Guest Blog: Potpourri (‘Love Letters’ to Sisters Uncut)

In the wake of events such as the murders of Sarah Everard, Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, and the recent passing of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, organisations such as Sisters Uncut have been doing vital work in uniting people to fight injustice, providing a strong voice to highlight diminishing funds and government representation that leave people vulnerable, protecting those in need.

Sheffield band Potpourri have recognised the immense of importance of Sisters Uncut, and so wanted to show their gratitude and love for the organisation by putting together ‘Love Letters’: a compilation of beautiful tunes by DIY artists who feel strongly about the cause. Including favourites such as PINS, Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business, Y.A.Y MARIA and The Crystal Furs, amongst many others, it’s a heartfelt ode to not only draw attention to Sisters Uncut’s vital work, but to raise funds for them at a time when they need it the most.

We spoke to Lauren from Potpourri about the decision to release Love Letters… Have a read and buy on bandcamp now!

Sisters Uncut is an incredible British feminist direct action group that has catalysed a current of empowerment, creating accessibility for people to come together, find the confidence to open dialogue, and express their right to be free and equal citizens. The Kill The Bill coalition established consciousness of the danger against Roma, Traveller, and Gypsy communities, and unveiled the increase of tools of state violence against communities that already bear the brunt of a racist, sexist criminal justice system.

It felt important to send love and gratitude to the people working tirelessly to end violence against women and non-binary people. Their graft couldn’t go unnoticed and we felt that if there was a way we could use our art to stand in solidarity, we would.

The lockdown meant that a fundraiser gig couldn’t take place, but we could still contribute and act in a different way to fight the rollback of human rights. I wanted our first Love Letter compilation to reflect the Sisters Uncut feministo, reaching out to female and gender-variant artists who themselves are creating gorgeous music with a DIY ethos and building their own pockets of togetherness. It was a blessing to connect with fellow bands, especially when bands haven’t been crossing paths for the last year, and together support a movement we feel so dearly about. Everyone who contributed to the cassette condemns the awful systemic violence that Sisters Uncut work so hard to draw attention to and fight against.

Massive thanks to Lauren for talking to us about this vital and beautiful compilation. Buy Love Letters on bandcamp now, and find out more about Sisters Uncut here. And below see the accompanying ‘love letter’ from all the bands involved to Sisters Uncut.

Dance Like I’ve Got Diamonds Present Christmas Extravaganza In Support Of Nia

Following a year filled with putting on events successfully promoting women in music, Dance Like I’ve Got Diamonds are now announcing their last event of 2017, taking place on 6th December at The Victoria, Dalston. In true Christmas spirit this last event will focus on giving back to society, with all net profits from the event going to women’s aid organisation Nia. As always, the event will feature a female dominated line-up, this time consisting of GIHE favourites Dream Nails and West London’s Baby Arms, plus some very special guests.

Recent events such as the #metoo movement have raised a new debate about what most women already knew, how extremely widespread the sexual, physical and psychological violence against women still is and that it can be found almost anywhere – especially in close relationships. With their Christmas Extravaganza event, Dance Like I’ve Got Diamonds wish to continue the debate about what can be done to end men’s violence against women, by giving back to their local community and supporting women’s aid organisation Nia, who specialise in helping victims of rape and domestic violence. 

And who better to headline this event that feminist punk witches, and absolute heroes of ours, Dream Nails. With their ‘Girls to the front!’ ethos and aim to create a safe-space for women and non-binary people at each and everyone of their shows, they’re bound to make this an event to remember. 

Tickets to the event on 6th December at The Victoria are available now from Dice, at £6 per person. All net profits from the event will go straight to the chosen charity Nia and their work towards ending violence against women and children.