WATCH: Witch Fever – ‘Bully Boy’

A thunderous, ruthless assertion of autonomy that spits in the face of misogynistic behaviour, Manchester four-piece Witch Fever have shared their latest single ‘Bully Boy’. Taken from the band’s recent EP Reincarnate, released via Sony’s Music For Nations, the track is a cathartic, brutal takedown of the toxic men who repeatedly push women to their limits.

Full of thumping beats, gritty riffs and Amy Walpole’s visceral vocals, ‘Bully Boy’ is a scathing reflection on the misogyny that Witch Fever have experienced first-hand. “We wrote this song after we played a gig where the guitarist from one of the support bands shouted at us on stage to take our tops off,” Amy explains. “For us ‘Bully Boy’ is our combined rage about these experiences funnelled into one track. The alternative music scene is still very much a ‘boys club’ leaving female and non-binary people vulnerable to misogynistic and sexist behaviour, and we are always challenging this.”

Aware of the track’s heavy context, Witch Fever decided to put a dramatic but playful spin on the accompanying visuals for the track. Directed by Sam O’Leary, the video’s concept was “The Witch Trials meets drag queens and CBeebies”, which Sam and Roma Allenby helped the band create. “The video is different to anything we’ve done before,” Amy continues. “The lyrics are quite brutal so we thought it’d be fun to turn it on it’s head and create something that on the surface is colourful and fun but has a dark undercurrent.”

Fusing their rage with a darkly comic twist, Witch Fever’s mantra “Off with his head!” is one that listeners can scream in unison together, channelling their rage through an empowering and fearless sentiment.

Watch the video for ‘Bully Boy’ below.

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Photo Credit: Debbie Ellis

Kate Crudgington