Track Of The Day: Anna Wolf (ft. Pop Morrison) – ‘The Unfamiliar’

In an eerie-pop lullaby, Anna Wolf and Pop Morrison (Stereophonics) combine forces to create a captivating backdrop for independent horror film ‘The Unfamiliar’. Drawing on the simplicity of folk and the intriguing dynamics of art-rock, they have blended a tasteful concoction of genres to paint a bewitching track that shares an insightful whisper to its accompanying movie. 

Vocal delicacy reminiscent of Ingrid Michealson dances across silky acoustic guitar for fluttering majestic moments. By dispersing and leaving the velvety instrumental to hold its own, Anna and Pop make room for mystery and a quietness that seems to echo down a shadowed hallway. Winding is the track and stoic indie-pop is the vehicle driving this dark tune. 

Soft, cushioned percussion holds ‘The Unfamiliar’ afloat and steady in its progress even when tension builds lyrically through Anna’s ethereal images – “A cat caught their tongue” – but the silence is telling its own tale through Anna and Pop’s pulsing musicality.

‘The Unfamiliar’ is steeped in an eerie, murky shadow and magnificent sense of suspense, offering its own cinematic soundscape of apprehension and horror. 

‘The Unfamiliar’ is out now. Listen on Spotify.

Jillian Goyeau

Track Of The Day: Complicated Animals – ‘Show Me’

If you dig 80s music, David Lynch films and “dreamy synth-pop songs,” you’re going to enjoy Complicated Animals latest single ‘Show Me’. The Brazilian-American duo’s track is a lush electronic exploration of the magic that happens when we experience pure, genuine human emotion in a world where most of our interactions are dictated by technology.

Monica da Silva and Chad Alger debuted as Complicated Animals in 2015, with the release of their EP In This Game, but they’ve been creating music together since 2007. Having lived in both the United States and Brazil, da Silva blended the two cultures into her writing, melding indie pop and bossa nova to form a new genre, one she coined “Indie Nova.”

Speaking of the inspiration behind their latest single “Show Me’, da Silva explains: “It’s scary how detached we humans have become. Technology is great, but we’ve got to remember how important human interaction is, and not just go through the motions like zombies. For this song, Chad dug an old synthesizer we had out of the closet. We started stacking sounds and layering vocals. The production came together quickly, and virtually all of the sounds in the track were created using the same synth.”

Listen to ‘Show Me’ below, and if you’re planning on catching Greta Gerwig’s Ladybird when it’s released on 16th Feb (and why wouldn’t you?) listen out for da Silva’s song ‘Back To His Girl’, which is featured on the soundtrack.

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Kate Crudgington