Track Of The Day: Pearly – ‘Julianne Moore’

A heavy, tongue-in-cheek guitar tune inspired by Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1997 film Boogie Nights, Ohio-based trio Pearly have shared their latest single ‘Julianne Moore’. Released via Eto Ano Records who the band have recently signed to, the track is a fuzzy, distorted ode to Moore’s performance in the 90s comedy-drama, full of crashing cymbals, thrashing riffs and brooding vocals.

Formed of Josie Yeager, Austyn Benyak and Dalton Edwards, Pearly are inspired by an eclectic range of influences, including the films of David Lynch and the music of TOPS and Nine Inch Nails. Together, they create a mixture of soft indie rock tunes and swaggering, aggressive dance rock, with new single ‘Julianne Moore’ falling into the latter of the two categories. A bold, brash mix of noise that builds to a manic, metal-inspired breakdown, the track was penned as a carefree anecdote on creating music with a sense of fun, instead of solemnity.

‚ÄúThis song and who we are as people is [about] being tacky and not taking ourselves too seriously,” guitarist Austyn explains. “We all like it, and most importantly, we can dance to it.” Injecting a sense of frivolity into their heavy, swirling tune, Pearly have blended their dramatic tendencies with their ordinary desire to cut loose and enjoy life’s more playful moments.

Listen to ‘Julianne Moore’ below.

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Kate Crudgington