WATCH: Fortitude Valley – ‘Baby, I’m Afraid’

‘Baby, I’m afraid’ might be the soundtrack to the rest of my summer. Following previous single ‘Cassini‘, it’s the latest offering from the wonderful Durham band Fortitude Valley and, once again, they’ve given us another perfect pop banger.

As far as break-up songs go, ‘Baby, I’m Afraid’ is anything but a weepie. It’s as bouncy as it is bittersweet, reminiscent of Weezer at their very best (and by that, I am, of course, talking Pinkerton). While the lyrics, about the last days of a relationship, are tinged with sadness, they’re lifted by the spiky guitar riffs and pure punk drums, which collide brilliantly with front-person Laura Kovic’s shoegaze-inspired, bubblegum vocals. The result is truly euphoric.

Of the track, Kovic explains:

This is a break up song. It’s two people feeling that the vibe is off, but not communicating. It’s about feeling insecure, over analysing little things and assuming the worst rather than actually speaking to the other person.”

Like Fortitude Valley’s earlier singles, ‘Baby, I’m Afraid’ is a total earworm too. Just what is this witchcraft?! After only a few listens, it’s wedged itself firmly into my brain and into my heart, but, you know what? I’m fine with that.

Watch the new video for ‘Baby, I’m Afraid’ here:

The debut album from Fortitude Valley is set for release on 29th October via Fika Recordings. Pre-order here.

Vic Conway

Track Of The Day: Fortitude Valley – ‘Cassini’

What is it about the North East that inspires such perfect pop? Following their 2019 debut, Durham’s Fortitude Valley return with an ode to NASA’s Cassini–Huygens satellite. ‘Cassini’ is two and a half minutes of blistering bubblegum punk that’ll have you simultaneously bouncing around your front room, while frantically scrolling back issues of ‘National Geographic’ for more information.

Frontperson Laura Kovic’s lyrics are witty, original and surprisingly heartfelt as she reflects on science’s ultimate rejection of Cassini after years of studying the satellite closely. “I just wanna know what it’s like down there,” she laments. As she sings, her sugary vocals collide ferociously with crunchy guitars and punky, pacey drums, like an astroid.

The band’s sweet, sing-song harmonies buoy Cassini’s impact further and make it clear that Fortitude Valley are something very special indeed. It’s hardly surprising, then, that the band are essentially an indie-pop supergroup with Kovic backed by the brilliant Daniel Ellis and Nathan Stephens Griffin from Onsind and Martha, and Night Flowers’ Greg Ullyart. With an album on the way in the coming months, they’re something to get really excited about. 

‘Cassini’ by Fortitude Valley is out now. Their self-titled debut album will be released on Fika Recordings on 3rd September.

Vic Conway