Track Of The Day: Lily Konigsberg – ‘Sweat Forever’

Sweat Forever’, the latest single from Brooklyn born and based Lily Konigsberg, is beautiful, shimmering electronic pop. Konigsberg’s intimate vocals are buoyed by a gentle, jangly ’90s guitar, somewhat reminiscent of a Dawson’s Creek soundtrack (in the very best way!), and the sweetest melodies, which make this something really special.

Konigsberg said she wrote ‘Sweat Forever’ as she navigated the break-up of a long-term relationship and some big transitions in her life. But, while it’s bittersweet, there is so much lightness too. She said: “It’s mostly about the bad part of going through a huge change in your life and the confusion surrounding that. But now I’m in the good part, so there’s something to celebrate. Sweat on brother!

It’s proper pop music – nostalgic and polished, which isn’t necessarily something you’d expect given Konigberg’s earlier, more guitar-based singles or their work with self-proclaimed “New York’s weirdest” post-punk trio, Palberta. However, it’s testament to the sheer range of her talents. I’m looking forward to hearing more of them on her forthcoming debut album, Lily We Need To Talk Now, which is due at the end of the month.

Lily Konigsberg’s debut album, Lily We Need To Talk Now, will be released on Wharf Cat Records on 29th October. It is available to pre-order here.

Vic Conway

Photo Credit: Felix Walworth

Track Of The Day: Bestfriend – ‘Hannah In The City’

Hannah In The City’, the lead single from Bestfriend’s upcoming EP, is a beautiful contradiction. Written and produced by the duo, its confessional lyrics and DIY sensibility feel cosy and intimate, while the dreamy, brilliantly arranged synths and Stacy Kim’s stunning vocals, buoyed by Kaelen Geoffrey’s sweet harmonies, give it a lush glossy pop finish.

The song’s subject matter – regret and missed opportunities – follows suit. As Kim explains, “It’s a happy-sad-angry reminiscing song all about the idea that a relationship might not have fallen apart if we’d just done this or that – all while knowing in the back of your head that it was obviously doomed to fail in the first place.”

This is grown-up bedroom electro pop, simultaneously beautiful and bittersweet. Kim and Geoffrey write songs long distance, over email. But you’d never guess. As the band’s name suggests, there’s a real connection, and the duo’s storytelling and ideas marry together as harmoniously as their voices. It’s truly magical. 

‘Hannah In The City’ is taken from Bestfriend’s upcoming EP Places I’ve Lived, which is set for release on 1st October.

Vic Conway

Photo Credit: Maxine Tamoto

WATCH: Fortitude Valley – ‘Baby, I’m Afraid’

‘Baby, I’m afraid’ might be the soundtrack to the rest of my summer. Following previous single ‘Cassini‘, it’s the latest offering from the wonderful Durham band Fortitude Valley and, once again, they’ve given us another perfect pop banger.

As far as break-up songs go, ‘Baby, I’m Afraid’ is anything but a weepie. It’s as bouncy as it is bittersweet, reminiscent of Weezer at their very best (and by that, I am, of course, talking Pinkerton). While the lyrics, about the last days of a relationship, are tinged with sadness, they’re lifted by the spiky guitar riffs and pure punk drums, which collide brilliantly with front-person Laura Kovic’s shoegaze-inspired, bubblegum vocals. The result is truly euphoric.

Of the track, Kovic explains:

This is a break up song. It’s two people feeling that the vibe is off, but not communicating. It’s about feeling insecure, over analysing little things and assuming the worst rather than actually speaking to the other person.”

Like Fortitude Valley’s earlier singles, ‘Baby, I’m Afraid’ is a total earworm too. Just what is this witchcraft?! After only a few listens, it’s wedged itself firmly into my brain and into my heart, but, you know what? I’m fine with that.

Watch the new video for ‘Baby, I’m Afraid’ here:

The debut album from Fortitude Valley is set for release on 29th October via Fika Recordings. Pre-order here.

Vic Conway

WATCH: Meggie Brown – ‘Dusty Smells’

Having already been championed by the likes of Alex Kapranos, and The Guardian – who named them as ‘One To Watch’ at the beginning of 2020 -, North London-based artist Meggie Brown has now shared the first song taken from their upcoming new EP.

Dusty Smells’ is an anthem for anyone wrangling with their identity or trying to find their place in the world. Brown’s delivery is pure poetry, almost like spoken word, as they share a nostalgic take on identity. The lyrics transport us to a trashy old working men’s club, somewhere in suburbia, which allows us to reflect on who we are. It’s proper storytelling, amplified by super-sleazy guitars, primal drums and a trippy, art-rock outro that celebrates little nuggets of our collective memories – like skin on custard and getting all dolled up to show that you’re a fully functioning adult.

There’s such originality here; Brown’s vocals and lyrics sparkle, and the music feels fresh and exciting. When Brown sings “Why do I bother?” it feels like a revelation – something to liberate and inspire anyone who’s ever struggled to fit in.

Of the track, Brown – who recently came out as transgender – explains:

Coming to terms with one’s gender identity has been both beautiful and challenging during this lockdown. When I wrote and recorded ‘Dusty Smells’ and the EP I wanted them to match through sound how non-binary those emotions and realisations were… True to the circumstance, Dusty smells is very nostalgic trying to connect the old ways with the new, the feeling of home, the smells and associations whilst trying to understand our place as young adults, why do we bother?

‘Dusty Smells’ is accompanied by an immersive, artfully created, video, directed by Myfi Mountfordand produced by Creature Fleur. Watch it here:

HOME, the upcoming EP from Meggie Brown, is set for release later this year.

Vic Conway