PREMIERE: Stream Oslo-based Ē’s debut EP

If you identify as an introvert or you’re a fan of lo-fi or “lo-pop” sounds; then Oslo-based Ē‘s debut EP is going to resonate with you. The group are set to self-release their four track record on June 14th via Bergen-based indie label Eget Selskap, but we’ve got exclusive access to the EP ahead of its official release date!

Formed in the summer of 2018, Ē consists of Ingvild Nærum, Chiara Cavallari, Ingvild Nærum and Sigrun Sæbø Åland. The band’s musical and lyrical sensibilities are influenced by the relatable fears of loneliness and abandonment, which have culminated in the band branding their sound as “lo-pop”. Drummer Ingvild Nærum explains further: “Sonically, “lo-pop” is essentially lo-fi pop music.Thematically, it indicates a sense of feeling small in society and just not being able to mask our pop sensibilities, both of which we reluctantly embrace”.

Ē’s reluctance translates in to moody, but infectious tunes that smolder with angst-driven energy. Mixed and mastered by Simen Hallset of Gold Celeste, the four tracks on their debut self-titled EP are designed to “explore things from a new perspective…[and] just to run with what feels cool and exciting, and even a bit silly.”

We’re hooked on Ē’s debut EP, which you can stream exclusively below! Follow the band on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Stream Ghost Guilt’s debut ‘EP 1’

Durham “grunge-tinted fuzz pop” rockers Ghost Guilt have released their debut EP via Frux Tapes today, and we’re delighted to share their raucous new sounds with you. Inspired by the bands they saw performing around their hometown, front woman Cat Black wrote the EP alongside band mates Ellie, Stevo & Jonny to combat a turbulent few years battling intense anxiety and depression.

Fortunately, after speaking out and seeking professional help, Cat is back on track and ready to front Ghost Guilt alongside her supportive band mates. Thier debut EP hosts four tracks, all of which are taken from their first recording session with Neil Combstock at Rocking Horse Studios in Durham.

Speaking about the band and the new release, Cat says: “Ghost Guilt has been such a positive place for me, I never thought I would have the courage to stand up and scream everything out in front of people!”

Listen to Ghost Guilt’s debut EP below and follow the band on Facebook for more updates.

Track Listing:

1. Billy Liar
2. Creepy
3. Heavy Weather (social anxiety)
4. This Girl Can’t

Ghost Guilt will be playing with Bob Nastanovich from Pavement and Schwervon at Empty Shop in Durham on Monday 4th December.

Kate Crudgington