Track Of The Day: Stay Sleeping ft. Spike Pop – ‘The Dark’

An evocative dark-wave gem that filters feelings of hesitation and anxiety through a vampiric lens, London-based musician and producer Stay Sleeping has shared her latest single ‘The Dark’. Featuring fellow London-based musician Spike Pop and released via independent Birmingham label Ezi Deth Rekords, the track is a haunting rumination on understanding lust, desire and learning to recognise the forces that form your own identity.

Formed in London as her own solo project after playing in several different musical outfits (including feminist post-punk/synth-pop trio Candy Cane), Stay Sleeping aka Izzy is a goth latinx who is heavily influenced by the shadowy sounds of electronics and death-wave. Working from her home DIY studio, she crafts bewitching soundscapes that provide a glance behind the veil of fear, anxiety and appetite, exploring them through her bittersweet, gothic tunes.

“I guess the song is about getting over the fear of knowing yourself and being able to be ok with it,” explains Stay Sleeping about her new single ‘The Dark’. “Whether that’s coming to terms with your mental health, sexuality or just life in general. Especially with everything that’s been going on in the world.” Stay Sleeping explores these feelings through the medium of a female vampire in the track, who is ultimately hesitant to explore her bloody fantasies.

Listen to ‘The Dark’ below.


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Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Spike Pop – ‘So Mysterious’

A shadowy synth-pop tune inspired by the soundtracks to early video games and the search for a magic eye, London-based musician Spike Pop has shared her latest single ‘So Mysterious’. Released via independent Birmingham label Ezi Deth Rekords, the track is a glitchy, infectious blend of beguiling vocals, buzzing synth textures and dancing beats.

Spike Pop began writing, recording and producing her own music predominantly from her bedroom in Berlin in 2014 after an email correspondence with her musical hero, Stephin Merritt. She reached out to The Magnetic Fields songwriter & vocalist for advice about using drum machines, and since then she’s been creating and producing her own electronic music.

Spike Pop began performing her soundscapes live when she relocated to London, captivating crowds with her lo-fi blend of trance, hardcore, classic new wave and synth pop. Her latest offering ‘So Mysterious’ ripples with mystical intrigue, manifesting into a “sonic synth storm” of vocoder fx, dreamy vocals and distinctive dancing beats. It’s an intriguing slice of darkwave-inspired sound that offers listeners the opportunity to escape their reality and enter into Spike Pop’s murky, fascinating world.

Listen to ‘So Mysterious’ below.


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Kate Crudgington