it’s really creepy.”

Creepy is certainly an apt word for the context of SKYND’s songs, but the duo state they are here to serve as a reminder that “All human beings are capable of cruelty”. Their intense live performances aim to provide listeners with a different perspective, and to question what lies beneath the facade of normality.

Watch the video for ‘Tyler Hadley’ below and follow SKYND on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: SPELLLING – ‘Under The Sun’

SPELLLING (aka Chrystia Cabral) has shared her new single ‘Under The Sun’ – the second offering from her forthcoming album Mazy Fly, due for release on 22nd February via Sacred Bones. The track is a six minute blend of dance-inducing beats and smooth vocals, which SPELLLING says form a “cosmic prayer for good fortune”.

Chrystia began experimenting with music production in 2015 in an effort to carry on the creative legacy of a lost loved one. She released her first LP Pantheon of Me, in September 2017 via Bandcamp. Drawing heavily from messages in her dreams, the result was a “divine soul music; with a unique vision, inhabiting a world of its own”.

On her second record Mazy Fly, and new single ‘Under The Sun’, SPELLLING has developed her dreamy soundscape further: celebrating the “invisible energies that come together over time to create something radically new, like the birth of a star”. Check out the new track below and follow SPELLLING on Facebook for more updates.

Pre-order SPELLING’s new album Mazy Fly via Sacred Bones here.

Photo credit: Catalina Xavlena

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Hope – ‘Drop Your Knives’

Praised by Idles and set to headline London’s Sebright Arms on 20th October: Berlin four-piece Hope have shared new track ‘Drop Your Knives’. It’s a visceral exploration of refusal, anger, desire and love – and the track is accompanied by a stark set of visuals, directed by Riccardo Bernardi.

Taken from their self-titled 2018 EP (released via Haldern Pop), ‘Drop Your Knives’ contrasts dark emotions with stomping, upbeat electronics and percussion. The blurred monochrome visuals – interspersed with faded stripes of red – reflect the band’s artistic direction, as singer Christine Börsch-Supan explains: “The black aesthetic is not the same “black” of Wave or Gothic bands, but the unpretentious black of Talk Talk. A black which lets you forget the Jazz, the academics, and the provinces that we come from.”

With their optimistic name and dark but detailed outlook: we can see why Hope are catching the attention of audiences and artists alike. Watch the video for ‘Drop Your Knives’ below and follow the band on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Riccardo Bernardi

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: WHITE RING – ‘Leprosy’

Contagious and corrupting: Industrial/alternative outfit WHITE RING have returned after an eight year absence with new single ‘Leprosy’ – and it’s “steeped in existential dread”.

It’s the first song the band wrote for their upcoming album Gate Of Grief, set to be released on 22nd June via Rocket Girl Records. Talking about ‘Leprosy’, founding member Bryan Kurkimilis explains: “This was the first time we really wanted to start exploring aggression in our music”, and through Adina Viarengo’s decayed, watery vocals and their throbbing industrial beats; the band have achieved aggression incarnate.

Gate Of Grief follows WHITE RING’s benchmark EP, Black Earth That Made Me, which sold out almost instantly eight years ago, earning them a cult following across the globe. One of the most acclaimed proponents of the “Witch House” movement, WHITE RING will continue to bewitch their crowds when touring the UK in May with God Is An Astronaut.

Listen to ‘Leprosy’ below and follow WHITE RING on Facebook for more updates.

WHITE RING 2018 UK Shows (with God Is An Astronaut)

17 May – Electric Brixton – London
18 May – Classic Grand – Glasgow
20 May – Club Academy – Manchester

Kate Crudgington

ALBUM: Pale Honey – ‘Devotion’

If you blend the vocals of Wolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell and the Cardigans’ Nina Persson with clear electronics and hazy guitar riffs; you’ll end up with the sound of Gothenburg duo Pale Honey. They released their second album Devotion earlier this month, and it’s a cool, understated, but intense new offering from the pair. If you’re a fan of fellow Gothenburg resident Shitkid  – you’re definitely going to approve.

‘Replace Me’ is a strong album opener, displaying the pair’s inherent ability to craft assertive, memorable indie-electronic tunes. It blends seamlessly in to second track ‘Someone’s Devotion’, which is an up-beat, fuzzy guitar-led rejection of love. ‘Get These Things Out Of My Head’ follows, and just like the track’s name, you’ll struggle to get the buzzing synths out of your brain.

‘The Heaviest Of Storms (Devotion Pt. 1)’ smoulders for just shy of six minutes, making it the strung out and sultry highlight of the record, whilst ‘Lesson Learned’ is another coolly uncompromising tune that threatens “I will break you honey” with casual venom. ‘Real Thing’ is charged with “electric” “obsessive” energy, and ‘777 (Devotion, Pt.2)’ bookends the previous three tracks with quiet guitar, and sweetly jaded vocals. It leads in to the lo-fi ‘Sweep’ with the achingly cool lyric “I belong to no-one”.

Penultimate track ‘Golden’is another charged tune that quietly, but defiantly champions independence, whilst ‘Why Do I Always Feel This Way’ closes the record on a note of uncertainty. There’s one thing we know for sure; Pale Honey pack a powerful punch with their modest but assertive indie-electronic offerings, and you should head down to their show at Old Blue Last on November 7th to hear their tunes in the flesh (RSVP here).

Follow Pale Honey on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington